Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry Review

The Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry is one of the best 9mm pistols I’ve reviewed.

From its announcement as the new standard sidearm for the United States military, the popularity of the SIG SAUER P320 pistol seemingly exploded.

Original SIG pistols are in high demand and aftermarket accessories are plentiful. You can even build your own P320 pistol from scratch without going through a dealer or applying a serial number.

Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry Review

It is in this market that Wilson Combat recognized an opportunity and created the WCP320 Carry handgun.

Known for its premium work with 1911 pistols, shotguns, AR-15s and the Beretta 92-series pistols, it wasn’t hard to imagine the Arkansas crew wanting to put its own touch on the P320.

So, what is the WCP320 Carry? Who is it made for?

Let’s dive in and answer these questions and much more.

What is the WCP320 Carry?

While sharing some of the features of existing SIG branded pistols, the WCP320 Carry is a different animal.

Testing of the WCP320 Carry Pistol

It offers a full-sized grip with a compact-length slide and barrel. Many people see this as a professional-style gun, as it is a balance of concealability and firepower.

It uses a Wilson Combat designed grip module that takes 17-round magazines. Additionally, Wilson Combat custom cuts an unfinished SIG slide for this pistol and adds improved sights.

Testing Highlights

• 100% reliable
• extremely accurate
• fits all Carry and Compact sized holsters for SIG P320
• recommended for range and self-defense

Wilson Combat offers two basic versions of the WCP320 Carry: one with the upgraded SIG XFULL trigger and one with a Wilson Combat tuned action. Both versions are available with either a black or tan frame.

For this review, I tested the base model with the SIG XFULL trigger and tan frame.

Before getting to the range review, I’ll give you an overview of the features of this pistol including those that set it apart from a standard SIG P320.

Features of the Wilson Combat WCP320

The basic SIG SAUER P320 pistol is a solid performer. Police departments and military units are flocking to this gun for a variety of reasons.

But even a great gun can be improved by the team at Wilson Combat.

Grip Module

Wilson Combat uses its new WCP320 Carry II grip module for this pistol. Compared to the stock SIG module, this one offers a new grip texture, shape and angles to improve your shooting.

The grip texture improvement is obvious with the visually striking starburst pattern. On the front and rear of the grip is a more aggressive stippling pattern that enhances the gun’s visual appeal. However, the feel of it is even more impressive than its look.

Wilson Combat’s grip locks the pistol in your hand. Although the pattern might look rough, it was not abrasive. Nor did it snag on clothing. It was perfectly comfortable in the hand.

Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry II Grip Module

The Carry II grip module also has an undercut in the trigger guard. This allowed me to get a higher grip on the pistol. Not only did it help improve the feed of the gun, but it also allowed me better control of the gun during recoil.

Wilson Combat scooped out the sides of the grip even to the trigger. For me, these recessed areas improved my ability to place my finger on the trigger and press straight back.

Beavertail on the Carry II Frame

Protecting your hand from slide bite is a generously sized beavertail.

The mouth of the magazine well flares to a funnel-like opening. A flared opening guides magazines home during reloading.

Magazine Funnel

Out front is a Picatinny-type accessory rail. I mounted a variety of lights on the pistol, and all fit without an issue.

Wilson Combat designers crafted the WCP320 Carry II module with internal slots for tungsten weights. The weights, sold separately, allow you to customize the weight and balance of the gun.

Weights insert from the top of the pistol and require you to remove the chassis. In the photo below, you can see the grooves from the perspective of the magazine well.

Grooves for Adding Tungsten Weights

Available in either black or tan, the modules can be purchased separately (MSRP $64.95) from Wilson Combat.

Slide & Sights

SIG SAUER provides Wilson Combat with unfinished slides for the WCP320 Carry pistols. Wilson Combat custom machines the X-TAC pattern onto the sides and top of the slide. I found the X-TAC pattern provides a sure grip on the slide when manipulating it under stress.

Fiber Optic Front Sight on Wilson Combat Striker-Fired Pistol

Wilson Combat adds the company logo to the right side of the slide.

On top, the WCP320 Carry is fitted with a red fiber optic sight. In the rear, Wilson Combat adds a Battlesight. This is a wide U-notch that allows for fast front sight acquisition.

Rear Sight and Slide Cuts

I don’t know if Wilson Combat spends any time on the slide rails. However, the movement of the slide is very smooth – slick even. Yes, there is moderate resistance due to the recoil spring assembly. But the actual movement of the slide is buttery.

XFULL Trigger

SIG SAUER offers a steel flat trigger on some of the top-tier P320 pistols. Called the XFULL, it offers a straight-back pull with a clean break.


The XFULL is the trigger used on the base model WCP320 Carry. Wilson Combat also sells a WCP320 Carry with an Action Tune. The upgraded pistols can be had with the flat trigger (as seen in this review) or with a traditional curved trigger.

