Hornady Security: RAPiD Safe

Hornady Security RAPiD safe

The RAPiD Safe is the first product introduced by Hornady Security, a new division of Hornady Manufacturing (the bullet people.)  The safe addresses the issue of quickly accessing a firearm if needed, yet keeping the gun secure if it is not.

There are a variety of products on the market that use a mechanical or electronic keypad, a key, a fingerprint reader, traditional keys or some combination of the above.  Each has weaknesses:  keypads can be difficult to operate under stress, electronic keypads often “beep,” fingerprint readers are not 100% reliable, and keys can be hard to find and use in the dark.  Hornady Security’s RFID (radio frequency ID) solution may be an excellent solution to the problem.

Claiming the fastest unlock times in the industry, the RAPiD is most quickly unlocked using one of the provided RFID transmitters: a card, a key fob, or a wristband.  To my way of thinking, wearing the wristband is the best method.  If you were to wake up in the middle of the night and need your gun right away, the wristband is already on and the safe will automatically open as you reach for the pistol.

Hornady Security RAPiD
With the bracelet, the user taps the RFID pad, which will cause the safe to spring open.
Hornady Security safe
Once activated, the safe springs open, placing the handgun in a position of immediate access.

There are also backup ways to unlock the safe: an electronic keypad on the front, plus a manual key/lock.  The RFID and electronic keypads are powered by AC household current with a battery backup.  Loading some long life lithium batteries in the safe will give you plenty of assurance that you can access your gun when needed.

When accessed, the top of the RAPiD Safe springs up.  A fully padded “rapid sleeve” presents the handgun for immediate access.  The sleeve is large enough for nearly any size handgun, including the addition of a rail mounted light or laser.  Check out the Hornady video showing how the RAPiD safe works:

MSRP is $276.67.  I have no idea of what to expect for a street price, but if this safe performs as advertised, and they sell for less than $200, I expect they will sell very well.  I have a keypad-style safe myself, but would love to have this system, which seems much faster and foolproof.

This should be ready to ship in 2014, and I expect we will see these on display at the SHOT Show.  If you are interested in new gun announcements (and rumors) heading into the SHOT Show, make sure you check out our page tracking all of the new gun news.

By Richard Johnson

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I would love to see a vertically mounted safe between my seat and console, where the handgun is spring loaded
to pop up three inches or so for ready access when activated

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