The Comprehensive Glock 19 Holster List

Looking for the best Glock 19 holster? I’ve assembled a long list of carry rigs along with my recommendations based on my experiences with carrying both Gen2 and Gen4 versions of the pistol.

The good news for G19 owners is there are probably more holsters made for this pistol than any other gun on the market today. The pistol is one of the best selling handguns of all times, and consequently, there are a lot of carry rigs and accessories available for it.

The bad news is it can take a lot of looking to find the exactly right holster for your needs.

Don’t worry – that’s where I come in. I’ve owned a Glock 19 since the mid-90’s and have tried a lot of different scabbards. Some are still on the market, while others have gone away.

What I’ve done is assembled a list of the holster options available to you as a Glock 19 owner. I do not claim that the list includes every option that is on the market, but I daresay that it will be the most complete collection available anywhere. I’ve got a list of holster makers to add to this page, and I welcome suggestions for companies that you like that I have not yet added. Feel free to include them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Alabama Holster Company

Based in the Yellowhammer state, the Alabama Holster Company makes a range of Kydex holsters for concealed carry. As to be expected, the company makes a number of concealment rigs for the Glock 19. Here are a few of them:

  • Alabama Avenger – This is an open top, outside-the-waistband (OWB) rig that is modeled after the leather Askins Avenger holster. This rig rides high on the waist and pulls in tight to the body for good concealment under a jacket or other garment.
  • 360 – Another open top holster, this one is designed for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry. Instead of using an easy-on and -off clip, this rig is attached to the belt with a full, rigid loop. This should provide better security for larger guns as they will not shift around as much. The G19 is right there on the edge of being either compact or full size, so something like this might work well depending on your needs.
  • Flapjack – The Flapjack is a pancake style rig made with Kydex. Although it is a basic design, it looks much better than many of the standard OWB Kydex holsters made by other companies.
alabama clipper
  • Clipper – If you would like an IWB rig that is easy to put on and pull off, the Clipper might be worth looking at. Instead of using a hard loop like the 360 (above), the Clipper uses a rigid clip that goes over the belt.
  • Hooker – The Hooker is very similar to the Clipper, but the clip is a J-hook style meaning it clips under the belt.
  • Ranger – If you are looking for a standard OWB holster with a rigid loop, the Ranger might fit your bill. It is an open top design that uses thick (0.125″) Kydex for increased durability. If it had some additional retention, it might be good for carrying in the woods or open carry.
  • Offside – This is an IWB tuckable holster for the Glock 19. The best feature of this rig is that it moves the attachment point to one side of the thickest section of the holster to keep the overall bulk down.

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear has a fairly simple product line, but what they do seems to work very well. I’ve had a chance to test two of their holsters, one with the G19, and found both to be good quality rigs that were comfortable and affordable. I can’t say they are my absolute favorites, but I can still recommend them because of their quality and price point.

Let’s take a look at what they offer:

  • Cloak Tuck – Alien Gear manufactures a kind of carry rig called a hybrid holster. This style of holster typically uses a hard plastic shell attached to a soft backer – often leather but sometimes a synthetic material. The Cloak Tuck is the second generation of  hybrids offered by the company. It uses a wide but thin slab of leather to help distribute the gun’s weight and increase comfort. The plastic shells are interchangeable, so you could use on slab with different plastic shells for multiple guns.
Alien Gear
  • Clock Tuck 3.0 – The 3.0 is an update to the original Cloak Tuck. With this rig, the company replaced the leather backer with a multi-layer one. Inside the layers is a steel core to improve strength in the design while keeping the bulk down. A thermo-elastomer is the top layer while a water resistant neoprene faces the skin. The neoprene is softer than leather plus provides a moisture barrier to help prevent corrosion on the pistol. I’ve got one of these, and I have been very impressed by its comfort.
  • OWB – This is another hybrid rig, but it is designed to be carried outside of the waistband for even more comfort. This is the one carry option that Alien Gear offers that I have not evaluated myself. Based on the other products they offer, I’m reasonably sure it well built.


Bianchi is one of the old hands in holster making, getting its start in 1958. The company was founded by well known shooter John Bianchi and is now part of The Safariland Group of companies.

While it is often a sad thing to see a smaller company bought out by another, Safariland is actually one of the better companies in the shooting industry. Their support of concealed carry, shooting sports and law enforcement is unparalleled.

As one might expect, Bianchi offers a large number of holsters for the Glock 19. Here is a rundown of the models they currently offer:

Model 3S Pistol Pocket – Don’t be confused by the name. It sounds like this is a pocket holster, but it is not. Rather it is a nice leather IWB rig that is one of the company’s more traditional styles. The dual snap belt loop can be adjusted for five different carry angles to best suit you. It has a thumb break for gun retention.

Model 5 Black Widow – If you have a Glock 17 that you sometimes carry in addition to your model 19, this is a rig you might want to consider. It has an open bottom that allows guns of the same shape but with different barrel lengths to fit. In this case, you would be able to carry either the G17 or G19 in one rig. It uses all leather construction and has a thumb snap for added retention.

Model 6 – Lightweight and thin, this leather holster conforms to the shapes of the gun and body to minimize bulk and the possibility of printing. The rig uses a heavy duty steel clip to attach it to the belt.

Model 6D ATB – Very similar to the Model 6, the ATB is an inside the waistband rig that has a thumb break. Made of a soft sueded leather, it attaches to the belt with a metal clip. While the rig does a good job of minimizing bulk, the gun does ride a bit higher than some other IWB holsters.

Bianchi Model 7 Shadow II

Model 7 Shadow II – A true pancake design, the Model 7 Shadow II has three belt slots that allow you to adjust the cant of the gun. Additionally, the rig has a thumb snap. The leather is soft and pre-curved to hug the body tightly. It can also be set up for a cross draw, which is a great option for long distance driving. I own a Shadow II holster and have found it to be extremely well built and comfortable to wear. Check out my review here.

Model 19L – The 19L is a traditional, strong side belt holster for the Glock 19. It features high-quality leather construction, a suede lining and a special sight channel to both protect the front sight and make for a fast draw. Bianchi designed this rig with a slight forward cant for increased comfort when sitting in a car or at a desk. It has a thumb snap.

Model 56 Serpent – For a close-fitting, strong side belt holster, check out the Serpent. This is a two-slot leather rig that rides very close to the body for better concealment. It has a thumb snap for increased retention – an absolute must for open carry. Bianchi made the thumb snap oversized to prevent it from entering the trigger guard when the pistol is holstered.

Model 57 Remedy – This is a fully molded leather belt slide holster with an open top. Best carried on the strong side hip, it has a slight forward cant which increases comfort when seated. The belt loop cuts fit up to 1.5″ wide belts, and the design of the rear slot helps to pull the butt of the gun tight to the body.

Model 58 P.I. – Very similar to the Remedy above, the P.I. increases the gun cant to a full 30Ëš. This may be more of a forward tilt that some would like, so choose carefully. It does make the rig even more comfortable than the Remedy for sitting in a car. It is an open-top, fully molded leather design.

Model 75 Venom – Another belt holster, this OWB rig is a minimalist style with an open bottom that leaves the muzzle exposed. It does have a thumb snap like the Serpent above.

Model 82 CarryLok – The CarryLok is an OWB holster that uses an active retention device to secure the Glock in the scabbard. The FingerLok retention secures the holster by the trigger guard and is released by pressing with the middle finger when drawing. Its design does not encourage the placement of the trigger finger anywhere other than off the trigger when drawing.

Model 100 Professional – The Professional is one of the most popular designs offered by Bianchi. It is an IWB holster with a strong metal clip to attach it to the pants. A tall leather shield comes up the back side of the rig to keep sweat off of the gun and the gun from rubbing into your body. It is also a very reasonably priced CCW holster.

Model 100T Professional – Similar to the Professional above, the 100T is a tuckable design. Bianchi added a small wing to the rear of the gun and moved the belt clip to that position. This allows a shirt to be tucked in over the weapon while keeping the overall bulk to a minimum.

Model 101 Foldaway – One of the simplest designs on the market, the Foldaway is essentially a flap of leather with a pair of belt loops. When the Foldaway is attached to the belt, the pistol is carried between the leather and the belt. If you need something cheap and leather, this is one to consider. However, I’ve not used one and I am hesitant to suggest its use.

Bianchi Covert Option

Model 120 Covert Option – The Covert Option is a leather IWB rig that uses a pair of soft leather loops to attach to the belt. It has a high back to protect the skin from the rough edges of the pistol and keep sweat off of the gun. It has a reinforced mouth to hold it open for easy reholstering. This one is available in both black and a reddish tan.

Model 125 Consent – A belt slide holster, the Consent is a leather concealed carry rig that molds premium leather around a thermoplastic core. The inside of the holster has a liner that protects the gun’s finish and makes for a smooth, fast draw. This is an open top design that relies on a trigger guard detent to secure the gun.

Model 126 Assent – An open top holster, this CCW holster has a low profile and made of leather. It has two belt loops that fit up to 1.5″ width belts. Although it has a detent around the trigger guard to help secure the gun, I would not suggest this for open carry.

Bianchi Model 150 Classified

Model 130 Classified – The Classified is a dual-purpose rig that can convert from OWB to IWB carry. It ships with two sets of belt loops: one set for each mode of carry. It does take a few minutes to swap between the two, but it is not hard at all. The leather exterior is molded around a rigid polymer insert and the interior of the scabbard has a smooth liner for a fast draw. This model does have a thumb snap.

Model 131 Confidential – A more traditional design, the Confidential is a leather belt holster with a slight forward cant. It has a thumb snap plus trigger guard detent for retention. It is also available in both black and a tan color. Actually, this rig appears to be a thumb snap version of the Assent.

Model 135 Suppression – The Suppression is an IWB rig that shares some traits with hybrid holsters, but should not be mistaken for one. The rig is leather that is wrapped around a thermo-plastic core to help it maintain its shape for years of service. The side facing the user adds a foam pad and anti-microbial mesh for comfort and odor control. This is an open top holster.

Bianchi Allusion

Model 145 Allusion Subdue – This is an IWB holster for the Glock 19 that offsets the attachment clip to reduce printing. It has a leather exterior with a synthetic liner to protect the pistol’s finish. Bianchi uses a foam padding between the leather and liner to improve carry comfort. Additionally, the foam is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to prevent odors.

Bianchi Evader

Model 4585 Evader – Similar to the CarryLok holster, the Evader is an OWB rig with the FingerLok active retention system. Unlike the CarryLok, this rig is made of synthetic materials. Instead of leather, this holster is made of a trilaminate nylon weave. It offers good security and wear for a very reasonable price.