Wilson Combat actions are widely regarded as being fantastic. However, the standard XFULL trigger system was quite nice. My pistol had a small amount of take-up, a short pull and clean break. The reset was very short.

I measured the pull weight on a Lyman digital trigger pull gauge as 4.94 pounds (5 pull average.)

WCP320 Specifications

Here are the Wilson Combat WCP320 specs:

Standard Magazine Capacity17
Barrel Length3.9″
Overall Length7.5″
Weight26.8 oz
Grip Framecustom polymer
Finishblack or FDE
MSRP$1,195 (as tested)

Range Time

Is this the best shooting striker-fired pistol I’ve ever had on the range? I believe so. If it’s not, it is darn close.

Shooting the Wilson Combat P320 Carry Handgun

In every area of importance I have for a defensive pistol, the WCP320 excelled. It was:

  • completely reliable,
  • incredibly accurate,
  • easy to control,
  • a natural pointer,
  • fast to get on target, and
  • easy to operate.

Let’s cover some of the highlights.

Ammunition Performance

What is the best ammunition for a SIG P320? Or in this case the Wilson Combat version?

I tested a lot of ammo in the WCP320 – more than 1,000 rounds – and recorded the following velocities:

American Eagle 115 gr FMJ1,101 fps310 ft-lbs
Blazer Brass 115 gr FMJ1,050 fps282 ft-lbs
Blazer Brass 124 gr FMJ1,091 fps328 ft-lbs
Federal HST 124 gr JHP +P1,155 fps367 ft-lbs
Federal PBLE 115 gr JHP +P+1,245 fps396 ft-lbs
Federal Tactical HST 147 gr JHP946 fps292 ft-lbs
L-Tech 124 gr CuHP1,006 fps279 ft-lbs
Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 50 gr JHP +P2,017 fps452 ft-lbs
Remington UMC 115 gr JHP1,066 fps290 ft-lbs
SIG SAUER Elite 115 gr FMJ1,209 fps373 ft-lbs
SIG SAUER Elite V-Crown 147 gr JHP979 fps313 ft-lbs
Speer Gold Dot 124 gr JHP1,071 fps316 ft-lbs
Wilson Combat TAC-XP 115 gr HP +P Short Barrel1,041 fps277 ft-lbs
Wilson Combat Tactical Gold Dot 124 gr JHP +P1,065 fps312 ft-lbs
Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Signature Match 125 gr HAP1,008 fps282 ft-lbs
Wilson Combat 135 gr HBFN872 fps228 ft-lbs
Wilson Combat 147 gr RN Compact Optimized863 fps243 ft-lbs
Winchester USA Forged 115 gr FMJ1,081 fps298 ft-lbs
Performance measured with a Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph at an approximate distance of 15′ from the muzzle of the pistol. All measurements are an average of five shots.

Accuracy and reliability were exceptional in this gun. (Scroll down to read more on both of these.)

For a target round, the Wilson Combat 135 grain HBFN was the clear winner for best accuracy and soft recoil.

For self-defense work, I almost always default to the Speed Gold Dot and Federal HST rounds. However, Wilson Combat uses a Gold Dot bullet in its Tactical 124 grain +P load. Don’t discount it.

Velocity Testing of WCP320 Carry

For the high-speed crew, Liberty Ammunition continues to deliver amazing results. The 50-grain JHP load averages more than 2,000 fps out of this pistol. Liberty loads have little recoil and shoot flat, but they seem to have a louder report that other loads.

If you need an inexpensive range round, I recommend the Blazer Brass line. I’ve had excellent service from this ammo. It also tends to be very affordable. Well, affordable in normal market conditions. You might want to look at the rising costs of ammunition.


This pistol demonstrated perfect reliability throughout testing.

I experienced no malfunctions of any kind. As you can see from the ammunition table above, I ran a wide range of loads through the pistol. All functioned flawlessly.


I tested the standard WCP320 – not the tuned action version. Even so, I shot exceptionally well with this pistol. Sub 1″ groups at 7 yards were a regular thing. For my aging eyes and increasingly arthritic hands, that’s impressive.

Accuracy Test of Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry with 135 grain Load

The loads that performed the best were manufactured by Wilson Combat. Of those, the load using the Berry’s 135-grain HBFN shot the tightest groups. My best 5-shot group was 0.69″ without a brace, bag or other support. I have no doubt a more skilled shooter could tighten that to less than 0.5″.

More common factory loads demonstrated excellent accuracy as well. Gold Dot and HST rounds all grouped under 1.5″ at 7 yards unsupported.

Federal HST 147 grain Tactical Accuracy Testing

Sights and Control

Running this pistol was dead simple.

The magazine release is pronounced and easy to reach. Yet, it proved immune to accidental activation when carried.

