Zombie Knife – We’re saved!

Zombie Knife

Good news grandma!  With the new Zombie Knife from Browning, we can silently hack and slash our way through the horde of undead corpses shambling our way.

Put that away!  That old hunting knife is only good on warm-flesh game animals and has no place in this apocalyptic nightmare.  Why would you even think such a plain knife would be useful here?


Unusual Glock Knives

Glock Nazi Knife
The new Gaston J. Glock knife made from the steel of the Nazi battleship Tirpitz.

Gaston (aka Gaston J. Glock Style LP) is now selling two knives that I find a bit odd.  One is from tank barrels, while the second is from part of the Nazi war machine.

The Leopard Battle Tank knife is a fixed blade knife made from the steel of German tank barrels.  These knives use parts of the barrels of the old Leopard 1 A3 battle tank, and add a maple root handle.

According to Gaston, the blades are made from “LEO-Damast” which they describe as a 320-layer Damascus steel.  I’m not an expert on knives (perhaps Randall, [email protected] and others can chime in), but do tank barrels make for good blades?  I hope so; retail price on this knife is $1390.

Another knife introduced by Gaston is the Battleship Tirpitz hunting knife.  The blade on this knife is made of steel from the German World War II ship that was destroyed at great cost by the Allied forces.


Mil-Tac Knives and Tools

Always on the lookout for new gear, I spent most of Sunday at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits looking for the less known vendors and what they have to offer. One of the last booths I stopped by was for Mil-Tac Knives & Tools. Based out of Dallas, Texas Mil-Tac had two knives that caught my attention, and Neal Marx was gracious enough to walk me through their features.

MTF-4 Tanto

The first knife that jumped out at me was the MTF-4 Tanto folding knife. This knife comes with G10 handles, and N690 German stainless steel blade. Although the steel comes from overseas, the shaping, sharpening, and manufacture of the knife is all done in Dallas, with the remaining parts being made in the USA. That blade is also coated in ceramic to increase longevity, strength, and blade sharpness.

Mil-Tac MTF-4 Knife

The MTF-4 has a really nice look to it, and its opening and closing movements are very smooth. In addition to a traditional locking bar in the middle of the handle that moves into position as the blade opens, the MTF-4 has a locking lever on the top right portion of the handle that will ensure that the blade cannot be accidentally closed.


Black Label Arbitrator Knife

While walking the aisles at the 2012 SHOT Show, I came across the Browning area and noticed a little area reserved for the Black Label knives by Browning. These knives are specifically labelled as “Tactical Blades”, but in reviewing them I think there are broader applications for many of the knives.

In this article I’ll discuss my findings of the new Black Label products I learned through my interview with Black Label sales representative Jared Wihongi. Jared pointed out three new knives in the Black Label line, and in this article I’ll be detailing the Arbitrator. In other articles I’ll be reviewing the Shadow Fax, and Perfect Storm.

Black Label Arbitrator


This knife is a fixed blade, full-tang knife that takes on the appearance of a traditional dagger. In talking to Jared, he told me that this was one of his favorite “fighting” knives. Personally I was looking at the Shadow Fax or Perfect Storm to fulfill that role, but Jared’s experience in knife fighting should put any knife enthusiast at attention.


Gerber LHR fixed blade knife

Gerber released the LHR fixed blade knife designed for close quarter combat.

The blade on the LHR is just under 7 inches and is made of 420 high-grade carbon steel that has a partially serrated edge. Overall length is about 12.5” so this is definitely not your simple pocket knife.

The LHR comes with a quick-release sheath that has a unique thumb-activated built-in safety release that can only release the knife by the wearer. The LHR also has a nicely textured TacHideâ„¢ handle that provides the user with a sure grip in wet weather conditions, or for those sweaty palm times.