SHOT Show Rumors

SHOT Show Rumors

Less that 30 days away, the SHOT Show rumors are starting to fly.  Some are more credible than others, but only time will tell which prove to be correct.

Winchester Repeating Arms is supposed to be introducing new versions of the Super X Pump (SXP) shotguns including a rugged marine version.  I would expect the Marine Defender to be a salt-water resistant version of the SXP Defender with an 18″ barrel and 5+1 capacity.

Winchester is also bringing back the Model 1873 Short lever rifle.  I am eager to see what the new 1873 will look like, and what calibers it will be chambered in.

(Updated:  Winchester model 1873 information is now here.)

Maxpedition is supposed to show off a brand new line of apparel.  It seems like everyone and their brother is making “tactical” clothing, but in my experience, Maxpedition makes great stuff.  If they have a new take on pants and shirts, I’ll definitely take a look. tactical gear.

(Updated: Maxpedition will introduce new CCW-centric gear bags, morale patches and knives. However, they indicate they will not be introducing a new line of apparel. Too bad. If they made BDU’s as rugged and handy as their bags, I think I would buy a few dozen.  Get more information on the new Maxpedition tactical gear here.)

Browning is rumored to be cashing in on the success of the A5 line with severn new models of shotguns.  Also, the company is expected to expand its own line of hunting clothing.  Last year, we talked to Browning about the Black Label line of knives, and this year they are taking the Black Label brand into the world of tactical gear.  I am curious to see what they will introduce in this niche.

This one caught me off guard, but I have it on good authority that I.O. Inc. will show a commander size 1911 pistol at the SHOT Show.  While still classified as a rumor, the details I was given are pretty specific.  The gun will very distinct slide serrations, and adjustable aluminum trigger and a Picatinny rail.  Plus, the MSRP will be sub-$1000.

I am also still hearing rumors about the full size Diamondback pistol.

Teasing me through e-mail, Aimpoint states they will have a big announcement at a press conference the first day of the SHOT Show.  Maybe the company has developed a new pistol-specific optic that is both small enough for a holster and larger enough to be useful.  Personally, I am hoping for laser guided, anti-groundhog technology.  Nah, it would never sell.

By Richard Johnson

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How about a high cap pistol in 7.62×25.
A true home defense gun.
Inexpensive rifles in inexpensive calibers, 7.62×39 .

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