The New Chiappa Poly Lite Rhino Revolver

Chiappa PolyLite Rhino

Looking for a new polymer framed revolver?  The new Chiappa Poly Lite Rhino was recently shown to wholesalers at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) Expo.  The new gun is a derivation of the existing Rhino line, but with some significant differences.

The PolyLite Rhino will be available only in .38 Special, not in .357 Magnum like the other revolvers in this series of guns.  Presumably, the polymer is not strong enough to handle the repeated shooting of Magnum pressures.  It is not yet known if the revolver will be rated for the +P loads, or standard pressure only.

General Information

Guns of Total Recall

It looks like yet another Hollywood remake is rolling off the line.  This time it is Total Recall.  Watching the trailer I spotted a few different guns that I thought were interesting:  the Chiappa Rhino and the KRISS Vector TDI.

The Rhino has that cyberpunk, retro-future look that seems to fit the mood of the new Total Recall.

Total Recall Chiappa Rhino