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Glock 42 Light from LaserMax

Glock 42 light

LaserMax is now offering the CenterFire Tactical Light for the Glock 42 pistol. These new weapon lights mount to the front of the G42 frame similar to some of the laser aiming devices that are on the market.

These LED lights are a welcome solution for anyone who has been searching for a pistol light to use on these small .380 handguns. I have reviewed and the Glock 42 and adding a light to the gun is a real advantage.

Let’s take a closer look at what the new CenterFire is…

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LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser for Glock

LaserMax green guide rod

LaserMax officially introduced the green guide rod laser for Glock pistols on Friday.  The new guide rods uses a green laser for aiming instead of the traditional red laser the company used in the past.  LaserMax hinted to this announcement recently on the company’s website.

The new lasers are completely contained in a replacement guide rod assembly.  There are no external accessories attached to the gun.  The obvious benefit is that a Glock can be outfitted with one of these LaserMax devices and still fit in normal holsters.


Ruger LCP, LC9 with LaserMax Lasers

Ruger LCP LasermaxThe tiny Ruger LCP and Ruger LC9 pistols are now available with factory-fitted LaserMax CenterFire lasers.  The CenterFire lasers attach to the trigger guard of the LCP and LC9 to minimize the amount of bulk added to these concealed carry guns.

The LaserMax CenterFire units use a red laser that can be adjusted by the owner for both windage and elevation.  The units are easy to remove and re-install by using an included Allen wrench.  The laser units use an ambidextrous on-off switch.

At the time of this writing, LaserMax does not list the CenterFire line of lasers on their website.  The trigger guard mounting appears to be a new product line for the company that offers a variety of guide rod, rail mount and frame mount lasers.

Optics and Sighting Systems

LaserMax Uni-Max Green Laser for Combat Firearms

LaserMax introduced a new laser aiming device using green light. The unit is capable of being used on both pistols and rifles. Due to its compact profile, it should work very well with even smaller handguns.