SIG P290 Rainbow

SIG P290 Rainbow photo

The SIG P290 Rainbow is another in a series of multi-chromatic pistols introduced by the company over the past several years.  While some people hate the look, there are a lot of people who really like it.

At this year’s SHOT Show, SIG Sauer showed the latest of these color changing handguns, and I have to say it looks a lot better in person that it does in photos.  I’m not sure I would ever buy one, but they are eye-catching.

The P290 pistol is a subcompact 9mm designed for concealed carry and back-up duties.  The rainbow treatment is applied to the slide, magazine release, trigger and slide stop of the pistol.

SIG P290 Rainbow review

Another SIG pistol with the Rainbow treatment is the P238.  Based on what I hear, the P238 Rainbow is very popular.  That model was introduced in 2009, and it remains in the company’s catalog today.

The SIG P290 Rainbow shares many of the same specifications and features with the other P290 pistols.  It is a 9mm, polymer framed handgun that weighs a little more than 20 ounces with an unloaded magazine.  The pistol has a double-action-only trigger with a nine pound pull.

The magazines hold six rounds, and the gun is rated for +P pressures.  The barrel length is only 2.9″ long, and the overall length of the gun is 5.5″.  The maximum width of the gun is 1.1″ wide at the slide stop.  The width of the gun is only 0.9″ everywhere else.

SIG P290 Rainbow

SIGLITE night sights are standard on the pistol.  With the night sights, the MSRP is only $613, which tends to be toward the cheap end for a SIG pistol.  A mini-laser aiming device is available, but will cost you extra.

The Rainbow finish isn’t for everyone.  But, like I said, it looks pretty good in person.  It is just a devilishly hard thing to photograph.  If you like the SIG P290 Rainbow, head to your local dealer and order one up.  They should be shipping very soon.

By Richard Johnson

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Like most of the SIG’s you’d like to own, but you live in a communist type state, they just won’t make one that will pass your state law. Now they could do this, but for some reason, they just won’t do it… But would buy a couple of them if they did…

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