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Gerber Go Bag

Gerber GO Bag

A “go bag” is typically a pack or bag that is loaded with the essentials someone might need to survive if they have to leave where they are in a hurry.  I differentiate the go bag from the bug out bag, considering the bug out bag to have more supplies to better sustain me for several days, while the go bag is to get me out of the immediate situation.

The Gerber Go Bag is a recent introduction to the market and combines a Maxpedition bag with various equipment.


Gerber LHR fixed blade knife

Gerber released the LHR fixed blade knife designed for close quarter combat.

The blade on the LHR is just under 7 inches and is made of 420 high-grade carbon steel that has a partially serrated edge. Overall length is about 12.5” so this is definitely not your simple pocket knife.

The LHR comes with a quick-release sheath that has a unique thumb-activated built-in safety release that can only release the knife by the wearer. The LHR also has a nicely textured TacHideâ„¢ handle that provides the user with a sure grip in wet weather conditions, or for those sweaty palm times.


Gerber 06 Auto G10 Tanto Knife

gerber_auto_tantoWith the release of the Gerber 06 Auto G10 Tanto, the company continues to advance the art of fine knife design and manufacturing.  I got to handle a G10 Tanto at the 2010 SHOT SHOW in Vegas and I found it to be a really fun knife.

Improving on the already popular 06 Auto knives, Gerber made the new series even more light-weight by using the G-10 handle.  That handle is made of hard anodized 6061-T6 machined aluminum.

The 06 Auto G10 has a S30V black oxide coated stainless steel blade, which is reported to increase edge retention while providing for corrosion resistance.  This blade is just under 4 inches long and has a partially serrated edge and Tanto-style tip.  The overall length of the knife when the blade is extended is about 8.5″ and with the lightweight material this knife is only 6.3 oz.