The “New” FN15 Rifles


FNH USA, a division of FN Herstal of Belgium, is no stranger to high quality firearms. They have also produced some of the finest military weapons and weapons systems that are currently on the front lines of today’s battle for freedom with dozens of countries, including the United States.

For years FNH has impressed with the FN SCAR, FN TSR precision rifles, and FN series of pistols. The FN P90 and FN FiveSeveN pistol were incredible designs and technological advancements when released. So when FNH announced their jump into the AR-15 market, there was quite a stir, as one could imagine.

Optics and Sighting Systems

New HiViz Fiber Optic Sights

HiViz is one of the companies that has made self-illuminating fiber optic weapon sights very popular among shooters.  At this year’s SHOT Show HiViz announced new offerings in some of today’s most popular handguns.  HiViz combined the durability of their overmolded sights with the versatility of their LitePipes.  Each sight is made of steel, with ramped and serrated sight blade and square profile.

Advancements include a skeletonized sight body that provides the same or greater strength as the overmolded design.  The second advancement is the machined internal LitePipe locking feature resulting in the highest level of reliability and longevity.


New ESS Eye Protection

ESS eye pro

ESS is a leading producer of a variety of eyewear options. The company claims to be the largest supplier of eyewear to the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as militaries, police, and fire personnel from over 100 countries. ESS has a well established line of “ballistic” sunglasses and goggles that offer both superior eye protection in a compact, and appealing appearance. This year the company announced the addition of two new sunglasses to their ballistic line of sunglasses – the Rollbar and Credence.


Rock River Arms X-1 Rifle


Rock River Arms (RRA) introduced their new X-1 Series rifles at SHOT Show. Rock River Arms has continued to expand on a successful line of AR platform rifles, after winning a Federal contract to supply rifles to the DEA and several other Federal law enforcement agencies. Since that time Rock River has become a popular choice with hundreds of other law enforcement agencies, as well as civilian shooters.

Part of that success can be attributed to standard features on their rifles, such as the Rock River Arms 2-stage trigger, and other advanced features. The X-1 Series rifles will follow on that trend and add a few features as well.


The Savage Axis II Rifles

Savage Axis II

Savage released the Axis II rifle at SHOT Show this year. The original Axis was introduced by Savage as a bargain market entry level rifle, and has success in that competitive market. Now Savage takes the Axis II and moves beyond the basics to provide a very nice mid-level rifle.

The Axis II includes the famous Savage Accu-Trigger, and will come in combination with the Weaver Kaspa 3-9x40mm scope (a $150 MSRP value) that will be mounted and bore-sighted at the factory. In other features the Axis II will match the Axis, but the shooter is getting a lot in the two new additions.