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Gerber Go Bag

Gerber GO Bag

A “go bag” is typically a pack or bag that is loaded with the essentials someone might need to survive if they have to leave where they are in a hurry.  I differentiate the go bag from the bug out bag, considering the bug out bag to have more supplies to better sustain me for several days, while the go bag is to get me out of the immediate situation.

The Gerber Go Bag is a recent introduction to the market and combines a Maxpedition bag with various equipment.

The Maxpedition bag is the Mongo Versipack.  The Mongo is a shoulder bag that is a flexible system for carrying lightweight gear.  It is not, in my opinion, good for carrying heavy stuff for a long distance, but for the gear in the Gerber kit, it is a good choice.

Gerber M600

The kit includes the Gerber MP600-ST multi-tool designed for military applications.  In addition to having the basics, such as pliers, Phillips screwdriver and blade, the MP600-ST has a carbon scraper and front sight tool for AR/M4/M16 platforms.

Additional items included in the Gerber Go Bag:

  • EZ-Out DPSF – S30V Black
  • Recon Task Light
  • Frog Lube CLP – 4oz liquid bottle
  • Metal Water Bottle
  • Rite in the Rain note pad
  • Pocket Reference Guide

MSRP is $274.  Separately, the MSRP on the bag and multi-tool is a total of $255, but can be had for less “on the street.”  By the time the Gerber Go Bag makes its way to Amazon, the price should be a little more affordable.

Gerber GO Bag


By Richard Johnson

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