Model 7001 – A good choice for carrying through the woods, the 7001 is a synthetic rig that pretects the gun and is easily washable. It uses a three layer laminate material with a liner covering a closed cell foam interior. It uses a thumb snap to improve weapon retention and has a molded belt loop to attach to the hip.

Model 7500 – If you are looking for a paddle holster for your Glock 19, this one may fit the bill. Bianchi made this a thumb break design with synthetic materials for durability and affordable pricing. The paddle has elastomer ridges to really grip the inside of the pants and hold it in position.

Model X15 Vertical Shoulder Holster – Shoulder holsters are not used as much as they once were, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place as a carry option in your life. The X15 is an all leather rig that uses an X-type harness to hold the gun and balance the weight across the shoulders. The system uses a thumb snap and dual springs to balance security and speed.

As you can see, there are many different holsters for the G19 made by Bianchi. As they introduce new models, I will update this page.


Founded by a Navy SEAL who was disgusted by cheap gear that breaks when it is needed the most, Blackhawk is known for producing high quality bags, packs, holsters and other shooting accessories. The company’s holster line fully supports the Glock 19, and I’ve assembled a list of the full line carry rigs available.

Blackhawk ARC Holster for Glock 19

A.R.C. IWB – One of the company’s newer designs, the A.R.C. is a soft polymer holster designed for inside the waistband carry of your Glock 19. Blackhawk uses injection molding to produce a holster that is very comfortable, affordable and durable. Since it is not sheet Kydex – there is no additional bulk.

The holster is really an incredible value and I highly recommend them for anyone needing an inexpensive rig for his or her pistol. I have two: one for the S&W Shield and one for the Glock 43. Both have worked great. You can read my full review of the A.R.C. holster here.

Blackhawk SERPA

CQC SERPA – The standard CQC SERPA is an OWB holster that uses an internal locking system to automatically secure the weapon when it is inserted. To draw the gun, the shooter depresses an external lever which releases the gun.

These rigs are an open top design and come with both hard belt loops and a paddle.

Although the SERPA line is extremely popular, it is not without some controversy. Some people claim the method of unlocking the gun is unsafe as it encourages the shooter to put his trigger finger in such a position as to press the trigger as the gun is being drawn.

Watch this video for a better description of how to properly draw a pistol from the SERPA holster.

SERPA Sportster – The SERPA Sportster is a lower cost version of the CQC SERPA above. The CQC uses a higher quality polymer for the holster body, while this version uses an injection molded polymer. Injection molding still produces a quality, durable product, but it is not going to be quite as strong as the CQC.

Blackhawk SERPA Sportster

If you are the typical user, the Sportster version will likely work for you. However, if you do a lot of training or carry the gun professionally, I recommend the CQC version.

Blackhawk Pancake HolsterBlackhawk Pancake Holster

3-Slot Pancake – As the name suggests, this is an outside the waistband holster for the Glock 19 that is in the pancake style. It has three belt slots that allow you to adjust the cant or even use the gun in a cross draw position. As with all of Blackhawk’s leather holsters, this one is made in Italy.

Check-Six – The Check-Six is a leather OWB holster that was designed for anyone who employs a long gun. This rig positions the pistol just behind the strong side hip so if you need to transition from the rifle or shotgun to your Glock, the holster puts the gun at hand without interfering with the long gun’s sling or operations.

Compact Askins – Based on the famous Askins design, this is a minimalist holster that will fit most of the standard Glock pistols in addition to the G19. It is made of leather and carries the gun on the belt, outside of the pant waistband. The rear belt slot pulls the butt of the gun in tight for improved concealment.

Leather Inside the Pants – A traditionally styled IWB rig, this one is also made of leather. It uses a single large loop made of leather to anchor the holster to the belt. The loop can be adjusted to increase the amount of cant on the gun. An internal tension screw helps secure the gun inside the rig.

Leather Inside the Pants with Clip – The rather dull name of this holster is at least descriptive. It is the same rig as the IWB directly above, but with a hard clip instead of a soft loop. Blackhawk identifies the proper size for the Glock 19 as a size 03.

Blackhawk Leather Side Holster

Leather Side Holster with Thumb Break – Ok, Blackhawk makes good gear, but some of their holster names are simplistic. Regardless, the ‘leather side holster with thumb break’ is a good rig. The leather quality is fairly good, it is secure on the belt and it is comfortable. Plus, the price is fairly reasonable.

Yaqui Slide – Another minimalist type of rig, the Yaqui Slide has been made by a great number of holster makers. These kinds of holsters tend to cover only the trigger guard and leave the majority of the slide exposed. Blackhawk’s take on it includes an adjustable tension screw to provide a modicum of retention.

Suede Leather IWB – This is a thin, sueded leather holster that uses a plastic clip to attach to the pants. It has a one size fits many approach and is not specifically fitted to the G19. As a result, retention is mostly a result of tightening your belt.

Suede Leather Tuckable – A variation of the suede holster above, Blackhawk adds a plastic clip that allows a short to be tucked in over the entire package.

Blackhawk Grip Break Leather

GripBreak Nylon – This is very similar to the leather version, but is constructed with polymers and ballistic nylon. It is otherwise the same. It also has three slots to adjust the angle of carry.

Nylon Shoulder Holster – If you are looking for a Glock 19 shoulder holster, this is one to consider. The rig is made of synthetic materials which helps keep the price affordable. The rig carries the gun horizontally and is balanced by a double magazine case on the opposite side of the harness.

Nylon 3-Slot Pancake – Based on the 3-slot pancake leather rig, the nylon version is much the same, but less expensive. It can also be washed if needed, which can be a benefit.

Nylon Askins – A nylon version of the Askins, this is an OWB rig that is designed to pull the butt of the gun tight to the body and reduce printing. A size 3 should work perfectly with the G19.

Blackhawk Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack – Some people disregard the fanny pack as a CCW holster. However, I thing they have their place. When out exercising, they make sense. Also, I’ve used them when hiking as I can more easily access my Glock 19 from one of these than under several layers of clothing. They may, or may not, make sense for your needs.


Blade-Tech is a synthetic holster manufacturer that has been building high-quality rigs for years. I’ve had a chance to test out some of their products in the past and have found them to be well made and comfortable to carry. In the interests of full disclosure, I do not currently own any of their rigs, but I would certainly consider the company’s products the next time I am doing any holster shopping.

Blade-Tech holsters are not made of Kydex. While Kydex is a good choice of material for holster making, it is not necessarily “the best” for all rigs and all circumstances. It just happens to be the easiest for small companies without a large start-up budget to work with.

Blade-Tech uses an injection molding process using the company’s own proprietary polymer blend to offer what they consider “super tough” holsters that are temperature stable from -30Ëš F – +300Ëš F. This is a much wider range than some other materials.

Here is a look at some of their current holsters for the Glock 19:

Blade-Tech Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse – The Total Eclipse is an outside-the-waistband carry rig that quickly converts to an inside-the-waistband configuration. It has a contouring curve to hug the body better than some of the other options on the market. The belt attachment points are wide on the rig to better distribute weight across the body and help prevent the pants from sagging due to the gun’s weight at a single point. This is an open top design.

One thing of note on this holster is that since it can be worn on either side of the body, the company puts tall sweat guards on both sides of the holster. This may make it harder to re-holster for some people with limited mobility.

Blade-Tech Revolution Holster

Revolution – The Revolution is an open-top OWB rig that offers a great deal of versatility and is IDPA approved. It comes as a paddle holster for easy on and off. However, the company includes its ASR belt attachment in case you don’t like paddle rigs. The belt attachment is adjustable for belt widths of 1.25″ – 2.25″.

The design of the system allows the rig to be adjusted for cant (both forward and rear) so it can be used as a strong side or cross draw rig for your Glock. Also, the system is modular and can work with the company’s MOLLE attachments and dropped belt attachments. This is a pretty amazing unit and has a very affordable price.

Nano – Styled like a traditional IWB such as the Milt Sparks Summer Special, the Nano is a thin holster attached to the belt by two flexible straps. The straps are easily adjusted to alter the cant, and they will fit belts from 1.25″ – 1.75″ in width.

Klipt Holster

Klipt – Another IWB holster, this one is designed for appendix carry. However, it can also be used as a cross draw or strong side hip holster. As the name suggests, it uses a clip to attach to the belt (up to 1.75″) instead of straps like the Nano and Phantom.

Bravo Concealment

Texas-based Bravo Concealment offers a small, but high quality, group of holsters for the Glock 19 pistol. The rigs are made of Kydex with high-quality hardware and belt loops. Unlike some of the garage shops, Bravo Concealment uses state of the art CAD/CAM designs, CNC and molding machines plus precision laser measuring tools to ensure consistent production and perfect fits.

All of the following holsters can be had fitted for the gun or the gun with an attached light. Lights supported include – but are not limited to – the SureFire X300 and Streamlight TLR-2 G. Additional customizations, such as suppressor height sights and threaded barrels, are also options.

Bravo Concealment BCA

BCA – The BCA, or Bravo Concealment Adaptive, holster is a strong side, open top belt holster. It is called adaptive because by swapping out the belt loops, you can use it as an IWB rig. It rides close to the body and has a 10? tilt to better conceal the butt of the gun. In addition to the light and other options, the company can cut these for use with an RMR sight. Standard colors include black, FDE, OD and coyote brown.

RTT – Suitable for range competition or concealed carry, the RTT is an open top rig designed to be worn outside the waistband on the strong side. It has a neutral cant (straight up) to allow more room on the belt, which may be more important in a competition setting. It has the same options as the BCA above.

Bravo Concealment IWB

DOS – The Drop Out of Sight (DOS) holster is an IWB rig that can be worn anywhere on the belt. However, the company specifically designed this holster to work in the appendix position. I’ve got one of these holsters for review now with my G19. So far, I really like it. I’ll link to it as soon as it is complete.

Can Can Concealment

As the company name suggests, Can Can Concealment offers holsters that are specifically tailored for women. Detail work in these rigs offer a bit of flair without detracting a bit of their usefulness or reliability.

The company’s Hip Huggers are a series of close fitting, stretch bands that wrap around the hips of the Glock 19 owner. If you are familiar with the belly band concept, this is similar, but designed to work much better for women. They come in three different sizes with the SheBang likely to provide you with the best fit.

