New Stag Arms 3G

Stag Arms had their new 3G model displayed at the 2012 SHOT Show. Available since October of last year, Stag specifically designed the 3G to excel at 3-gun competitions that require a variety of long range and short range shots.

Stag 3G rifle


Last year Stag introduced the New Model 3, which upgraded the first Model 3 from a simple “optics ready” (top rail) carbine, to an optics ready and accessory ready carbine. Stag included a Diamondhead V-RS modular rail system handguard to accomplish that improvement, but what surprised many was that Stag did not increase the price of the carbine with the upgraded handguard (a $109 value). The new model 3 remained available for only $895. Those versions were gas-impingement rifles, but with the upgraded handguard and inexpensive price, the new Model 3 remains a popular option with AR shooters.