New Chiappa CA612M Shotguns

new Chiappa 612M Field shotgun

New for 2016, Chiappa Firearms will officially introduce the new CA612M shotguns at the SHOT Show. There will be two versions of the gun at launch: the Field and the Turkey.

The new shotguns share a number of features, but are customized to the needs of different hunters. Both guns are chambered for the 3.5″ 12 gauge shell and are semi-automatic. The semi-auto system is an inertia driven system that is designed to eliminate some of the problems associated with gas systems.

Chiappa chrome-lined the barrels of the gun for increased durability and corrosion resistance. In addition to the 3.5″ shells, the gun will feed 2.75″ and 3″ shells without and problems or modifications.

Chiappa 612M Turkey shotgun

The CA612M Field gun has a barrel that is 28″ in length. It uses a traditionally shaped, synthetic stock that is finished in a Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camouflage pattern. The barrel and receiver share the same pattern. This gun will carry a suggested retail price of $709.

The CA612M Turkey gun is set up in a manner that many turkey hunters prefer. The synthetic stock has a pistol grip and shorter (24″) barrel. On this scattergun, Chiappa went with a Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo pattern on the gun. The MSRP on this one is $789.

Both guns come with a set of five chokes, though the specific chokes included do differ between the models.

These shotguns are just a few of the new products that Chiappa is expected to introduce in 2016. Some of the others include 20- and 28-gauge versions of the Triple Threat shotgun and the AK-9 pistol: a 9mm handgun that sports an AK look.

By Richard Johnson

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