The SheBang places the gun along the centerline of the body – roughly aligned with the belly button. It can be purchased in black with color accents or in a neutral tan. Along the sides of the band are extra pockets that can be used to carry spare magazines or other important gear.

Celtic Holsters

Update: The Celtic Holsters website appears to be offline. I believe the company may have gone out of business.

Celtic Holsters offers a line of hybrid-style inside the waistband carry rigs. These units use a leather backer with a Kydex shell. Pricing seems reasonable, but I’ve not had the opportunity to use any of their gear.

CnC Holsters

Update: The CnC Holsters website appears to be down. I presume the company is no longer in existence.

CnC Holsters is a Kydex holster shop that was founded in 2014. The very first holster developed by the owner was for a Glock 19, so you know this crew supports your pistol.

CnC offers two IWB rigs. The first is the Lightning. It is designed to ride behind the hip in the traditional strong side position. It includes adjustable retention and the option for different colors, clip sizes and fit for a weapon light.

For an appendix IWB rig, take a look at the MIG-25. This holster uses rubber-coated nylon straps to attach to the belt. They are adjustable so you can find the best ride height and cant for your needs. CnC uses military plane names for their holsters. The MiG-25 jet was one of the fastest air-to-air fighters of its time, and could exceed Mach 3. Perhaps this holster allows you the same kind of fast action.

If you are looking for an OWB holster, CnC has four options:

  • Apache – open top, low ride; good for range and competition
  • Harrier – open top, close riding, forward cant option; soft loops allow for adjustments
  • Raptor – open top, optional cant; basic carry rig
  • Stratofortress – another open top design; designed for attached lights


Comp-Tac offers a wide range of products for the Glock 19 pistol. In fact, they offer pretty much everything from concealment holsters to competition rigs. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of the options.

MTAC Holster – This is an IWB rig that spaces the belt clips out fairly wide to provide a great base for securing the gun while still maintaining a great degree of comfort. A lot of people swear by this rig.

comp-tac holster for glock 19

MTAC Holster – This is one of my favorite Comp-Tac carry holsters. It is an IWB design that has a general shape and style similar to the Summer Special, but with a wider backing for increased comfort. The attachment point for the belt is very strong.

Cook’s Holsters

Cooks Holsters

Another Kydex holster company, Cook’s Holsters is a family-owned shop located in North Georgia. The company offers a number of interesting designs and the prices seem to be less than many other rigs from competing companies.

For inside the waistband, the company offers six models that include appendix, tuckable and small of the back options. If you prefer outside the waistband, Cook’s offers four models including a paddle holster for the G19.

Cook’s Holsters does offer options for guns with a light mounted to it. Additionally, the company offers a range of color and camo options.

A quick note for military and public safety personnel: active and retired members get a 10% discount from the company on all orders. That will put a little change back into your pocket as a way of saying thank you. Make sure you contact them for the discount code before ordering.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters enjoys a solid reputation in the gun community. The company is generally regarded as offering good rigs, good service and is active in the gun community. I’ve seen this company grow during recent years, and it now offers a wide range of carry products. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • SuperTuck Deluxe – I think this was the holster that really put CrossBreed on the map. It is a hybrid rig with a shaped leather backer and Kydex gun shell. It can be ordered cut for a Glock 19 with a mounted red dot optic.

  • Freedom Carry – This is another hybrid rig, but it is not the typical style that is wide with belt clips on each end. Rather, this one is much more narrow with a single clip behind the gun. This gives the owner more flexibility to move the rig off of the hip and into a forward or even appendix position.
  • Light Defender – The Light Defender is essentially a SuperTuck Deluxe with a shell molded for the G19 with an attached Streamlight TLR-1 light.
  • SnapSlide – If you need a basic OWB carry rig, that is what you get with this one. The SnapSlide is an open top hybrid with a leather backer and Kydex shell. The leather has slots to run your belt through. It is reasonably secure, but slow to put on and take back off. It can be fitted for your gun with an electronic sight mounted.
  • DropSlide – Similar to the SnapSlide, this rig allows for a lower ride. The muzzle is exposed in this rig.
  • SuperSlide – This model uses a leather backer that is larger than those found on the SnapSlide and DropSlide. A larger backer allowed CrossBreed to cut several belt slots into the leather so you can adjust cant by choosing which slots to use. You can also run this as a cross draw rig.

Dale Fricke Holsters

Made in Montana, Dale Fricke Holsters offers a range of synthetic holsters using Kydex. I’ve never used any of these rigs, but I’ve met a few people who have been very pleased by the holsters and service they received from the company.

Here are some of the IWB rigs the company offers:

  • Archangel & Archangel 2 – appendix carry
  • Ehud – another appendix carry
  • Joab – another appendix carry rig
  • Seraphim & Seraphim 2 – appendix carry rigs for an RMR equipped G19
  • Jonathan – a deep concealment IWB
  • Joshua – minimalist style of IWB; open muzzle
  • Nehemiah – traditional IWB with soft belt straps

Additional holsters offered by Dale Fricke for the Glock 19 include:

  • Gideon Elite – typical open top OWB
  • Michael – similar to the Gideon Elite, but cut for an RMR
  • Eleazar – MOLLE compatible holster

Dara Holsters

Dara Holsters is a great Kydex holster company that has a variety of carry options available. I’ve used several of the company’s products and have been impressed by them. They wear well, are secure and are reasonably priced.

Currently, my wife uses one of their IWB rigs with her S&W Shield. Take a look at a review I did of the holsters here.

Dara IWB RMR holster

Dara offers several inside the waistband holsters including those made for small of the back and appendix carry. The company also makes a tuckable rig. There are a wide range of options available when you order: draw hand, cant, color, lights, lasers, etc.

Glock competition holster

The company also build holsters that ride outside of the waistband. Paddle and range holsters are available, as are duty style and competition rigs.

DeSantis Gunhide

Without a doubt, DeSantis Gunhide is one of the most prolific producers of carry rigs for the Glock pistols. It might take a while to get through all of the options, so I have broken them up into smaller categories: Outside the Waistband, Inside the Waistband, Shoulder and Other. Here we go…

Outside the Waistband

For OWB rigs, DeSantis offers a variety of leather and synthetic holsters. They are:

  • DS Paddle – Need a simple Kydex OWB holster? The DS Paddle might fit the bill. It is an open top design with adjustable tension. It uses a paddle back to make it easy to slip onto you belt.
  • NYPAD – This is similar to the DS Paddle above, but it uses reinforced nylon instead of Kydex. Oddly, it is more expensive than the plain Kydex model.
  • Tap Out, plain clothes model – The Tap Out is a holster that tries to be everything to everyone. It is ambidextrous with adjustments for cant and ride height. It claims to offer Level IV security, though I am uncertain if it complies with the levels of security established by Bill Rogers in 1975 and later adopted by Safariland in 1985.
  • Tap Out, duty model – Another version of the Tap Out, this holster is designed for uniform carry. It also is ambidextrous.
  • Yaqui Slide – The Yaqui Slide is an often copied design that defined minimalist holster for decades. This leather rig covers the trigger guard and little else. The muzzle and top are both open.
  • Yaqui Paddle – A variation on the Yaqui theme, this version has a paddle back instead of belt loops. It may be less secure, but it is a lit easier to slip on.
  • Stryker – DeSatnis styles this as a duty holster for law enforcement or military service. It uses polymer materials and claims Level III security. However, it is not known how DeSantis makes determinations on security levels. I would keep a healthy degree of skepticism when evaluating any duty holster’s claims.
  • Pro-Enterprise – This is a ridiculously large duty-style holster. It is supposed to work with all guns and all attached lights – hence the ludicrous size. I strongly recommend looking at the options from Safariland instead if you need a duty rig.
  • Top Cop 2.0 – For a traditional looking leather rig with an easy on and off paddle, the Top Cop 2.0 is one option. It uses beautiful molded leather with a reinforced open top. The cant can be adjusted and it has a tension screw for increased retention. However, some of the feedback on this rig is not very good.
Triple Play duty holster
  • Triple Play – Another duty rig, the Triple Play is a synthetic holster that can be had with varying levels of security. The top of the rig is cut low enough to accommodate a red dot sight like the Trijicon RMR.
  • C.H.A.M.P. – I have no idea what C.H.A.M.P. may stand for. However, it is an open top, polymer holster. It can reverse from right- to left-handed with the use of a single screw. Additionally, it can be canted forward. There is an optional paddle kit for it.
Quick Safe
  • Quick Safe – Pictured above, the Quick safe is a Kydex OWB holster that claims Level III security. It attaches to the belt via hard loops but also has a paddle option.
DeSantis Nylon Holster for Glock 19
  • Nylon Mini-Scabbard – DeSantis makes this rig out of molded nylon and polymer. The result is a reasonably durable carry rig that is inexpensive. It has an open mouth and adjustable retention screw.
DeSantis leather OWB for Glock 19
  • Chek-Mate – Although this leather rig was developed for plain clothes police officers, it work just as well for the average armed citizen. It uses the company’s Redi-Lok active retention system to secure the gun.
DeSantis Quick-Chek holster
  • Quick-Chek – Very similar to the Chek-Mate above, the Quick-Chek uses two of the active the retention devices where the Chek-Mate only uses one.
  • Range Master – This is a leather, open top holster originally designed for the range and police competitions. It has a slight drop, putting it lower on the belt than a typical CCW holster.
  • Range Master Kydex – This is a plastic version of the Range Master above. It’s not a good choice for concealed carry, but should work fine on the range.
  • The Intimidator – The Intimidator is a hybrid holster for the Glock 19 that uses a leather slab and Kydex shell. Unlike some of the other hybrid rigs, this one is just OWB. It has multiple belt slots to allow you to adjust the cant of the gun.
  • The Intimidator 2.0 – Similar to the original, this gun has a smaller overall size with only two belt loops that offer a slight butt forward cant.
  • E-GAT Slide – If you need a straight drop leather holster on the cheap, the E-Gat is a reasonable choice. It is an all leather design that keeps the gun high and tight on the side of the body.
  • L-GAT Slide – The L-GAT is essentially a high quality version of the E-GAT. Where the E-GAT is available only in black, the L-GAT can be had in black or brown, plus it has higher quality stitching and leather.
  • T-GAT Slide – Third in the GAT line, the T-GAT is an E-GAT with a thumb break retention strap on top. It can be had in tan or black.
  • Speed Scabbard – A simple open top design, the Speed Scabbard is a traditional looking leather rig for the G19. It has three belt slots that adjust the cant of the gun.
  • Thumb Break Scabbard – This is a three slot, belt slide design with a thumb break. It is nothing fancy – just a well made, traditional design. It is very similar to the Speed Scabbard above.
  • Mini Slide – Another leather belt slide holster, this one has only two belt slots. It has an open top and exposed muzzle plus an adjustable screw for retention. It uses double stitching and premium saddle leather.
  • Thumb Break Mini Slide – This is the same rig as the Mini Slide but with a thumb break for retention. It still has the screw for adjusting the friction retention as well.
  • Mini Scabbard – With this leather rig, DeSantis limited the amount of material to a minimum to eliminate bulk. It is an open top design that is designed to pull the gun tight to the body.
The Prowler
  • The Prowler – This holster is essentially a Quick Safe that has been mounted on a flexible backer. This allows the owner to run it as an OWB or as an IWB.
Facilitator holster
  • Facilitator – This is a holster that tries to do everything, though I’m not sure it is as good as having several dedicated rigs. It is hard to beat if you are on a budget, however. It rides strong side, cross draw and small of the back (SOB). Plus it has an active retention device that is deactivated by the drawing hand thumb.
  • Simple Slide – I don’t know if you could get more simple – or less expensive – in a leather holster. This is essentially a flap of leather that the gun slides into. The leather keeps the gun tight to the body. It does not have any active retention, nor is the mouth held open after the gun is drawn.
  • S.O.B. – S.O.B. stands for Small Of the Back. This leather rig places the gun at the six o’clock position with the butt of the gun pointing up. I’ve tried this method of carry, and do not recommend it. I’d suggest going with a strong side rig that rides behind the hip instead.
  • Sky Cop – This is a leather cross draw holster. Cross draw rigs are good for people that have to sit for long periods of time – such as someone riding in a plane. Take another look at the name and I think you can figure out who DeSantis designed these rigs for.
  • F.A.M.S. – This is a strong side, leather holster with a thumb break. According to DeSantis, the rig is currently the standard issue for the Secret Service and “other Federal law enforcement agencies.” Puzzle out the initials in the name and you can guess who the rig was made for.
  • F.F.D.O. – This is the approved holster for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. If you are a pilot participating in this program, then buy it. If you are not, pick something else. This holster is a poor design made to federal bureaucracy specifications and is not optimal for concealed carry. The hole in the trigger guard for using a padlock has resulted in at least one unintentional discharge in the past.
Inside the Waistband

