Girsan MC1911 CT Review

In today’s review of the Girsan MC1911 CT, I take a look at a classically designed .45 ACP pistol with modern updates including a red dot sight.

What might draw a lot of people in is the low price tag: only $661 at full retail.

Optics and Sighting Systems

Trijicon MRO: New Mini Reflex Sight

Trijicon MRO Mounted on AR-15

Trijicon announced the introduction of the MRO: Miniature Rifle Optic. The new Trijicon MRO is a non-magnifying red dot-type optic that is lightweight and compact. (Ed. note: Read my MRO review here.)

According to the company, the MRO significantly reduces the tube effect sometimes found with other optics. Trijicon states they managed to overcome this by using a large objective lens (25mm) and keeping the optic length to a minimum. Trijicon advises the sight is parallax free and has an infinite eye relief.