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Here are a few of the new bits of gear and other gun information to hit my mailbox in the past few days…

Burris Eliminator scopes

Burris Eliminator II and III LaserScopes

Burris is now shipping the Eliminator II and Eliminator III LaserScopes to dealers.  The scopes are an extension of the original Eliminator LaserScope that use an automated trajectory compensation system to help improve shooter accuracy.

The Eliminator started shipping last month.  It is a 3.5-10×40 with a 0.3 MOA dot.  MSRP is $799.  The Eliminator II and III are 4-12×42 and 4-16×50 scopes respectively.  MSRP is $999 for the II and $1,499 for the III.

SLR-106UR Pistol

Arsenal SLR-106UR

Arsenal is now selling the Bulgarian SLR-106UR pistol that is chambered in 5.56 NATO.  The semi-auto firearm is classified as a pistol, not as a short barrel rifle (SBR), so no crazy ATF tax stamps needed.  However, the gun has an AKS-74U style rear block for conversion to a SBR if so desired.  Just get your permission slip from the Feds first.

Arsenal states the SLR-106UR is specifically designed for the short barrel pistol configuration, so no worries about reliability.  Also, the pistol comes with a factory-installed Picatinny rail mount for the addition of glass.


Without a shoulder stock, the gun will put a lot of stress on the pistol grip.  Arsenal states the pistol grip base has been reinforced for additional strength.  The grip, by the way, is a SAW-style polymer grip.

A five-round magazine is included, and the SLR-106UR will accept any mil-spec 5.56 AK magazines.  The barrel length is 10.5″ and the gun weighs 5.5 pounds without the mag.  MSRP is $909.

Glacier Ridge stocks

Magnum Research launches Glacier Ridge

Magnum Research recently launched a shooting accessory product line called Glacier Ridge.  Several new rifle stocks are now being made under the Glacier Ridge brand, including synthetic stocks for the Magnum Research MagnumLite line of rimfire rifles and the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 line.

The stocks are all made in the United States.  MSRP is $109.99.  Get more information on these stocks here.

LaserLyte Venom

LaserLyte Venom for the NAA Black Widow

LaserLyte is now selling a red laser aiming device called the Venom designed for the North American Arms (NAA) Black Widow mini revolver.  It uses a 5 mW laser that provides about five hours of constant on usage.

The Venom laser mounts under the revolver’s barrel by removing the factory cylinder pin and putting the laser in its place.  A special LaserLyte pin then holds both the laser and cylinder in place.  MSRP is $159.95.

By Richard Johnson

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