Another very popular category in the DeSantis line is the IWB. Here is a look at what the company has to offer:

  • Versa-Tuk (nylon, leather and suede) – The Versa-Tuk is a basic inside the waistband holster with a tuckable feature. It is not fancy, but it is cheap. Three different versions are available: one made from molded nylon, another of plain leather and a third made of a sueded leather. For a basic tuckable holster for the Glock 19, you could do worse for the money.
DeSantis Invader
  • Invader – The Invader is a hybrid holster that you can tuck your shirt in over. Instead of using a leather backer, it uses a nylon and neoprene backer to pad your body against the gun. I have not used this specific model, but I have used similar holsters. For my money, I much prefer a neoprene pad like this one over leather.
Slim Tuk CCW Holster
  • Slim-Tuk – Reduced bulk and the ability to wear right or left handed make this holster interesting to a lot of people. It is make of Kydex for durability, but that also helps keep the price down when compared to rigs using other materials. The belt clip can swap sides making it good for righties and lefties.
  • Intruder – This is a fairly straightforward hybrid design: leather backer, Kydex shell and belt clips that allow you to tuck in a shirt. The width of the rig helps to evenly distribute the gun’s weight and reduce any sagging.
  • Inside Heat – DeSantis describes this rig as a “bare bones minimum IWB.” I find the description is accurate, yet it seems to undersell the rig. It is a Glock 19 holster for the money even if it is not fancy. It is open top, made of leather and has a sturdy belt clip.
Tuckable Holster for Glock 19
  • Sof-Tuk – Fairly simple in looks, the Sof-Tuk is an IWB holster that you can adjust the cant to suit your needs. It is made of leather and the belt clip allows you to tuck your shirt in. The best part is the inexpensive price.
  • Cozy Partner – I like the Cozy Partner. It is a leather IWB rig similar to the famous Summer Special (which I also own, by the way.) It uses two leather straps with snaps to attach to the belt. The body of the holster has small “wings” that add a little width to the gun. I find these help keep the rig in place and improve overall comfort.
DeSantis Dual Carry II
  • Dual Carry II – This is an interesting design. With the adjustable clip, the gun is carried inside the waistband. However, it also has a leather loop to allow you to carry the gun OWB on your belt.
  • Pro Stealth – DeSantis makes this IWB out of ballistic nylon and uses a metal spring clip to secure it to your belt. The only twist to the design is that the company added a magazine pouch to the front edge of the holster. It is not an ideal location for carrying a spare mag, but it is a lot better than not having one at all.
  • The Insider – Soft, unmolded leather holds your pistol in this design. The mouth will not stay open if you draw the pistol. It uses a metal spring clip to hold it to the belt.
  • Mad Max – To my knowledge, this has nothing to do with the post-apocalypse movie franchise. Instead it is a quality leather IWB rig. The base model uses leather straps deployed on wings around the pistol to secure it to the belt. Plastic belt clips are available to replace the straps if needed. The rig is tuckable.
IWB holster for Glock
  • Scorpion II – A completely synthetic holster, the rig uses Kydex for the body and injection molded plastic for the belt clips. It is an open top design with an exposed muzzle.
The Prowler holster
  • The Prowler – The Prowler is an interesting design. It takes the Intruder holster (above) and adds an active retention device to make the pistol more secure. Additionally, the company made the holster so it can be worn inside- or outside-the-waistband.
  • Inner Piece – Inner Piece is another IWB rig that looks similar to the Summer Special. It uses leather straps with snaps to secure it into place, plus has a long rear wing to help balance the weight of the Glock.
Sky Band Belly rig for G19
  • Sky Band II – The Sky Band II is a non-traditional IWB rig that uses wide surgical elastic to hold your handgun plus other gear such as a flashlight, handcuffs and extra magazines. For an undercover police officer, this could be the ideal rig in many circumstances.
Hot Jox
  • Hot-Jox – Another non-traditional IWB rig, this is a pouch that hangs down inside the pants in the crotch area. It is large enough to hold both your gun and spare magazine.
Shoulder Rigs

Getting the gun off of the belt entirely may be a good option for some people. This allows you to go without a belt and may help with lower back pain in some people. You will need a jacket or open shirt to be able to conceal a shoulder rig, however.

DeSantis Shoulder Holster
  • Quick-Chek – The Quick-Chek is a typical leather design that comes with a double magazine pouch. It uses the company’s Redi-Lok for retention of the gun.
  • New York Undercover – This is a classic DeSantis design developed 40 years ago. It uses leather and balances the holster with a double magazine pouch. Check out the video above.
  • C.E.O. Shoulder Rig – Designed to be light and easily hidden, the C.E.O. is a shoulder holster that angles the pistol for maximum concealment. To keep things thin and light, it does not have an integrated magazine pouch.
nylon shoulder holster
  • Patriot – If you need a shoulder holster on a budget, the Patriot is worth considering. It is made of nylon and synthetic parts to reduce costs. It does have a thumb break and spare magazine pouch. That is a photo of it above.
  • Bodyguard Vest Rig – This is a simple design made of nylon. Instead of having a proper holster, it has pouches on both sides that can hold a firearm or other bits of gear.
Other Concealed Carry Rigs
waist pack for glock 19

Currently, DeSantis offers a pair of waist packs that will fit the Glock 19. These are the Gunny Sack and the Gunny Sack II. The above photo shows the original on the left and the GS II on the right. I apologize for the photos – eye bleach is available upon request.

Detroit Holsters

Detroit Holster makes concealment rigs for the Glock 19 pistol, and the company is able to offer basic modifications such as color, left- and right-handed models, and fits for the gun with a mounted light.

One of the nice things about Detroit Holster is they donate 10% of sales to charities. Among the charities they support are Gleaners Community Food Bank and Compassion International.

Detroit Holster 8 Mile

The 8 Mile is one of the company’s more popular designs. It is an IWB that is best worn just behind the strong side hip. It has an open top and a wide range of colors and other options available for it.

Detroit Holster also offers a hybrid rig if you are looking for an IWB. Called the Woodward, it is a familiar design with a wide leather backer and a Kydex shell to secure the pistol.

The Metro is a combination holster that can be worn as an IWB or an OWB depending on how you set it up. It is all synthetic.

If you like paddle holsters, you might want to give the Hastings a look. This is a Kydex rig that is equally suited for the range and concealed carry. It has the same color and fit options the other holsters have.

For a hybrid outside the waistband holster, the company offers the Jefferson. This uses a leather backer and Kydex shell. The leather slab has belt slots for attaching to the belt.

F3 Holsters

I’m afraid I do not know much about F3 Holsters. It appears to be a small company that makes Kydex rigs for the Glock pistols. They offer a variety of IWB and OWB rigs – some of which will accommodate your G19 with an attached light. If you have any experience with this company, please share it with our community in the comments below.

Flashbang Holsters

Few companies offer truly unique products. Many of the companies on this page offer variations on tried and true designs, but few blaze new trails. Flashbang Holsters stepped way out of the box when the company decided to offer solutions specially tailored to women. Here is a look at some of their offerings:

bra holster for glock
  • Flashbang – The original holster from the company shares its name. It is designed to securely attach a pistol to the underside of a woman’s bra, using her breasts to help conceal the bulk of the gun. The Glock 19 is not a tiny gun, so this method of carry may not work well for all women.
  • Betty – The Betty is an IWB holster made of Kydex with an open top. It can be worn pretty much anywhere along the belt line: appendix, strong side or cross draw. The belt clip is adjustable and is grippy enough to not need a belt if you have pants strong enough to hold the gun without one. The Elliot Ness is the same holster, but marketed to men.
  • Ava – The Ava is another take on the hybrid IWB holster. It uses a wide leather backer with purple suede facing the skin. According to the company, the belt clips can be adjusted for increased tension so no belt is needed. A man’s version of this holster is also available. It is called the Capone.
  • Audrey – The Audrey is another great example of thinking differently when designing a holster. This rig was originally developed for plus sized women, and it seems to be a hit with women of all sizes. It is an IWB holster with a reverse cant. When carried in the appendix position, it tips the grip of the gun toward your strong hand, allowing for a full grip without any weird movements on your part. Additionally, it is a great choice for cross draw carry.
  • Sophia – Made of leather, this OWB holster is a new take on the belt slide rig. It has a neutral cant that the company states is much easier for short torsoed women to draw from. The muzzle is open. That allows you to carry different length pistols in it (for example a Glock 17 or Glock 26 in addition to the 19.)
  • Baby Face – Made specifically for men, this is an all leather, open top concealment rig. It rides on the belt, outside of the waistband and has a forward cant.
  • Pretty Boy – Similar to the Baby Face, this is a leather belt rig with a forward cant. However, this rig adds a thumb break to secure the pistol in the holster.


