New Savage Model 42 – .22 WMR over .410

Savage M42

Last year the Savage model 42 reintroduced the break-open combo gun to the company’s line up.  It was a .22 LR and .410 combination gun.  For 2013, Savage brought out a new version of the model 42 chambered in .22 WMR and .410 bore.

Both versions of the model 42 break open at the receiver for chambering and extracting ammunition.  The top chamber and barrel is for the rimfire round, while the lower chamber and barrel is for the shotshell.  I should note that the .22 WMR, also known as .22 Magnum, is not capable of safely firing .22 LR ammunition.

The Savage model 42 has 20″ barrels in both chambered versions.  Both guns weigh a little more than six pounds.

Savage model 42

The stock is synthetic and capped with a rubber recoil pad.  Both the stock and the barrels are matte black.  The Savage Arms name and other accents are in red.  The rifle sights on the model 42 are adjustable.

This combo gun does not come with the Savage AccuTrigger.  There is no option to add the adjustable trigger either.

Savage M42 combo rifle

Break open combination guns are often though of as survival rifles.  They can be used to take small game and varmints, which will keep someone from starving.  These kinds of guns are also frequently purchased for younger shooters who are learning to shoot.  The calibers are easy shooting, and with one gun a youngster can learn how to shoot a rifle and learn how shotguns can pattern.

MSRP on both of the guns is $480.

Savage combination rifle

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  1. My father has two of these that were manufactured in the 1930s.

    A Stevens 22-410 and a Savage Model 24.

    Not exactly new.

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