S&W M&P15-22 Sport II – New Generation

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 kryptek

Smith & Wesson released a new generation of its popular semi-automatic .22 LR rifles. The new M&P15-22 Sport II rifles feature a number of small upgrades that I believe make the guns an even better buy that before.

The M&P15-22 is a AR-style rifle chambered for the .22 LR rimfire cartridge. I know people who use them for everything from teaching their kids how to shoot to training to just recreational plinking. I have no doubt that a lot of people use them to put rabbit on the table as well.


For 2016, Smith & Wesson added a new 10″ slim handguard with M-LOK attachment points. The thinness of the handguard is likely to be appreciated by kids and others with small hands. My hands are more of a medium size, and I know that I prefer M-LOK handguards compared to quad-rail systems and the two-piece handguards.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 II

M-LOK is an attachment system that consists of precisely defined holes in the handguard that mate to the “male” potion on the accessory to be attached. The system is very secure and eliminates a lot of wasted weight associated with a quad rail system. The new guns weigh 5 pounds, while the older quad rail rifles were 5.4 pounds – nearly a half pound heavier.

I’ve been very impressed by the M-LOK system when I’ve tried it on other rifles.

New Sights

Another upgrade to the M&P15-22 Sport II is the use of Magpul MBUS sights. These are polymer folding sights that replace the rather ugly adjustable sights that Smith & Wesson was using on the original generation of these guns. While completely functional, the original sights tried to imitate the look of an A2-type front sight tower and carry handle rear sight. Frankly, I thought they looked out of place.

The new MBUS sights are lightweight and work well in my experience. Yes, they are polymer but I have found them to be fairly rugged and more than good enough for anything short of a long term overseas deployment. Since this gun is not intended for that purpose, they should work very well on this rifle.

Standard Models

Smith & Wesson 15-22 muddy girl

The standard M&P 15-22 Sport II is finished in all black, comes with a 25 round magazine and retails for $449. Two additional standard models are available in other finishes: one in Kryptek Highlander and the other in Muddy Girl camo. Both of these models carry a suggested retail of $499.

Standard Model Specifications
sku #102081021110212
caliber.22 LR.22 LR.22 LR
magazine capacity25 rounds25 rounds25 rounds
# of included magazines111
barrel length16.5"16.5"16.5"
overall length30.7" - 33.75"30.7" - 33.75"30.7" - 33.75"
weight5 pounds5 pounds5 pounds
actionsemi-automatic, blowbacksemi-automatic, blowbacksemi-automatic, blowback
stock6-position, adjustable length6-position, adjustable length6-position, adjustable length
sightsMagpul MBUSMagpul MBUSMagpul MBUS
finishblackKryptek HighlanderMuddy Girl Camo

neutered rifle

Smith & Wesson has not forgotten about its customers in states where politicians have restricted the kinds of guns law abiding citizens may own. A basic 10-round compliant model will sell for $449. Additionally, another model meeting the neuter standards of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey can be had for the same price. The state compliant model has a fixed stock, 10-round magazine and removes the muzzle device.

Restricted Model Specifications
sku #1020610207
caliber.22 LR.22 LR
magazine capacity10 rounds10 rounds
# of included magazines11
barrel length16.5"16.5"
overall length30.7" - 33.75"33.75"
weight5 pounds5 pounds
actionsemi-automatic, blowbacksemi-automatic, blowback
stock6-position, adjustable lengthfixed length
sightsMagpul MBUSMagpul MBUS

Performance Center Models

Not to be left out, the Performance Center is also adding two models to the line up. The first features a longer barrel that has been threaded, a VLTOR adjustable stock, a Hogue pistol grip and a two-stage match trigger. The barrel and chamber are considered match grade. This model retails for $709

M&P 15-22 Performance Center

The second Performance Center model is a state compliant model for residents living in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey. The stock is fixed and the barrel is not threaded. It has the same suggested retail price.

Performance Center Specifications
sku #1020511507
caliber.22 LR.22 LR
magazine capacity10 rounds10 rounds
# of included magazines11
barrel length18" (threaded)18" (not threaded)
overall length32.5" - 37.25"37.25"
weight5.6 pounds5 pounds
actionsemi-automatic, blowbacksemi-automatic, blowback
stockVLTOR adjustableVLTOR fixed
sightsMagpul MBUSMagpul MBUS

These new rifles were announced on the heels of the new SW22 Victory rimfire pistols. Those new guns look to be a quality successor to the Model 22-A line of pistols. I don’t have any insight into Smith & Wesson’s internal dynamics, but it seems the company is making a real investment in the sport shooting market after several years of spending a lot of their resources on their law enforcement/self-defense offerings.

Follow all of the new gun announcements from the 2016 SHOT Show here.

MOE SL Models

Smith and Wesson MP 15-22 MOE SL

Several months after the new 15-22 Sport models rolled out, Smith & Wesson added a pair of MOE SL models to the line. Both of these guns add additional Magpul furniture to the package:

  • MOE SL pistol grip
  • MOE SL butt stock
  • M-LOK rail covers

One gun will be all black, while the second will have all of the furniture and magazines in a flat dark earth (FDE) finish. Both guns will retail for $499. For my money, these are a great deal. is a for-profit website. I do not charge readers a dime to access the information I provide.

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