SIG P938

The SIG P938 pistol has generated a lot of interest from shooters ever since word of it leaked in late 2011.  The P938 is a single-action-only handgun chambered in 9mm.

I can understand why this pistol would generate a lot of interest.  Essentially, the P938 is a 9mm version of the very popular SIG p238 handgun.  Talking with one of the SIG reps, he said that the pistol has the same look and feel of the P238, and it doesn’t feel much larger than the .380 ACP gun.  It is possible that many of the same holsters that fit the P238 will also work for the P938.

SIG P938

The SIG P938 will come in a variety of packages that have become standard across the classic SIG line including Equinox, Rosewood and Extreme.  Night sights are standard, with one option utilizing a TRUGLO tritium-fiber optic front sight.

Magazine capacity is six rounds.

The P938 is scheduled to start shipping around the second quarter of 2012.  Expect to see these at the NRA convention.

SIG P938

SIG P938

SIG P938

Photos of the SIG P938 from the 2012 SHOT Show

Here are a few more photos of the SIG P938 pistol from the 2012 SHOT Show.  As you can see from the finish, this pistol was handled a lot during the four day trade show.

SIG P938

The SIG P938 is due out later this year.  It is designed to be a 9mm version of the P238 that has been a very good seller for SIG SAUER.

SIG P938

SIG P938

SIG P938

SIG P938

SIG P938

The SIG P938 at the 2013 SHOT Show

SIG P938 silencer

SIG Sauer had several of the popular P938 pistols on display.  While the current P938 models have proved to be popular concealed carry handguns, more eyes were drawn to the display case featuring a special P938 equipped with rubber grips, a threaded barrel and a sound suppressor.

The displayed P938 BRG (presumably the BRG stands for black rubber grips) the same size and general construction as other guns in this series.  However, instead of wood or metal grips, this one has rubber grips.

SIG P938 suppressor

Also being shown was the P938 AG, where AG stands for aluminum grips.  This specific model has durable aluminum grips instead of wood or plastic.

Both of these guns are single stack, single-action 9mm pistols.  While the engineering is slightly more difficult than my petty description, the guns are “up-sized” P238 pistols made by SIG Sauer in .380 ACP.

SIG P938 picture

Recently, a friend of mine was looking at getting a P238 for concealed carry.  I suggested the P938 to him.  He eventually bought a P938 and is extremely pleased with it.  He doesn’t feel that it kicks much more than the P238, but you get the more potent 9mm cartridge.

While I don’t know the situation where you would want a compact little gun with a can attached, but it surely has to help absorb muzzle flip and recoil.

SIG P938 SHOT Show

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Fantastic. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Been shooting and carrying my P238 for a couple of years and now the they have upped the ante I want one.

I want one as well. I am a pocket rocket junkie! I absolutly love the Sig’s P290, which is my favorite pocket pistol and I have or have had one of any of them worth having. The 238 is a fine gun and I expect nothing less out of the 938!

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