Fobus makes a variety of inexpensive plastic holsters for the Glock 19. These rigs are made out of an injected molded polymer rather than the more rigid Kydex. I would not consider Fobus to be my first choice in concealed carry rigs, but the company does make credible holsters that fit the budget of many people. I’ve used Fobus rigs in the past, and I was content with their performance.

Standard – The Standard Fobus holster is an open top carrier with either a pre-set retention or a single screw to adjust retention. It is an outside the waistband holster, so you will need a jacket or other large garment to conceal the pistol. These can be had with a paddle back or with belt loops to anchor the gun to the body.

Rapid Release System – This is an open top rig that has a SERPA-like retention lever on the outside of the holster. As you grasp the gun, the trigger finger deactivates the retention device by laying along the outside of the holster where the frame would be on the gun.

I’ve tried one of these and it worked fine. However, if you do not like the SERPA, you should probably pass on this one.

Thumb Lever Holster – As with the other Fobus rigs, this is an open top holster. It has an active retention system that is superior to the Rapid Release System above. This one uses a thumb lever that is deactivated easily when you assume a proper firing grip.

If you need to carry spare ammunition, Fobus also offers a double magazine pouch.

Fury Carry Solutions

Fury Carry Solutions offers a basic line of holster for the Glock 19. There are four OWB rigs that offer varying degrees of cant and sweat guard height and a single appendix carry rig. All of the holsters are made of Kydex and can be had in black or any one of eight other colors. Fury also offers different sized belt loops to best fit your own belt.

Galco Gunleather

Galco Gunleather is a company that has been around for several decades. They’ve been making quality leather and synthetic rigs for a long time, and I’ve always enjoyed using their products. Not every one has been perfect for me, but they offer a broad range of styles and designs to try to ensure they have something for everyone.

There are a lot of options, so let’s go ahead and dive in…

Outside the Waistband
  • Avenger – The Avenger is an open top leather rig with a neutral cant. It uses premium leather with high quality, double stitching. This holster rides tight to the body, and works well with a jacket when carried on the hip. It is popular, so it can go out of stock on occasion. It is available in both tan and black colors. I really like the rich tan color used by Galco.
Galco Blakguard
  • Blakguard – This is a recent introduction to the company’s belt holster line for the G19. It uses a combination of polymer and leather to create an OWB holster. It has a Vecro belt loop that allows the shooter to adjust it’s size and to quickly take it off. The sight channel is tall enough to accomodate suppressor sights. I have to admit that this is not my favorite Galco design. I’m basing that purely on aesthetics as I’ve not had a chance to wear one. These could be very practical rigs. If you have one, please leave feedback on it in the comments below.
  • Combat Master – This is a traditional belt slide holster with an open top and finely molded leather. As with many of Galco’s rigs, it uses good quality leather and heavy duty, double stitching. It has a slight forward cant.
  • Concealable – While most of the holsters Galco makes are designed to be concealable, only one bears that name. It is an open top belt slide rig that has a forward cant and rides close to the body. This is one of the better looking rigs in the company’s line – especially in the dark, rich Havana brown color.
  • Cop 3-Slot – As the name suggests, this is a belt holster with three slots to allow for a variety of carry positions: strong side with no cant, strong side with forward cant or cross draw. The holster is also something of an abnormality for Galco because it has a thumb break. These are only available in black, but they are less expensive that some of the other leather Galco rigs.
  • Cop Slide – If you delete the third belt slot from the Cop 3-Slot, you wind up with this holster. Since it has only two belt slots, you are limited to a strong side, forward cant ride, but that is what a lot of people want. The muzzle is open, so you can likely use a Glock 17 in this holster as well.
Galco Double Time
  • Double Time – The Double Time is a convertible Kydex rig that allows the wearer to use it as an IWB or OWB rig. Soft loops easily swap sides and the Kydex shell holds the gun securely in either position. It has a forward cant.
  • Fletch – I doubt this rig has anything to do with the Chevy Chase movie in the 1980’s, though Galco has been making this rig for about that long. It is a thumb break leather holster designed to be carried on the strong hip, outside of the waistband. The leather looks and feels great on these holsters. Double stitching ensures the leather stays together for many years of service.
  • Gladius – The Gladius is an OWB design that’s been around for a while, but it has been recently updated. It is a leather rig with a thumb break for increased retention. The new features of this holster are the slight forward cant and the full slide coverage. It uses snaps to ensure an easy on and off.
  • Jak Slide – If you didn’t know, Galco finds its origins in The Famous Jackass Leather Company. At the time the older company was operating, it provided a lot of quality rigs to a lot of people. The Jak Slide is one of those. If you are not familiar with the design, it will look foreign to you. It is a slab of leather just large enough to cover the trigger guard and run the belt loops through. The gun rides inside the Jak Slide so that the belt tightens against the gun.
  • M6X Auto Locking – This is a security rig for concealed carry. It has a neutral cant and uses a thumb lever to release the pistol. Galco makes this from injection molded thermoplastic, which is superior to Kydex in many ways.
  • M7X Matrix – Although it is part of the same line as the M6X above, the M7X is a completely different holster. It uses synthetic materials, but uses belt loops that snap for an easier time putting the rig on. It is open top that relies on friction for retention. The muzzle is also open.
  • Quick Slide – According to the company, this is a minimalist version of the Concealeable holster above. That means the rig uses very high quality construction and is available in the Havana brown color. The muzzle is exposed and there are no external retention devices.
  • Silhouette – This high riding holster uses a thumb snap and traditional belt loops to secure the Glock. It has a forward cant and open muzzle. Galco designed it to be carried on the strong side and it supposedly works well with the curve of the hip.
Galco SOB Holster
  • SOB (Small of Back) – When I first started carrying a Glock 19, this was the rig I preferred. I was heavily influenced by a local firearms instructor who carried his in the same manner. The holster is good quality and it will stand up to a lot of abuse. Although I don’t recommend carrying in this position, the Galco rig is certainly up to the task. I don’t hesitate in recommending the holster – just make sure you understand the pros and cons of carrying in this position.
  • SSS (Side Snap Scabbard) – This is another variation on the open top holster. It uses belt loops and snaps to make it easy to put on and take off. Additionally, the construction and location of the loops help to pull the gun in close to the body. Galco uses a forward cant on this rig.
  • Stinger – If you are looking for a simple leather holster to carry on your strong side hip, Galco’s Stinger might fit your needs. It is an open top design with a forward cant. There is a simple, but strong, integral belt loop that secures the gun and holster to the belt. Even though the Stinger is made of leather, the price is relatively affordable.
  • Stryker – Another simple design, the Stryker is a Kydex holster with a straight up draw. The belt attachment allows you to adjust for any size between 1.25 – 1.75″ in width. A pair of screws allow you to adjust the amount of tension used to retain the firearm.
  • Tac Slide – The Tac Slide is a Kydex version of the Yaqui Slide. It has a mini shell to cover the trigger guard and secure the gun. The muzzle is exposed and there is no external retention devices. It has a neutral cant.
  • Wraith – If cost is a driving factor in your decision making, Galco offers the Wraith. This is a thumb break rig with a reinforced mouth (for ease of holstering) and protected sight channel. It isn’t fancy, but it works and may be one of the better Glock 19 holsters for the money.
  • Yaqui – A classic design, the Yaqui Slide is a minimalist leather holster that covers the trigger guard and not much more. The muzzle is exposed and it has an open top. If you are looking for the least amount of holster bulk, the Yaqui may be it. The design has been around for decades and many people really like it. Personally, I prefer complete coverage of the weapon – but there is nothing wrong with this design. It’s just a matter of preference.
Inside the Waistband

Inside the waistband (IWB) rigs come in a variety of styles: traditional, tuckable and appendix. These style frequently overlap. For example, a rig may be worn behind the hip or in the appendix position. Likewise, a tuckable style will also fall into one of the other categories.

