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SS80: 80% Glock 43 Compatible Frame

Magill’s GlockStore announced the introduction of a new 80% Glock compatible pistol frame: the SS80. This is a subcompact frame that allows you to build a Glock 43 style pistol at home.

The SS80 is the first G43 compatible 80% frame on the market. It is also one of just a few Glock compatible 80% frames available.

SS80 Glock 43 frame complete gun shooting

What It Is

GlockStore’s SS80 is a glass filled polymer frame that is commonly referred to as an 80% frame or 80% lower. An 80% frame is an unfinished frame that requires finishing work done before it can be a functioning firearm.

SS80 Glock 43 frame

In the case of the SS80, you will need to remove portions of the polymer frame using a file or Dremel tool and then make four holes with a drill. Once this is done, it can be considered a firearm frame. Until then, it is legally just a hunk of plastic. It can be shipped straight to your door without the need to pay an FFL transfer fee.

The SS80 is not a Glock frame. Rather, it is a frame that is compatible with Glock 43 parts. This means that GlockStore set it up with a different look and feel than the G43. A few of the features of the SS80 frame include:

  • stippling-like grip texture for improved control of the pistol when shooting
  • frame and trigger undercuts in the trigger guard to allow for a higher grasp on the pistol
  • compared to a G43, the SS80 has a longer beavertail
  • metal rails that are longer than factory

When completed, the SS80 frame will accept single stack Glock 43 magazines and other standard parts. It will assemble like a factory G43 pistol.

SS80 Glock 43 frame kit

Included in the SS80 kit is:

  • polymer jig (the bright green “box” the frame goes in)
  • SS80 frame
  • locking block and metal rails (no polymer rails) plus pin for rear rails
  • drill bits needed to finish the frame

The suggested retail price is $150. At the time of this writing, the GlockStore has it on sale for $129.99.

Yes, these are made in the United States of America.

What It Is Not

The new SS80 is designed for G43 parts only. You cannot use it to make a .380 ACP chambered G42 clone.

Additionally, it is not a double stack frame that would allow you to build a G26/27 type pistol. However, Polymer80 is working on one of those and is expected to introduce them at the 2018 SHOT Show. Click this link for more information on the Polymer80 P940SC 80% frame.

Building Your Own – Parts & Tools

GlockStore put together a series of instructional videos that show you exactly how to finish and build the SS80 into a functioning firearm. I’ve followed the company’s other videos on building a Glock clone, and I have found them to be easy to follow. Also, the videos are professionally produced. You get clear sound and detailed images.

Some of the tools that you will need:

  • vise (optional, but makes things easier)
  • hand drill (optionally, you can use a drill press)
  • Dremel tool (optionally, you can use a file or knife but these will be slower)
  • WD40
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • finishing files

Once the lower is completed, you will need some additional tools to install the Glock compatible parts into the frame to build the functioning firearm. A set of punches and light hammer can help with assembly.

Building Your Own – Legal Issues

At the time of this writing, a citizen of the United States can build his or her own firearm for personal use without a license under federal law. This firearm does not need to have a serial number, be registered or be transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer under federal law. I have no way of knowing what the law will be in the future, so please govern yourselves accordingly.

SS80 Glock 43 frame kit

State laws vary greatly, and you should definitely check with your local and state authorities on the legality of building your own pistol for personal use.

If you intend to build a firearm to sell or give away, you must have a license per federal law. This does not preclude you from building your own firearm and later trading it, selling it or giving it away as long as it was not built with that intention.

For additional information on the legalities of building your own firearm and requirements for serial numbers, check out my article “Am I Required to Apply a Serial Number to a Homemade Firearm.”

Final Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of fun building my own guns in the past. This kit looks like a solid 80% frame kit, and one that I will probably tackle at some point. I own a Glock 43, so I already have plenty of magazines that will run in this gun. It might be an interesting project to compare a completed SS80 vs a factory Glock 43 pistol.

Have you built an 80% gun? If so, sound off in the comments. I’d like to hear what people are building out there.

SS80 80% frame kit

Last update: October 23, 2022


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If its as good as the PF940C, then this is significantly better than a factory Glock. I put in an embarrassingly large order within an hour of the announcement… Do not hesitate. Absolutely worth it.

I have built both the polymer80 G17, 2 G19 and now the SS80 from the glock store, and they are all solid guns. I have had a serial number laser engraved on the polymer80 ( I chose my own numbers). Right now it is not required except in CA. Had fun building them and shooting them.

Just finished my SS80 lower. Total build time less than 2 hours and I manually did all the machining with a hand file. Love the fit and finish and will shoot it as soon as my 43X slide arrives in the mail.

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