Gun Trade Shows

There are a variety of gun trade shows throughout the world.  We have had the opportunity to send writers to several of them during the past few years.  Click the following links to access all of the articles we wrote, photos we took, and videos we made at each of the events.

Shot Show


The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show is more popularly known as the SHOT Show.  Since 1979, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has organized this firearms industry event that brings retailers and manufacturers together to do business.

The SHOT Show is not open to the general public, but they are open to the media.  We’ve done our best to bring our readers the latest news from the show.  We started with articles and photos, but have since added a lot of video to our coverage.  Our plans for future shows will blow you away.

Every year, on the day before the official start of the SHOT Show, we attend a media only event called Media Day at the Range.  This event is restricted to a select few members of the media, and puts the press onto the range with manufacturers.  It is there we get the first chance to put rounds downrange with brand new guns not seen in public before.

  • 2009 SHOT Show – The 2009 show was held in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center.  Orlando was the host city of the SHOT Show for two previous years also (2003 and 2007).  The 2009 show saw the introduction of several new guns including the Ruger LCR.
  • 2010 SHOT Show – Las Vegas, NV was the host for the 2010 SHOT Show.  Las Vegas has been the site of more SHOT Shows than any other city.  A lot of new guns were brought out at this show including the Gen 4 Glock pistols, Ruger SR9c and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard.
  • 2011 SHOT Show – For 2011, the SHOT Show returned to Las Vegas.  More than 57,000 people attended the 2011 show, which set a new record for attendance.  On hand were 1,600 manufacturers and others who were showing their guns, accessories and services.  There were a number of new guns introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show including the Ruger LC9, MGI’s belt-fed Hydra, Diamondback DB9, a 7.62×39 rifle from SIG SAUER and the Charter Arms Pitbull.  One gun shown but failed to make it to production: the 28 gauge Taurus Judge.
  • 2012 SHOT Show – Once again, the show was held in Las Vegas.  Another attendance record was set at this show with more than 61,000 people coming to the event.  People from 100 countries and every state in the nation were on scene for the big show.  This was also the first year that the NSSF officially participated in Media Day at the Range.  SIG SAUER introduced the P224, Ruger brought out the American Rifle and SR22 pistol and Mossberg showed off its new Flex shotguns.
  • 2013 SHOT Show – The 2013 show is to be hosted in…Las Vegas.  It will be back there in 2014 also.  NSSF will again be involved in Media Day.
  • SHOT Show 2014 – Back again at the Sands Expo and Convention center the annual meeting of all things guns is in preparation stages now.  The event promises to be one of the biggest shows ever.
  • SHOT Show 2015 – Another amazing show with all of the new guns for 2015. What new gear will be shown? We will have the industry’s best coverage of the event.
  • 2016 SHOT Show – We’ve ramped up coverage again for the world’s largest gun show. The 2016 trade show will have some of the most incredible announcements, and you will get the full details here at
  • 2017 SHOT Show – Looking for coverage of the newest guns for 2017? This is the page to follow. We will be at the show again to provide out outstanding news coverage.
  • 2018 SHOT Show – As if you had not already guessed, this page has all of the new gun information for 2018.
  • 2019 SHOT Show – At this page, we provide all of the news and rumors related to the latest firearms industry trade show.


shot showThe National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers hosts the Annual Expo and Meeting at various locations around the United States.  This show is different than the SHOT Show as it is intended to bring together manufacturers with wholesalers, not retailers.  This means the show is not as crowded at SHOT, and there are fewer exhibitors as some companies do not work with wholesale distributors.

The good thing about the NASGW show is media members of NASGW are allowed to attend.  2012 will be the first year that our writers will be at the show, bringing you information, photos and videos of new guns being show to the distributors before SHOT.

  • 2012 NASGW Show – The 2012 show will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, FL.  We are already lining up appointments for interviews and have planned very thorough coverage of the event.
  • 2014 NASGW Expo – This show was held in Little Rock, Arkansas. There were a lot of new guns introduced, and we have all of the information here.
  • 2015 NASGW Expo – Held in New Orleans, the 2015 show was amazingly relaxed compared to some of the prior events. I suspect that a lot of that had to do with the ample space provided by the convention center. Nothing was crowded so people could get around easily. Too bad much of the city still looks like a set for the Walking Dead.

NRA Show

The official name of the NRA Show is the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.  The show is a traveling show, moving from city to city across the United States so they can reach the maximum number of NRA members over time.  The exhibition features all of the major gun manufacturers and many smaller startups.  If you want to see all of the greatest guns being made today, this is one event you should attend.

The show is more than just an exhibition of firearms.  The annual meetings are some of the most important parts of the entire event, as they set the tone for the organization in the coming year.  In addition to internal structural organization, the meetings often feature keynote speakers such as pro-gun celebrities and politicians.

  • 2012 NRA Show – The 2012 show was hosted in St. Louis, MO.  One of the highlights of the show was the introduction of the M&P Shield from Smith & Wesson.  A total of 517 manufacturers were on hand to display all of their products to the nearly 74,000 NRA members who attended.  Speakers included Glenn Beck, Larry the Cable Guy and Mitt Romney.
  • 2013 NRA Show – Houston, TX will be the host city of the 2013 NRA Show.  The exhibition will feature more than 500 different companies.  The show will start on May 3 and run through May 5, 2013.
  • 2014 NRA Show – Keep up with all of the new gun information from Indianapolis here.
  • 2015 NRA Show – Coverage of the 2015 Annual Meetings & Exhibits is handled here. This one was hosted in Nashville, TN and saw the introduction of the Glock 43 and more.

International Gun Trade Shows

There are a variety of international gun trade shows.  Due to the costs associated with international training, we do not cover these shows…yet.  Stay tuned, as we do have plans to cover these shows as well.  It is just going to take a little time to get the details squared away.