Ruger LC380

Ruger LC380

Welcome the Ruger LC380, a merging the popular LCP and LC9 platforms.

Ruger is introducing a new .380 ACP chambered pistol in the same form factor as the LC9 handgun.  The key benefit is less recoil than the 9mm version of the gun.

Many of the specs are the same or similar to the LC9.  Width is 0.9″ for both and the weight is only slightly heavier (17.2 ounces for the LC380 and 17.1 ounces for the LC9).  Magazine capacity, seven rounds, is the same.

For me, I would much rather have the 9mm version and run standard pressure ammo to keep the recoil mild.  However, I completely understand how many people are very recoil sensitive – especially in smaller CCW guns.

Ruger LC380 pistol

MSRP is $449, so I would guess the guns will go for about $400 when you can find them.  Ruger is very good about not announcing anything until they are ready to ship, but the industry is out of control right now, and finding anything gun related on the shelves is a minor miracle.

Ruger LC380 Specifications

  • caliber:  .380 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  seven rounds
  • barrel length:  3.12″
  • overall length: 6.0″
  • width:  0.9″
  • height:  4.5″
  • weight:  17.2 ounces (unloaded)
  • MSRP:  $499

Ruger LC380 review

I’ve got to be honest:  this is not one I anticipated.  I expected the SR45, but not an upsized 380.  As I mentioned previously, the good people from Ruger will be at Media Day, so I hope to shoot this pistol.  Regardless, we will bring you plenty of photos and videos of the new gun from the 2013 SHOT Show.

By Richard Johnson

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