Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

taurus_raging_mag_01aTaurus has moved the Judge line solidly into the “big boom” category with the introduction of the Raging Judge Magnum chambered in .454 Casull.

This six-shot, big bore revolver can fire .454 Casull, .45 Colt and 2.5” and 3” .410 shotshells. Due to the power generated by the Casull cartridge, the cylinder has a double lock.

The Raging Judge Magnum is available with either a three-inch or six-inch barrel. The six-inch barrel has a vented rib and can accommodate a scope mount.

Both versions of the Raging Judge Magnum have a fiber optic front sight and a fixed rear.

This Judge is big and heavy. The three-inch model weighs almost 61 ounces, while the six-inch version weighs more than 72 ounces. Holding a floor sample at the SHOT Show, I was impressed by the revolver’s very solid construction.

This is a big jump in the power of the Judge line, and it may prove to be very popular with people living in bear country.





2013 Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Raging Judge and what Taurus is doing with the line.  Unlike a lot of new guns introduced at the annual trade shows, these guns are still selling strong.  Currently, Taurus offers the Raging Judge in a 3″ and 6.5″ model.  The 3″ model has a matte stainless steel finish and carries a retail price of $1,061.  The 6.5″ model has a glossy black finish and has a MSRP of $1,012.  The longer revolver weighs a whopping 73 ounces, which sounds heavy, but probably feels a little light when shooting the .454 Casull rounds.

There was some previous concern about the locking mechanisms on the Taurus Raging Judge.  The gun has lock points in front and at the back of the cylinder.  I have talked with a lot of people since these guns were introduced, and I have not heard of any failures in these guns.


By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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I bought a judge a year ago….the 45lc and 410. loved it. Then I bought the new 6 shot 454…wow. That thing kicks. I’ll stick to the 410 000 3 inch loads for the house. I can’t imagine letting loose with a 454 in the house. Although Id like to see the hole it leaves in a bad guy breaking into my home….

Yeah I love it but wow firing the 454 round is just wow. Shooters on each
side of me stopped shooting and just looked at me. I fired 6 rounds and that was enough for me. I wish I had got the 6inch ribbed barrel. I can imagine firing that thing indoors. My ears were ringing outside. Looking for reasonable price for 454 rounds…


Hey Jay! Just wanna inform you of a fact i realized shortly after reading your post…YOU’RE AN IDIOT! HAHAHAHA…
Jay, if you really “knew guns” as you indirectly have claimed in your idiotic statement above, you would know this weapon is FAR from a paperweight! It’s a solid weapon that handles extremely well through all three different rounds. Let me ask you something, Mr. “I know guns”, have you even fired one of these beauties? That’s what I thought! Of course not! You probably haven’t even seen one in person nor held it let alone firing the weapon?
Here’s some advice, Mr. “I know guns”…just because you read about a product or see it and disapprove of it’s looks or what ever the case may be, it doesn’t make you an expert on all products of that same category!
Nor does it give you some sort of knowledge that others don’t have and therefore give some right to throw judgements out there at other people.
Just because you shoot a fucking pellet gun doesn’t make you a damn expert on all guns, tough guy!
That being said, keep your uneducated, “I know guns” opinions to yourself until you actually know what the hell you’re talking about! If you had fired one of these weapons, you’d know full well they are a high quality weapon and far from being a mere gimmick or paperweight…I’ve fired over 300+ weapons in my lifetime and I’m still not an expert on all of them, but I will tell this…I own two of these “paperweights” and they are anything but…

I just bought one 2 weeks ago, and on my first shot the cylinder and barrel DID NOT line up!!!! That was one hell of a kick when a 454 round hits the side of the barrel at point blank range! They repaired the gun, but i asked for a replacement. I don’t trust the strength of the steel after something like that. Now 2 weeks later i have my gun back, and i’m trying to get the balls up to shoot it again.

If its a paper weight you got some really heavy paper lol. sounds like you would be better suited to fire something like a 22 cal short…..

I have the 6.5″ barrel and at 50 feet was able to put all 454 casule rds into targets head including both eyes so go figure its a pretty accurate paperweight. And from 10 feet i put 300 bbs and 18 30ot buck while only having to fire onle 6 shots. So its also the besr home defense gun ever too. So!!!

Bought it the first time I saw it in a 6″ and it’s the most fun I ever had with a paperweight. Stick to bb guns buddy, you might get hurt playing with paperweights.