King Tuk
  • KingTuk – The King Tuk is Galco’s take on the hybrid holster. It uses a saddle leather backer with a Kydex shell to hold the Glock 19 in place. Unlike some of the other hybrid rigs on the market, this holster looks good. Galco uses a Napa leather finishing on the backer and the Kydex shell is precisely molded and has matching rivets. This is a tuckable holster, meaning you can tuck a shirt in over the top of the gun to conceal it.
  • KingTuk 2 – A variation on the original, the King Tuk 2 widens the leather backer so a spare magazine can also be carried on the rig. I generally do not like designs that put the magazine on the holster unless it is carried in the appendix position. If you carry this on your strong side hip, your support hand would have to reach all the way around your body to retrieve the spare. It’s a tough move – especially if you need to do this when you are moving and someone is trying to kill you. If you like the KingTuk, get the original and buy a dedicated spare magazine holster. There are a lot of magazine carriers available, but I like the Magholder the best.
  • N3 – The N3 is a traditional leather IWB holster. It uses a single, relatively wide belt loop at the back of the holster to anchor it in place. This allows for the holster to shift some during movements, which some folks find more comfortable. I prefer two loops to really anchor the gun – such as the Summer Comfort (below) – but there is nothing wrong with this design at all. This is a good quality rig.
  • Royal Guard – The Royal Guard is an IWB rig with an open top and two soft belt loops for attaching to the pants. It is available in two models: the original and in an updated Gen 2 model. Both feature a rough-side out leather with the idea that the rough side will provide greater friction against the pants, and therefore prevent the gun from moving much when worn. The second generation gun uses black belt loops and reinforces the mouth of the holster with metal.
  • Scout Clip On – If you prefer a belt clip over straps and snaps, the Scout might be of interest to you. The leather rig has a neutral cant (straight up draw) and reinforced mouth to keep it open. The outside is rough to increase its ability to stay in place and not move around. In many ways, this is similar to the second generation Royal Guard holster. I had an older version of this holster that worked well. It was easy to slip on and off and held up well to four or five years of service. I had no complaints about this holster; I just decided I preferred to have belt loops instead of a clip. Your opinion may differ, and if so, this is a good rig to consider.
  • SkyOps – This is a very specialized rig that will not make sense for many shooters. Yet for a few, it will meet your specific criteria. The SkyOps was designed for a federal law enforcement agency that needed a way to deep conceal a pistol when carried on the belt, behind the hip. The agency is not named, but if you take another look at this product’s name, you will probably figure it out. It is a tuckable design that uses a unique Y-shaped belt attachment. This attachment anchors the gun very securely to the belt while being extremely discreet. The holster also comes with a special tension unit to further enhance gun retention. The result is a rig that can really help conceal the gun, but it will be slow to get into action. Also, its a pain in the butt to put on and take off. Most people will not like this rig, but for those few that do, I’m betting there are few alternatives that will meet your needs.
  • Stow-N-Go – Consider this a lower cost version of the Scout above. I’ve not used this one specifically, but they do seem to be well made. The quality is a step down from some of the other holsters the company makes, but it appears to be durable enough for daily carry. It is an open top design with a straight up draw. It can be carried behind the hip or in the appendix position. The belt clip will fit up to 1.75″ wide belts. I’d recommend using it only on 1.5″ or 1.75″ belts as anything thinner may have too much slop in it to be a secure carry.
Galco Summer Comfort
  • Summer Comfort – The Summer Comfort was the first non-duty holster I purchased for my second generation Glock 19 back in the mid-90s. I really wanted a Milt Sparks Summer Special, but that rig was twice the price of this one. As it turns out, I got a lot of good use from my Summer Comfort and bought a Summer Special about 12 years later when I was in a better financial position. The Summer Comfort uses a pair of soft straps to anchor the holster to the belt, and the reinforced mouth helps keep the rig open for reholstering. It has a forward cant, and I found it perfect for riding just behind my strong side hip in the 3:30 to 4 o’clock position. The outside of the leather (facing the body) is smooth, not rough, like the Royal Guard above. I happily recommend this holster for anyone wanting a traditional IWB rig, and you can check out my review on the Summer Comfort holster here.
  • SC2 – SC2 stands for Summer Comfort 2. This rig is very similar to the original Summer Comfort, but it adds a thumb snap for additional weapon retention. While I never had any problems with the original, I know some people prefer the additional assurance that the gun will not fall out. Also, some law enforcement agencies have a blanket policy of requiring a thunk break strap regardless of circumstances. This is the holster for both of these shooters.
  • Triton – Although Galco made its name in the leather business, the company has made a number of rigs using polymer. The Triton is one such example. This holster us a fairly standard IWB: open top, forward cant and designed for strong side carry. However, instead of cowhide, it is made of Kydex. Kydex is offers durability and easy of cleaning as compared to leather. Additionally, it can be less expensive than the nicer leather rigs. Just keep in mind that some people feel these are less comfortable since it is hard plastic, not soft leather, against your body.
  • Tuck-N-Go – The Tuck-N-Go is a tuckable variant of the Stow-N-Go (above.) This model replaces the standard belt clip with a hook that catches the underside of the belt and provides a channel for a shirt to be tucked in over the top of the gun.
  • USA Ultimate Second Amendment – The name is a mouthful, but the rig is straightforward. The overall design is similar to the Tuck-N-Go, but it has a higher quality finish to it. Instead of cowhide, this rig uses horsehide. It has a natural tan finish with the rough side out. It uses the company’s third generation J-hook that allows for both secure carry and tucking in a shirt over the top of the gun.
  • V-Hawk – This is one of the nicer rigs that Galco offers for inside the waistband carry. It is an all leather design that is made for strong side carry. Although it is tuckable, it looks very nice, and you may not want to hide it. The mouth is reinforced so it stays open after drawing the gun. It has a tall sweat guard to protect the gun from sweat and your body from the gun’s edges.
  • Walkabout – The Walkabout is a variation of the Stow-N-Go. Essentially, add a single magazine pouch to the front of the Stow-N-Go and you get this rig. As I explained earlier in this article, I think that magazine pouches on the holster are less than optimal. However, if it is your only choice in carrying a spare mag, go for it.
Shoulder Rigs

Although Galco makes a wide range of holster products, the company is quite famous for its shoulder rigs, especially the Jackass Rig and the Miami Classic. There are a total of five different Glock 19 shoulder holsters the company makes. I’ll go over each of them.

Famous Jackass Leather Company
  • Jackass Rig – You might say that this was the holster that started it all. Before it was Galco Gunleather, the company was known as the Famous Jackass Leather Company. A version of this setup was designed in 1970 and was one of its best known products. It inspired future products like the Miami Classic below. On Galco’s 30th anniversary, the company brought back the design to meet customer demand. The leather rig has built in swivels for comfort and the gun can be moved to the right side of the body for left handed shooters. A double magazine pouch offsets the weight of the pistol. This system comes in the beautiful Havana brown finish. Quick note: the model for the Glock 17 is designed to fit the 19 as well.
  • Miami Classic – The Miami Classic is an evolution of the original Jackass Rig. Long story short, after casting about for an imitation product, the producers flew Rick Gallagher of Galco to Miami to fit actor Don Johnson with a Jackass Rig for the Bren 10. The show being filmed was the 80’s icon Miami Vice. As the character in the show changed guns, Galco fitted Johnson with new rigs. From that, the Miami Classic was born. It is very similar to the Jackass Rig above. However, this one is only available in tan or black.
Miami Classic II shoulder holster
  • Miami Classic II – As one might suspect, this is a variant on the original Miami Classic. Instead of having protective flaps on the magazine pouches, this one is open topped for faster reloading. Otherwise, the rig is very similar to the original. It is also available in tan or black, but not Havana brown.
  • Classic Lite – If you want a lightweight way to carry in a shoulder harness, and do not need a double magazine pouch, the Classic Lite might be right up your alley. It carries the Glock in a horizontal position and a single spare magazine in a vertical position opposite of the gun. It is not as finely finished as the other rigs, but it is very functional and affordably priced.
  • VHS – The VHS takes the Miami Classic and rotates the pistol so that it is aligned vertically. This means the gun is pointing down, rather than to the rear. According to the company, these have been used with great success with the US military overseas. It has a double magazine pouch to balance the gun and keep plenty of spare ammo on hand.
Specialty Rigs

As I have mentioned, the company offers a diverse range of carry options. In this section, I’ve listed all of the non-standard options including purses and office accessories.

  • Defense Planner – If you work in an office environment, the next three items may work for you. Each hides a pistol in plain sight – disguised as a functional planner or other tool. This one, the Defense Planner, looks like a calendar case similar to the DayRunner products. However, it is just a disguise for the gun and spare magazine.
  • Hidden Agenda – The Hidden Agenda is a functional version of the Defense Planner. This one conceals a pistol and magazine, but also includes a normal day planner/organizational system. The day planner section is accessible and useable without revealing the handgun. I would caution that Hidden Agenda. The Hidden Agenda rigs are often made in batches and shipped to retailers. It is very likely that you will purchase one with an out of date calendar.
  • iDefense – Keeping with the idea of the Hidden Agenda, the iDefense is a tablet case with a built in holster compartment. The unit adapts to tablets of various sizes and can be used as a tablet stand. Using the electronic device does not expose the gun.
Escort Waist pack for CCW
  • Escort Waistpack – A lot of people have a negative view of the waistpack holster. I do not. There are times when carrying the gun in a waistpack makes a lot of sense. For example, I found them to be very useful when hiking in cool temperatures. A zipped jacket makes reaching the pistol slower than simply ripping it out of the waistpack. For times when a belted pant isn’t practical, these can also be used.
  • Underwraps Belly Band – This is the typical belly band that wraps around your torso. Some people like these, while other people do not like them. I’ve tried this specific band before and found it did not work well for me. It might work well for you. However, I was not enamored with it. IT does have a variety of pouches for carrying other things like a flashlight, spare magazine or knife.
purse holsters for the Glock 19
  • Purses and Handbags – Galco offers a variety of women’s handbags. They vary in size, color and styling. Rather than trying to describe which purse holster for the Glock 19 might work best for you, bounce over to Amazon and take a look at them for yourself. I’ve simply not used one, and am unqualified to describe the benefits of the various models.

Garrett Industries

Garrett Industries offers a wide variety of holsters for the compact Glock pistol. Some of the designs like the Silent Thunder Fusion look interesting, but I’ve not had any experience with them. I simply cannot offer an opinion either way on these rigs. They look very nice. If you have one, would you please share your experiences and thoughts on them in the comments section. I know that I and others would sincerely appreciate hearing about these rigs.

Gladius Holsters

Gladius Holsters

Georgia-based Gladius Holsters makes a nice IWB rig for the Glock 19. It is called the Single Point Slim. As the name suggests, it has one clip that attaches to your belt to anchor it into place. By using a single clip, the company is able to reduce the overall size and bulk of the package.

This holster is suitable for appendix carry or behind the strong hip.

The holsters are made of Kydex and have a wide range of options available. There are nearly 50 different colors and patterns available for the finish. Plus, the company offers completely custom jobs if you need something not listed.

Gould & Goodrich

Gould & Goodrich (G&G) is a leather gun holster company that has been around for many years. The company makes good stuff, but its website is difficult to navigate with sometimes confusing information about its products. So, I hope this helps you narrow down what you may be interested in from them.

IWB Rigs

G&G offers several traditional inside the waistband holsters for the G19. They are:

  • 808 – The 808 is designed for carrying behind the strong side hip. It is leather with a pair of straps that snap onto the belt. The attachments swivel slightly to allow the holster to move with the body. I prefer the gun stays anchored in position, but many people prefer the comfort that this kind of system can provide. The leather has a natural look.
  • 810 – This IWB holster is similar to the 808. However, instead of swiveling, the straps provide a more concrete anchor to limit gun movement. The leather has a dark tan finish. This rig is similar to the iconic Summer Special from Milt Sparks.
  • 812 – If you are looking for both an IWB and OWB rig, you might be able to consolidate and purchase just one holster that can fill both needs. This design has a pancake appearance. Depending on which side of the body to place the straps on, the holster can be worn either inside or outside the waistband. It has a forward cant.
  • 890 – The 890 is a less expensive version of the 810 above. Instead of having a pair of leather snaps to attach to the belt, this rig uses a clip. The leather is molded for retention and the mouth is reinforced to help keep the holster open. This rig gets excellent reviews on Amazon.
OWB Rigs

If you like leather belt holsters, G&G has a number of varieties that might appeal to you. Here is a brief look at the models they are currently offering.

