Chiappa Kodiak Cub Carbine

Kodiak Cub Rifle

Chiappa Firearms announced the new LA322 Kodiak Cub: a lever-action, takedown .22 LR carbine. These compact rifles are specifically designed for harsh conditions, which make them worth considering for outdoor activities and as a survival tool.

new takedown gun

The new guns have a matte hard chrome finish on the major metal parts including:

  • barrel
  • bolt
  • receiver
  • magazine tube
  • hammer
  • lever

Both the stock and the forend have a soft, synthetic covering that gives the gun a better surface to grip during wet conditions.

Kodiak Cub Takedown

The gun weighs 5.5 pounds without ammunition. The tubular magazine loads from the front and holds 15 rounds.

Chiappa equips the rifle with a hooded front sight and a rear leaf sight that is adjustable for elevation. Additionally, the receiver is drilled and tapped for the addition of a scope.

This new gun is a takedown rifle, meaning it can be broken down into two major components for a more compact package. While it cannot be fired from this condition, it does drop the overall length to a mere 25″. This allows the gun to be more easily carried in a pack or stored under a seat.

new Kodiak Cub carbine

For anyone wandering outdoors, a compact .22 LR rifle might make sense as a part of your survival gear. While it would not be my first choice as bear defense, it can definitely put game in the pot and keep predators at bay. I also suggest considering other gear like a personal locator beacon.

The suggested retail price on the new Kodiak Cub rifle is $809.

Chiappa made several new gun announcements ahead of the 2016 SHOT Show. These announcements include new chamberings for the triple barrel shotgun and Double Badger combo gun plus the new variants in the CA612M shotgun line. Not officially announced, but leaked through a number of sources, is the new AK-ish pistol chambered in 9mm.

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