Hornady Rapid Safe Review

Freedom is balanced by responsibility. Nowhere is this more obvious than within the firearms community. Gun owners learn safety rules and they are rigorously enforced by range officers and fellow shooters alike.

Securing firearms when not in use is a responsibility that most gun owners take very seriously. Even so, there is the occasional, well-publicized tragedy where a child obtains a firearm and an innocent is harmed or killed.


Hornady Security: RAPiD Safe

Hornady Security RAPiD safe

The RAPiD Safe is the first product introduced by Hornady Security, a new division of Hornady Manufacturing (the bullet people.)  The safe addresses the issue of quickly accessing a firearm if needed, yet keeping the gun secure if it is not.

There are a variety of products on the market that use a mechanical or electronic keypad, a key, a fingerprint reader, traditional keys or some combination of the above.  Each has weaknesses:  keypads can be difficult to operate under stress, electronic keypads often “beep,” fingerprint readers are not 100% reliable, and keys can be hard to find and use in the dark.  Hornady Security’s RFID (radio frequency ID) solution may be an excellent solution to the problem.