Glock 30S – A Reality

Glock 30S

It looks like Glock’s big announcement at the SHOT Show (other than “Hey, we have a social network site!”) is the 30S pistol.  I mentioned the rumors of this gun a few days ago, but I have now seen one.

Essentially, the Glock 30S is a model 30SF frame with a model 36 slide attached to it.  The key benefit being to shrink the width of the gun to make it more appealing for concealed carry.  I certainly applaud the effort, and I would presume this gun will be well received in the market.

Optics and Sighting Systems

Glock Rear Sight Rail

Glock Rear Sight Rail

Strike Industries is developing a rear sight rail for Glock pistols so you can add a red dot or other optic to your Austrianhandgun without having to do any machine work on your pistol’s slide.

Right now, Strike Industries has not published a lot of information on the rail, but it would appear to be a short Picatinny rail that mounts to the Glock by use of the normal rear sight dovetail.  This should mean that a shooter could merely tap out the factory sight and install this rail.  He or she could then drop the optic of choice onto the rail.


Cheapest Glock Magazines

Cheapest Glock Magazine“Where can I get the cheapest Glock magazines?” is one of the more common e-mails I get.  Considering how popular the pistols are, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

As you may suspect, different retailers will run specials or sales on Glock mags, so prices can and will vary.  However, for standard magazines, I typically expect to pay about $25 +/- for new.  Online sites like Midway USA and Brownells tend to be solid sources for the mags at this price.

With a little looking, though, you can sometimes do better.  Right now, for example, Natchez Shooters Supplies is selling many of the standard capacity magazines for just $19.99.  In fact, I just ordered a few more 15 round Glock 19 mags from them.  Heck, at that price, it is hard to not order a bunch.


Unusual Glock Knives

Glock Nazi Knife
The new Gaston J. Glock knife made from the steel of the Nazi battleship Tirpitz.

Gaston (aka Gaston J. Glock Style LP) is now selling two knives that I find a bit odd.  One is from tank barrels, while the second is from part of the Nazi war machine.

The Leopard Battle Tank knife is a fixed blade knife made from the steel of German tank barrels.  These knives use parts of the barrels of the old Leopard 1 A3 battle tank, and add a maple root handle.

According to Gaston, the blades are made from “LEO-Damast” which they describe as a 320-layer Damascus steel.  I’m not an expert on knives (perhaps Randall, M@ and others can chime in), but do tank barrels make for good blades?  I hope so; retail price on this knife is $1390.

Another knife introduced by Gaston is the Battleship Tirpitz hunting knife.  The blade on this knife is made of steel from the German World War II ship that was destroyed at great cost by the Allied forces.


Gen 4 Glock 21

Gen4 Glock 21The Gen 4 Glock 21 is now a reality.  The Glock 21 is one of the more discussed models from the company:  on the one hand, it gives the shooter 13+1 rounds of the powerful .45 ACP to handle whatever threat may present itself.  On the other hand, the gun is noticeably thicker than other Glock models, creating problems for many shooters with small to medium sized hands.

With the Gen 4 treatment to the model 21, Glock will hopefully satisfy all of their fans who like the cartridge developed some hundred years ago.  One of the major changes to the Gen 4 pistols is the modular back strap system that allows the owner to custom fit the size of each gun to his or her hand.  While the “Does size matter?” argument will never go away, Glock has certainly made a credible effort to make the 21 comfortably useable by most shooters.