Ruger GP100 and Blackhawk now in .327 Federal Magnum

Ruger Blackhawk 327 Magnum revolver
This is the new Ruger Blackhawk 327 Magnum revolver.

Ruger is offering two new revolvers chambered for the .327 Federal Magnum: the New Model Blackhawk and the GP100.  These two revolvers shows the commitment of Ruger to the new Magnum caliber.

The Blackhawk is a single-action revolver with a 5 1/2″ barrel.  It will hold eight rounds of the powerful .327 Magnum cartridges.  The GP100 is a standard double action revolver that will hold seven of the .327 Federal Magnum rounds.  Barrel length is 4.2″.

Shooting a Federal 100 grain soft-point bullet in the American Eagle line of ammunition, Ruger states the Blackhawk achieves 1655 fps, while the GP100 manages 1525 fps.