NEMO Omen .300 Win Mag AR

Another “New to the NRA” item that caught my eye is the .300 Win Mag AR platform rifle by NEMO. In recent months the AR-platform has seen an explosion of offerings in the .30 caliber area, especially in the hot new .300 AAC BLK cartridge. NEMO is making a bold step into the arena and going for gold with the extremely powerful .300 Win Mag chambering found in their Omen rifle.

Nemo 300 Win Mag

NEMO is a relative newcomer to the AR arena, but in looking this rifle over it appears that the designers and engineers are serious about quality firearms. NEMO stands for New Evolution Military Ordinance. The Omen, or Magnum Assault Rifle has taken several years in research and development to produce, but the wait sure seems to be worth it. The rifle was designed as an “advanced weapon solution” for military special operations, and federal law enforcement.

NEMO Arms was co-founded by retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, Clint Walker and Kirk Leopold in a partnership with Sonju Industrial. Not only that, the NEMO squad includes Spec Ops operators and engineers as a part of their development team.

O.K. with names like that behind the product I’m pretty confident that the NEMO rifles will be real contenders for anyone interested in AR rifles in a variety of popular calibers that they offer.

Nemo photo

The company has a military background, and its very name reveals their desire to fulfill military needs. However, the rifles they are producing could very well continue the push to move to precision AR-platforms, or other semi-auto rifles, and away from the venerable bolt action sniper rifles of years past. Using feedback from real world operators in the hot zones around the world, NEMO seems ready to deliver.

From the companies website – “While based on the assault rifle operating system, the OMEN has a patent-pending feature, as well as a proprietary optic system co-developed by Huskemaw Long range optics of Cody, Wyo.”

Nemo rail

NEMO specifically addresses the need for some to reach out and touch their target accurately at ranges of 800-1200 meters. That’s some serious sniping, and you know that if they are punching the target that far out, the groups at more moderate distances of 100-300 yards are sub-MOA. Despite a target audience of military special operators and federal law enforcement, the Omen should be a real eye catcher for anyone who hunts the long distances of the wide open spaces, or mountainous terrain of the West.

The NEMO Omen in .300 Win Mag has several nice features that go well above your basic AR platform, and beyond what most would expect in most company’s first offerings. One thing AR-platform shooters will notice immediately is that the charging handle is not on the back of the receiver, but is attached to the bolt carrier group more like an M2 .50 caliber machine gun, or the M240 machine gun.

nemo rifle


  • Premium match grade 22” HBAR barrel, 416 stainless steel
  • Chambered in .300 Win Mag
  • 1/10 Twist
  • Black nitride finish
  • Nickel boron coated bolt carrier group


  • 7075 Aluminum billet matched receiver set, nickel boron coated
  • Nickel boron coated bolt carrier group
  • 2-piece free float quad rail handguard
  • Quad rail adjustable gas block
  • DRK compensator
  • KNS Anti-rotational pins
  • Norgon ambidextrous mag catch
  • Ambidextrous safety selector
  • Timney 4 lb. solid trigger


  • 9.2 lbs., unloaded with no magazine, optics or sights
  • 45.00” long – extended
  • 41.50” long – collapsed


  • Troy micro set flip-up sights – add $195
  • Piston system – add $150
  • Optics
  • Available in .30-06, .270 Win., .338 Win, .300 Win Mag

Nemo scope

With features like these, accuracy to ranges out to 1200 meters, and the input and feedback of America’s toughest warriors going into the design and production, the NEMO Omen will not come cheap.

Depending on the accessories of your choice the Omen will set you back anywhere from $3300-4700. That puts the Omen in the same league as the Barrett .50 cal. and the Steyr SSG 08. But then again, if you need to be on target at 3/4 of a mile, you aren’t too concerned with price. Company officials are introducing the Omen to the shooting public at the NRA Convention and will be ready to ship them by the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Nemo rifle stock

By Aaron

Aaron is a sergeant with a midwestern police department, where he serves as a trainer, supervisor and SWAT sniper. In addition to his broad tactical knowledge, Aaron is an experienced hunter using bow and both modern and blackpowder firearms.

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Hello. Surfing the web we found this thread. Thank you (all) for you comments and interest in the NEMO OMEN. We recently completed evaluations with SF Snipers and are pleased to have two models of this rifle in production shipping the first 100 civilian models January 1. We will offer the OMEN “Scout” -9.5 pound 22-inch version with garaunteed sub MOA accuracy. And a 26-inch 14-pound version called the “Watchman” that we offer with a garaunteed 1/2 MOA.

We have a video on our website or YouTube that will given you an idea of the incredibly low recoil with our patent pending bolt carrier group that reduces the felt recoil on the rifle to that less than a .308.


Thanks for checking our site, and adding details to your rifle offerings NEMO!

Richard and I will be at SHOT next month and we’ll definitely check in on you all. Hopefully you’ll have these two options at the Media Day and we’ll get to actually shoot them!

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