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Guns of Total Recall

It looks like yet another Hollywood remake is rolling off the line.  This time it is Total Recall.  Watching the trailer I spotted a few different guns that I thought were interesting:  the Chiappa Rhino and the KRISS Vector TDI.

The Rhino has that cyberpunk, retro-future look that seems to fit the mood of the new Total Recall.

Total Recall Chiappa Rhino

Total Recall Chiappa Rhino

From the trailer, it appear the KRISS TDI is the standard subgun for all of the tactical teams.  I guess that means that Robb “Pantsless” Allen makes police chief in some weird, “Spock is evil” alternate universe.

Total Recall KRISS TDI

Total Recall KRISS TDI

Total Recall KRISS TDI

I do wonder what these TDI’s are chambered in, as that doesn’t look like a .45 ACP case.  Maybe future TDI subguns will be chambered in .300 BLK?

Total Recall KRISS TDI
Not a .45 ACP

Oh, and there are a few SIG pistols:

Total Recall Guns

Those were the only guns I spotted in the new trailer; there may be others in the full movie.

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