Even though I am right-handed, I ran the gun southpaw for some of the testing. I was able to easily activate the magazine release with my left hand – without needing to reverse the button.

If you like to release the slide with the slide stop, no worries. The slide stop is large enough to hit reliably…and it is ambidextrous.

Front Slide Serrations and Sight

The front fiber optic sight glowed bright in a wide range of lighting conditions. It helped to draw my focus to it for fast aiming and good groups.

Throughout my testing, I controlled the gun with ease. The unique Wilson Combat frame module locked my hand into position while the aggressive texture prevented slipping. Muzzle rise was minimal and easily controlled.


One of the questions you might have is “What holsters will fit the Wilson Combat WCP320? Carry?” It’s a good question.

Holsters for the WCP320 Carry 9mm

According to Wilson Combat, all holsters that fit the P320 Carry or Compact pistols should fit the WCP320 Carry. For this review, I tested the gun with a DeSantis Speed Scabbard.

The Speed Scabbard is an open-top leather rig worn on the outside of the waistband. I found it pulled the butt of the gun close to the body. This seemed to mitigate the potential of printing from the full-sized grip.

DeSantis Open Top Holster for Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry

Overall, I loved the gun-holster combination.

I’m compiling a list of P320 Compact and Carry holsters for another article now. I’ll include more of my experiences with the DeSantis rig there.

Final Thoughts

I like the SIG SAUER P320 pistol. It is a solid self-defense and duty pistol. Wilson Combat makes the handgun downright incredible with the WCP320 Carry.

Best Price on the Wilson Combat WCP320

I can find no fault with this pistol. Every aspect of it proved to be excellent. It is more expensive than a standard P320, but I believe you get your money’s worth out of it.

Without reservation, I recommend the pistol.

Where to Buy a Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry

Wilson Combat sells pistols directly. Also, some gun shops are Wilson Combat dealers.

Check with your local shop to see if they are an approved dealer. They might be able to get you a better deal, but no guarantees.

Best Price on Wilson Combat WCP320

The best online prices for Wilson Combat guns are at Palmetto State Armory. Depending on the model, PSA can shave a few hundred dollars off of the MSRP.

Right now, PSA is not stocking the WCP320. But this is likely to change as the guns get into the distribution channels. I recommend checking this page for updates.

Last Update: August 23, 2021


As with all of my reviews, I provide you a full disclosure of all information that may impact my article.

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I have no financial interest in Wilson Combat, SIG SAUER or any other firearms manufacturer. Wilson Combat did not ask me to provide a positive review. The gun tested was a loaner and was returned to the company after I completed testing.

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I’ve already received some questions in email. I’ll answer a few of the frequent ones here:

Is the SIG P320 any good?

Yes. In our testing, this pistol was 100% reliable with incredible accuracy.

Is the SIG P320 better than a Glock?

It depends. A shooter’s training, hand size, experience and needs greatly influence what handgun may be best for someone. Both pistols are quality guns worth considering for self-defense needs.

Is the SIG P320 Compact a good carry gun?

Yes. From the US military to hundreds of police agencies, the SIG P320 Compact has been tested, carried and used in field conditions. Further, our own testing shows the gun is accurate and reliable.

Keep in mind that this is the Wilson Combat version of the pistol. It was designed from the ground up to be a carry pistol, and it proved itself to be an excellent example of a modern self-defense firearm.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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That looks like a great shooting gun. I’ve never been able to afford any of their 1911s. However, this one is within reach and I already own a P320…so it might be ordered today!

Sexy! Love the look of WC stuff and they worked magic again on the P320. I’ve never been a fan of the gun’s look, but Wilson sure cleaned it up nice!

Hi, my name is Jim. I bought a WCP320 grip module for my p320 but I can’t find a magazine that works in it. I tried a sig full size and a compact but neither one seems to work. Could you please give me some advise as to what magazine will work ? Thank you very much !

Look at the bottom of the 17 round magazines, this is the start, make sure you are using 17 & not the 15 round magazines.

Now look at the bottom of the magazines, on the baseplates. Do they read Sig, or Sig Sauer?

Also the hole with tell, if it’s the round hole, or the writing reads Sig Sauer, these are the older magazines. They won’t fit in this frame or the X-frames from Sig.

You need to replace just the base plates and your magazines will function fine. The tabs on the sides of the older ones are just a bit thicker.

You need the full size sig mag with the new style base plate on it. You can recognize the base plate by the sig logo on bottom.

Richard, great review. I just got one of these fine firearms and I like it as much as you apparently did. The gun is very clean and simple to operate. All business. I particularly like the ease of racking the slide. While I am not used to handguns with no safety at all, other than the holster protecting the trigger, the speed and simplicity that you can bring this firearm into action in the three feet, three seconds, and three shots typical of many handgun encounters, is impressive. I actually like it better for carry than my full-size M17/P320 wit the manual safety. I look forward to your article on holsters.

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