I was all gung ho for this idea until I thought about that double cylinder lockup. That to me makes this a dumb fun gun for someone with disposable income. Hell, if you blast through all of your ammo, it takes you that much longer to reload. you can’t open the wheel up with one hand( unless you are some king of long fingered spider monkey )and don’t even try to act like it can be done one handed without dropping your judge. It can’t. Like I said before, I was all for this gun as a defensive weapon, but seeing that kind of stupid crap with 2 locks is asinine for a defense situation. that kind of stuff will get someone killed. I also believe they should have just left 454 out of its lineup altogether. Many people who buy this will never even use that caliber and it just makes it look more useful than it really is.

if you have to reload either you picked a fight with way too many people or you cant shoot for beans. six shots of 454 should to job both with a bear, and even more so with a dirt bag trying to jack you. My favorite quote says if I run out of Ammo either I do not need any more, or More will not help!!! if you need a faster response then just have a second smaller firearm such as a semi auto clip fed pistol as a back up, it is not un-thinkable to carry two firearms.

dude, with something like this, if you need anything more than 6 shots, you shouldnt be wasting your money on such a big gun you cant shoot. also, if your gonna buy such a big gun, you are likely gonna hold it with both hands, making reloading as easy as with one latch with practice. bottom line is, you cant expect them not to make a handgun taking such a powerful cartridge to not be sturdy as all hell

I don’t know who or how tough u r but if ur shooting one handed you need to check ur self for roids cause this is huge with that said your second hand is there all u need is to practice with it and it will be just as fast think before you speek ur mind i think this gun is awesome all i want on it is a flash light rail and im down. the shotgun shell is for home defense ur not gunna miss 6 times 454 or 45 lc for large agressive attacking animals is if u dont kill it with six u should of stopped at 5 and saved the last for u.

What do plan on doing with this weapon? 6 454 casulls should deter anyone or anything from charging . What are you preparing for a revolution.?

I live in Alaska now and plan on taking it as my sidearm while hunting couple bird shot the rest big boy toys just in case I need to chop a tree down

Ummmm I own one and the double lock is because of the pressure generated by the 454 round. If you have to reload in a self defense situation maybe you need more time on the range lol


Mark, you shoulda stuck w/ur init gung ho gut reaction. The Raging Judge Magnum, in 3″ or 6″ (6″ is better when firing the 454 rds….WOW) IS THE PERFECT HOME DEFENSE & STROLL THROUGH BEAR COUNTRY gun any man can possess. AND, I want that dbl release on the wheel cyl, whereas it makes it a much more solid weapon piece and stable to fire (especially that 454 Casull round). So it is FAR from assinine to have dual locks.

You load up your 1st round to fire with a Winchester PDX1 .410 (Personal Home Defense round), and then, depending on your residence layout, some 454 or 45LC.

H-E-L-L-O…..McFly…..THAT IS DEVASTATING DESTRUCTION TO ANY HOME INVADER, or snake or bear encounter. And that weapon is plenty accurate within the distances inside most any home (rich or poor home). Unload all rounds on intruders and you’ve six dead bad guys.

Jesus Dude, just how many invaders are you expecting to come charging into your home? And how many more than six do you expect to keep coming in after you after the 1st six of their buddies just got blown away in front of them, whereas you’d hafta then “speed reload”?

IF you do have a platoon of terrorists coming in after you, YOU should be getting a Dillon, or an M60.

I know this reply is 2 1/2 years after you posted, but the response is really targeting all the nay-sayers who really haven’t a clue about this gun.

Oh, I’m a retired cop, also did my full service time in the Army, am in my 50’s, own both the 3″ & 6″ in stainless, have fired just about everything out there, and have run my Judges through abandoned home scenarios – THEY KICK ASS!!!!

Excuse me but if you can aim like a big boy you probably wouldnt need to reload. I bought this gun be cause of the 454 casull but wanted the option to use .410 shells. Ive figured out that art to unlocking the cylinder but yes it does take 2 hands but if my target isnt dead it sure as hell is running. My advice to you is maybe take your time between shots and not blaze out like your a hollywood actor.
I give this gun like my pt945 and pt22 a 5 star review. Well done Taurus

Try spending more time at the range. If it takes you more than 6 rounds to stop a perp. You might need practice


The use of the .454 Casull cartridge virtually guarantees the use of a double lock up. That cartridge is very powerful, and to make the revolver safe Taurus stated the double lock was needed. The Raging Judge Magnum is not the first big bore revolver to have it.

I’m not sure this gun would be the first choice for self defense (outside of bear country) for many people, but it can be reloaded without losing much speed on the double lock.

I’m not sure that revolver cylinders should be opened one-handed anyway, except in unusual circumstances. For me, the most efficient way to open the cylinder for reloading is one hand hits the release while the second comes up in a U under the frame to push the cylinder out and control it. With the Raging Judge Mag, it seems the second hand can still accomplish this task while hitting the front release.

If you don’t want the .454 Casull, there are plenty of other Judges that might be right for you.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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