Gould and Goodrich B733 for the Glock 19

  • B733 Three Slot Pancake – I like this rig for carrying on the strong side hip. It is an all leather design with three slots. This allows you to adjust the cant: either straight up or a forward cant. Although I do not carry in a cross draw position, this rig allows you to do so. G&G designed this with a thumb snap for increased retention. Frankly, as a three-slot pancake, this design is hard to beat.
  • 800 Open Top – The 800 is an open top, strong side holster that uses two belt slots to attach to your belt. It has a forward cant to the draw, and without a third belt slot, does not allow for a straight up draw. It is, however, a quality rig. If you don’t need the flexibility of a third belt slot, this is a very good choice.
GG 801 Yaqui Slide leather holster
  • 801 Yaqui Slide – A version of the Yaqui Slide has been made by nearly all leather holster makers. This one is Gould & Goodrich’s version. It is a minimalist design and other model Glock pistols can also fit into it – such as the G17 and G26 – due to the open bottom design.
  • 802 Two Slot Pancake – Essentially, this is a thumb break version of the 800 Open Top above. If you like to have a thumb break, this is the model for you.
  • 803 Three Slot Pancake – The 803 is a higher quality version of the 733. Functionally, the two rigs are very similar – both carry on the strong side, have three belt slots, can be set up for crossdraw and have thumb breaks. This one is a slightly higher quality with more detailed molding and a slightly different cut to the leather.
  • 806 Small of Back – Although these holsters seem to be popular with many people, this is not the position I generally would recommend to people. Compared to other positions, it is slower to draw from, harder to defend and can be difficult to conceal. However, some people really like this position. If that is you, consider the G&G 806 as it is a quality leather rig that should be exactly what you need. It is open top of course, and includes a tension adjustment screw.
  • 807 Paddle – Looking for a leather paddle holster with a thumb break? You just found it. Truth be told, I like the paddle system used by Safariland a little better than the one used by G&G. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good rig, because it is. It carries on the strong side.
Glock 19 Duty Holsters

Like Safariland, Blackhawk and others, G&G makes uniform duty holsters for the G19. My preference in duty holsters remains with some of the designs from Safariland. However, G&G does make good quality rigs. I’ve know officers who got good service from this company’s duty holsters. Of course, every one of them eventually got a Safariland anyway.

  • K338 Adjustable Tension – This is a basic duty rig with little weapon retention. It uses a thumb break and a tension screw to hold the gun in place. Neither of these is a serious help when defending against a weapon grab. I strongly recommend going with a more secure rig. It has a leather appearance and can be had in plain, basketweave or high gloss finish.
  • T338 Adjustable Tension – Like the K338 above, this is a simple design with little snatch resistance. It is a polymer rig. I do not recommend this one either.
  • K381 Double Retention – This rig’s name suggests an increased level of retention capability. Unfortunately, the company does not describe who it accomplishes this, nor do I have direct experience with this holster.
  • K320 Double Retention – G&G uses a trigger guard lock to ensure the gun cannot be draw up or to the rear. You have to draw the gun with a forward motion. While this does offer security against some directions of attack, it actually makes it easier for someone standing in front of you to take the gun away. This design is very similar to the Safariland Model 295, which I have a good deal of experience with. In my testing, I discovered guns are very easy to remove from this holster from a front attack – such as from someone you are interviewing.
  • B720A Astro Double Retention – Similar to the K320, it moves the thumb snap to the top of the holster in a more traditional location. It employs the same forward motion to draw. I do not recommend it.
  • K391 Triple Retention – Part of the Quantum line of holsters, the K391 offers a rotating hood instead of a thumb break. No additional details are given about its retention. However, previous G&G triple retention holsters required the shooter to twist the gun so that the butt would rotate toward the body. While the system was effective at retaining the gun, some officers had problems learning the technique. Your mileage may vary. It is available in the typical leather finishes: plain, basketweave and high gloss.
  • T391 Triple Retention – Similar to the K391, this rig is available in a polymer finish.

Please don’t take me the wrong way on G&G duty holsters. I think the company builds good quality stuff. I just think that the lower retention rigs in this line (and from other companies) offer false security. I’ve always found G&G construction to be excellent.

Shoulder Holster

G&G only offers on shoulder holster that will fit your G19. It is the model 804. With this rig, the gun is aligned horizontally, and its weight is balanced by a spare magazine pouch that rides on the opposite side of the body.

This is an all leather design offered in a rich chestnut brown and in a standard black. The centerpiece (sometimes called a spider) that holds the rig together swivels at all four points to maximize comfort when worn.

Other Carry Options

As with many of the larger holster companies, G&G offers some non-typical carry options for your handgun. One of these is the Body Guard. This is a wide elastic strap that goes around the mid-section of your body. Many people call to this style of carry rig as a belly band. Other companies like Galco and CrossBreed offer variations of this design.

In addition to holding the gun, the Body Guard also can hold a spare magazine, knife, flashlight or other gear.

Gunfighters Inc

Many great products in the United States were born out of a need. In this case, Gunfighters Inc was founded when the owner could not find an existing holster that worked for his needs. After years of testing and development, the company now offers four carry rigs: inside the waistband, outside the waistband, shoulder and chest.

One of the great things about the holsters from Gunfighters Inc is their attention to detail. Small things can make a huge difference, and the company seems to make great efforts to get the little things right.

Take the Wraith IWB holster for example. This Kydex rig might look the same as many other IWB holsters at first glance, but it is not. First of all, the company rivets the belt clip to the holster body. This eliminates all potential problems with screws loosening during carry.

Secondly, the company attaches friction tape on the inside of the clip to ensure a better anchor to the belt. The first time I saw that, I thought “Why doesn’t everyone else do this?”

The Wraith can be had for appendix or hip carry positions. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of color and camo pattern finishes.

If you are looking for a Kydex OWB rig, Gunfighters Inc offers the Ronin. This is a curved holster that is designed to contour to the natural shape of the body for better concealment and increased comfort. The molding is precise, meaning it offers reasonably good retention without the need for a thumb snap or other active device.

The Spectre is a shoulder rig that allows for a good amount of customization. For example, the rig can be set up for dual wielding if that is something you need.

Although the company’s quality construction sets the apart from others already, another thing that makes it different is that the company makes the Kenai Chest Holster for the Glock 19. Hunters and others who spend a lot of time outside appreciate having a pistol on a chest rig – either as the sole means of defense – or as a backup to a rifle.

Gunfighters Inc offers their standard products through for fastest shipment. If you need something more custom, you should contact them directly.

Milt Sparks Holsters

Based in Idaho, Milt Sparks Holsters is one of the classic leather working companies. This company makes a variety of high quality inside the waistband rigs, and I am happy to say that I am one of their customers. Of course, with many of the top holster makers, demand outpaces supply. As such, the company often has a delivery time that is measured in months (sometimes 6 months or longer.)

The company’s most famous product is the Summer Special, which set the standard in many ways for IWB carry. It is a leather rig with a reinforced mouth to prevent it from collapsing after the weapon has been drawn. It uses soft leather loops with high quality snaps to attach to the belt. The rig has the rough side out to better affix the holster in position.

Glock 19 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 holster

I own a Summer Special 2. This rig is a variation of the original that was introduced in the early 1990’s. Milt Sparks added the ability to swap out the belt loops on this model so that you could change the size of the loops to precisely match your belt width. Personally, I love this holster and have been very pleased with it.

The above photo shows my Summer Special 2 and second generation Glock 19. Even with years of use, the rig still looks fantastic and wears great.

The Executives Companion is similar to the Summer Special 2, but has the finished side of the leather facing out. While this hinders performance slightly, it greatly improves the appearance of the holster.

With the Versa Max 2, the company took the belt loops off of the holster body and put them on “wings” to further spread out the weight of the gun. This also had the benefit of providing a better anchor to the overall package.

The Nexus has a similar look to the Versa Max 2. However, it uses neodymium magnets in the belt loops instead of traditional snaps. According to the company, the magnets are strong enough to provide a more secure connection, and they are able to improve how close they are able to fit the belt. I’ve not tried this rig, but it does sound interesting.

The company also makes a number of belt OWB holsters such as the 55 BN, Axiom and I-BAK. I have not had a chance to see any of these in person, but they appear to be top end rigs. If the quality on these is similar to the IWB rigs, I’m sure you would be pleased by them.

Mitch Rosen

Another longtime leather holster company, Mitch Rosen offers rigs that carry well and look fantastic. There are few companies that can finish holsters quite like Mitch Rosen. The prices are substantially higher than those at other companies, but you are getting some of the best looking and performing rigs on the market.

A word of caution: each holster is custom made for each owner. That means there is a substantial delay between the time you place your order (and pay for the rig) and when the holster is delivered. In general, the company advises a three month delay is typical.

The company offers a wide range of IWB, OWB and shoulder holsters for Glock pistols.

Raven Concealment Systems

Raven Concealment makes a small line of Kydex holsters for the Glock 19. I have not used any of the company’s products, so I cannot give you a first hand perspective of the gear. I have talked to two people that do enjoy Raven products and no one who does not.

Even though I earn money when people go to Amazon and make purchases, I strongly recommend you buy Raven Concealment products direct from the company’s website – not Amazon. There is a third party selling Raven products on Amazon with a significant markup. Save yourself some cash and go directly to the company’s site if you want one.


Remora is a small holster company that hand makes their unique rigs in Florida. Probably the most popular holster the company makes is the inside the waistband holster. It has no clips or straps to attach to a belt. Rather the exterior of the holster is rubberized to provide a “grippy” surface to hold it in place.

The company also offers a number of other rigs including outside the waistband, tuckable and shoulder holsters. All of the products are relatively inexpensive.

Although I’ve handled some of the company’s products, I’ve never used any of them because of various concerns including weapon retention. Because of this I cannot recommend its products, but neither can I recommend against them.

I’d love to hear from people who have used these products in a two day training class, or something equally demanding. Do these work well?

Ross Leather

Ross Leather is a holster maker based in Florida. A lot of its rigs on the front page appear to be western related, but don’t let that stop you from looking at its line of concealment holsters.

This company was added at the prompting of a reader. (Thank you Gary P.) According to the reader, these rigs are good quality, but I have no experience with them. If you’ve used one of this company’s rigs, feel free to add your own experiences in the comments section below.


Safariland is one of the big companies when it comes to holster production – especially duty holsters for the Glock 19.

Over the years, the company has acquired a number of other holster manufacturers like the Rodgers Holster Company and Bianchi. Bianchi is listed in a separate section above since Safariland still markets those rigs under that name. The holsters listed here are all markets under the Safariland name.

