Hornady Introduces New .22 WMR Ammo Using VMAX Bullet

Hornady 22 wmr
has introduced new .22 WMR ammunition using the VMAX bullet. The new 22 Magnum cartridge pushes a 30 grain VMAX bullet at 2200 fps (322 foot/pounds of energy).

The V-MAX bullet is a polymer tipped hollow point that allows for excellent expansion while increasing the ballistic coefficient.  Having a polymer tip ensures the bullet will expand because it prevents the hollow point from being clogged.  Additionally, the tip compresses on impact, which in turn presses against the inside of the cavity, helping to force the bullet open.

Hornady claims that the new ammo is the “finest product in its class,” and offers “accuracy never seen before from this cartridge.” Reviews from shooters on MidwayUSA’s website have posted they are getting groups of .125″ – .781″ at 100 yards with this ammo.  By any reasonable standard, those are very good groupings – especially out of a rimfire round.

This ammunition should be an excellent varmint round.  I could see this being used by hunters to about 125 or so yards depending on the animal.

Priced at less than $12/50, it is very reasonably priced for the level of performance delivered in today’s market.

This round would be a great match for the Magnum Research MLR22AT rifle and the Savage Model 42 22/410 rifle. The polymer tip makes this round a good choice for any lever action/tube magazine gun in addition to single shot and box magazine fed guns.

Update – October 2014

Since the original introduction of this load in 2008, the MSRP has increased to $15.77 for a box of 50 rounds.  This load is still rated at 2200 fps using a 24″ rifle test barrel.

Hornday 22 wmr ammo

Hornady is also making a .17 Mach2 load with a V-MAX bullet and a .17 HMR round with a V-MAX bullet.  So, if you are shooting a rimfire gun in one of these other calibers, you might want to check out what they have to offer.

By Richard Johnson

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Just bought a box this AM. Shooting an extremely accurate Colteer rifle. Looking forward to shooting these. 40 GR bullets did a wonderful job on Russian wild boars this Winter.

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