Remington’s New Long Slide 10mm Pistol

Remington R1 10mm

The Remington Arms Company announced a new 1911-style pistol chambered in 10mm. The new R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is a single action handgun designed for accuracy and power.


Dan Wesson Bruin – Long Slide 10mm, .45 ACP

Dan Wesson Bruin 10mm

Just ahead of the new year, CZ-USA released a sneak peek at the new Bruin being manufactured under the Dan Wesson brand. The new pistol is a 1911-style gun in a long slide configuration that will be available in a variety of finishes and two powerful cartridges.

Sporting a 6.3″ match-grade barrel, the new Dan Wesson Bruin will be available in both 10mm and .45 ACP. The gun is quite a looker  in both the black and black and bronze two-tone finish. Both versions are fitted with some sharp looking VZ Grips. The black-only gun will be available in both calibers, while its 10mm only for the black & bronze model.


Dan Wesson Silverback – 10mm, .45 ACP

Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm

New for 2015, Dan Wesson is introducing a new 1911-style pistol that will be chambered in both 10mm and .45 ACP. According to the company, these new pistols will be of a quality comparable to the top-of-the-line Dan Wesson Valor pistols.

Let’s take a look at the basics of these guns…


Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm: To Be Reintroduced In 2012

Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm

It’s back.  For 2012, Dan Wesson is bringing back the Razorback 10mm pistol.

The Dan Wesson Razorback RZ-10 is a 1911-style pistol with a forged stainless steel frame.  The slide and frame are both polished to a “soft” finish on the flat areas, while the rounded areas are sandblasted.

The RZ-10 has a 5″ match grade barrel.  The grips are double-diamond cocobolo.  The magazines take eight of the potent 10mm rounds.

Weight is measured in pounds: 2.40 of them to be exact.

Dan Wesson states the Razorback will be made in limited numbers, so don’t expect they will flood the market.  I imagine the company will gladly ramp up production if demand outpaces production, though.

MSRP on the new Razorbacks will be $1350.

Discontinuing the Razorback, and then bringing it back due to customer demand mirrors what happened to Colt with their 10mm handgun, the Delta Elite.

The Delta Elite had been out of production for a number of years before it was reintroduced in 2009.  See my article Colt Delta Elite Reintroduced at 2009 SHOT Show.

We expect to see the rebirth of the Dan Wesson 10mm at the 2012 SHOT Show.

When it was introduced, the 10mm Auto cartridge seemed to be the answer to everyone’s concerns about stopping power in handguns. However, concerns about controllability and accelerated wear on guns ultimately led to the development of the .40 S&W cartridge.

Nevertheless, the 10mm retains a significant group of fans. The 10mm is versatile allowing for hunting, self-defense and shooting matches.

While the Dan Wesson gun is a semi-auto pistol, the 10mm can also be had as a wheelgun. Check out my Smith & Wesson Model 610 review to see what a 10mm revolver can do.

I urge caution when reading some online 10mm reviews. While the guns have a greater amount of felt recoil than a .38 or 9mm, the recoil is very manageable. These guns have far less recoil than many people suggest. So, don’t shy away from them if you have a chance to shoot one.


Colt Delta Elite: More Information and Photos

Colt Delta Elite

Frustratingly, there were few Colt sales people at their SHOT Show exhibit.  So, I didn’t get one for long, and what information I got was not terribly helpful.

The re-introduction of the Colt Delta Elite is a special run only.  It is in the 2009 catalog, but only as a special run item.  Colt is not planning on them being a permanent addition to the line-up.  So, if you want one, don’t wait.  It sounds like “when they’re gone, they’re gone!”

The Colt rep did not know when they were shipping or what the MSRP was going to be.  In fact, they weren’t even sure how many would be produced.

Delta Elite Problems

Mostly it seemed like Colt was pushing the black rifles, and the handguns were an afterthought.

Regardless, there was a Delta Elite on the display rack (I had to hunt for it.)  I do not have one of the originals, though I have had the chance to play with them in the past.  The floor model seemed to be the same as the original, which is to say, it is a 1911 platform firing a 10mm cartridge.  It is a well balanced gun, and the trigger on the example I held was great.

The one problem that I spotted immediately was a cosmetic issue with the front sight.  The front sight had white paint smeared all over it.  It looked as if someone added the white paint to the front sight for the “dot” and then dragged their finger through the paint and onto the sight.

Colt Delta Elite Problem

While the paint on the sight doesn’t alter how well the gun works, I have to wonder about Colt’s quality control.  Something that obvious should be caught before the gun leaves the assembly plant.  Surely someone should be checking these guns before they put them on the floor at the SHOT Show?

Hopefully, Colt will issue additional information about shipping dates, MSRP, etc. soon.