Concealment Holsters

At the 2015 SHOT Show, introduced the first of a new holster line called the GLS Pro-Fit holsters. These holsters use a locking system that is naturally released when a proper grip on the gun is made. Due to the unique design of the locking mechanism, the one holster will fit the Glock 19 and dozens of other guns from a variety of manufacturers.

The holsters in this line also use a proprietary nylon polymer that does not abrade the gun’s finish like Kydex and other materials can.

Safariland 575

  • Model 575 – This is the inside the waistband version of the GLS Pro-Fit rigs. It uses a belt clip that hooks under the belt, rather that on top of it. This ensures the holster separates from the gun when drawn. In addition to the G19, this single holster will also fit 136 other brands and models of pistols- from Bersa to Walther.
  • Models 576, 577 and 578 – For an outside the waistband holster in this series, check out the 576, 577 and 578 holsters. All three holsters are OWB rigs, but each has its own way of attaching to the pants. The 576 has solid belt loops with a low ride. The 577 is the same rig, but with a high ride profile. Meanwhile the model 578 is a paddle holster. All three use the grip release system and fit more than 200 different makes and models of pistols.

I reviewed the Safariland 578 after the SHOT Show and found that it worked very well with a range of guns – including my Gen2 and Gen4 Glock 19 pistols. While I would not classify these as being a true retention holster like the duty rigs the company makes, these do offer better gun snatch resistance than most rigs being offered for concealed carry.

Duty Holsters

Selecting the right duty holster is a serious act. Police and security officers have all too frequently been killed with their own weapon due to being disarmed by a criminal. Therefore, it is very important to find a duty rig for your Glock 19 that resists gun grabs long enough for you to react and respond to the person trying to kill you.

From the 1990’s through the 2010’s, I was a police officer and deputy sheriff. During that time, I worked in two different states and three different agencies. I took a lot of training, and trained others. During that time, I got to see first hand what kinds of holsters failed and what worked.

In general, I highly recommend Safariland duty holsters ahead of all other manufacturers. That doesn’t mean that other companies don’t build good holsters, it just means that in my experience Safariland builds better rigs.

Also, I do not recommend Level I or single level retention holsters for any kind of uniformed duty. They simply do not offer enough resistance to gun grabs. Also, I don’t see much value in the Level II rigs, as they offer marginally better snatch resistance without any significant speed improvement over Level III rigs.

Something to keep in mind when comparing holsters is only Safariland has a standardized way of describing retention levels. So, another company’s “Level III” rig may only be as good as the Safariland Level I rig. For an explanation of the Safariland testing process, click here. Also, the below video does a good job of explaining the differences.

Here is a look at several Safariland holsters that I have trained with and/or carried, along with my thoughts on them.

Model 070 SSIII – Without a doubt, this is one of my all-time favorite duty holsters. When I started my law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff, I carried my Glock 19 in this rig. Subsequently, I used the same 070 SSIII rig when I was later issued other Glock pistols and a SIG SAUER P226. It never failed and is extremely secure.

It does require – like any holster – practice to ensure you become proficient with it. People that think this is a slow holster simply haven’t trained enough. I was as fast with this rig as most other officers were with a simple Level I thumb break.

There is only one drawback to this holster – it is not made for pistols with weapon lights. If you have a weapon light, take a look at the Model 6360 below.

For what it is worth – the Glock 17 and Glock 19 will both fit in the same holster (as will the 22 and 23.)

Model 295 – For reasons that I don’t understand, this Level II rig is popular with some officers. I found it to be no better at resisting a gun grab than plain thumb break rigs. The Model 2955 is a lower riding version of this holster.

I worked briefly for a state law enforcement agency before moving to another state. That department issued these rigs, but I was able to get a waiver to carry the Model 070 SSIII above.

I do not recommend this holster.

Model 6360 – I like this rig, especially for duty guns with a mounted weapon light. For my final two years on the job, I carried an issued SIG with a Streamlight in the 6360 holster. I found this Level III holster easy to learn and was every bit as fast as the 070 SSIII above. I also observed that many new officers seem to take to this quicker than the 070.

One of the things I like about this rig is that when you return the gun to the holster, it is automatically locked back into place. Also, the rotating hood snaps back into place easily without having to fiddle with a thumb snap.

Another version of this rig is the 6365. The 6365 is the same holster, but with a belt extension that allows it to ride lower on the duty belt. This is especially helpful to anyone wearing a plate carrier, external soft armor and women. It functions the same as the 6360.

You can increase this to a Level IV holster by adding an additional device called a Sentry. We experimented with this at my agency and discovered that it was extremely secure, but also difficult for people to work with. I recommend not adding it unless you have a strong reason to (for example – you are frequently working in very crowded environments such as security at a nightclub.) If you do add the sentry plan on doing a lot of additional practice with the holster.

Model 7360 7TS – This is another modern Level III design. I like this holster and put it on par with the 6360. However, I have not carried this holster so I cannot give you my opinion on this one from an actual use perspective. I would not hesitate to carry my Glock in this rig, nor would I be concerned if my department issued this one to me. It can be fit to various weapon lights as well.

Stealth Gear USA

Stealth Gear USA makes three different holsters for the Glock 19: the AIWB, the Onyx IWB and the Flex OWB. I’ve got one of the Onyx holsters, and I like it. It is similar in design to some of the hybrid models on the market, but instead of using leather, the backer is made of synthetic materials with closed cell foam to offer significantly increased comfort when compared to leather.

Stealth Gear Holster for G19

The above photo is of the Onyx with my Gen4 Glock 19.

The AIWB is designed for appendix carry. Similar to the Onyx, this uses the company’s Venticore backer to increase comfort and reduce overall bulk.

For the Flex OWB, the company again uses its comfortable backer. It uses a half shell to hold the pistol in place, and “wings” on both sides to allow you to bring the rig close to the body while keeping a comfortable curve to the system.

Sticky Holsters

Similar to the Remora holsters above, the Sticky Holsters rig is another IWB style pouch that does not use a clip or other method of anchoring to your pants. Instead, the system relies on a “sticky” exterior to provide enough friction to hold the gun in place. My concerns with the Remora design are carried over to this design as well.

Tagua Gunleather

Tagua Gunleather

Tagua Gunleather offers good quality leather rigs at an affordable price. These holsters are made in South America and imported through Florida. You can see a Tagua Gunleather.

I own one of the company’s open top belt holsters for a SIG P226. I found that the rig pulled the gun in tight to the body, offering good concealment. Additionally, the holster wore fairly well over the course of about three years. At this point, it is still serviceable, but not looking terribly nice.

Based on my experience, I’d say the lifespan of these rigs is about 2-3 years of regular use. Hard use would be a shorter lifespan, and light use would lengthen the time you can run one of these.

Theis Holsters

Theis Holsters makes a small range of hybrid and Kydex holsters that will help you carry your Glock 19 pistol. I’ve not used any of the company’s products, but I have had several readers recommend Theis products to me. Here is a quick look at what they have to offer:

  • IWB – This is a tuckable, inside the waistband rig in a hybrid style. It has a leather backer, Kydex shell and powder coated metal belt clips. There are a few options available, including special fits for pistols with an attached light or laser.
  • EZ-Clip – This is another IWB hybrid rig. However, instead of having a wide slab of leather with belt clips fore and aft, this is a more compact design that uses a single clip on top of the shell. Although it is shorter in length (side to side,) it is slightly thicker since the clip is on top of the shell.
  • Single Clip – The Single Clip is a tuckable version of the EZ-Clip. It changes the belt clip design, which allows you to tuck a shirt over the gun and holster.
  • All Kydex – As the name suggests, this is not a hybrid design and uses Kydex for most of the components. The belt clip is adjustable so it can be worn inside or outside the waistband and with a neutral or forward cant.
  • Full Slide OWB – Back to the hybrid design, this belt slide holster uses a leather slab with two belt loops to attach to the body. There is also a compact version of this rig.

Uncle Mike’s

Uncle Mike’s has been around for several decades. The company makes a range of shooting products including slings, bags, law enforcement duty gear and concealed carry holsters. In general, I have found the company’s products to be a good value for the money. However, there are definitely some of the company’s products that I will not recommend simply because I think it comes up a bit short.

Let’s go over some of the holster options.

Reflex Holsters
Uncle Mike's Reflex for G19 CCW

The Reflex Holsters are injection molded Kydex – not the less expensive folded and molded sheets of Kydex that many small companies use. This allows Uncle Mike’s to get more precise fits and not have large overlapping pieces that are screwed or riveted together.

The Reflex Holster for the Glock 19 is an open top, outside the waistband design that uses precise molding to retain the pistol. It has a pair of loops that accommodate belts up to 1.75″ in width. This holster is made in the United States and is backed by a ‘100% Money Back Guarantee.’

Kydex Paddle Holsters

Uncle Mike’s also offers a pair of paddle holsters that use a traditional Kydex manufacturing process. The paddles are soft and flexible for comfort. Additionally, the paddles have many vents to improve air flow to the body.

These rigs come with belt loop attachments if you don’t care for the paddle attachment. One version of this rig has an open top while the other has a thumb snap for additional retention. Note: Size 21 is the correct size for the Glock 19.

Sidekick Holsters

The Sidekick line of holsters are value priced, nylon rigs that cover several different styles.

  • Shoulder holsters – Uncle Mike’s offers two styles: one is a rig that carries the gun horizontally, while the second carries the gun muzzle down. Both of these rigs work ok, but neither is a fantastic system. The biggest advatage these have over the other options is price. The Glock 19 is size 15 in both rigs.
  • Super Belt Slide – This is a nylon pancake holster with three belt slots. This is not the ideal carry rig, but it is acceptable if you are strapped for cash. I’ve owned two: one for a Smith & Wesson Model 10 and another for my Glock 19. I haven’t used the Super Belt Slide in years because I’ve upgraded to better rigs. However, if I was just starting out and hurting for money, I’d buy one. You want a size 15 for this one also.
  • Side Bet – This is a pretty basic OWB rig that has an open muzzle. It will fit the Glock 19 fine, but I recommend the Super Belt Slide instead of this one. There is no cant adjustment.
  • Inside the Pant – This is a thin, soft IWB holster that offers no retention and a fairly lightweight belt clip. I made the mistake of purchasing one of these for another gun and was very disappointed. I strongly recommend avoiding it.
  • IWB Tuckable – This rig is similar to the Super Belt Slide, but with belt clips instead of belt loops. The clips allow you to wear the holster inside the pants and tuck the shirt in over the gun. This is also a size 15 for the Glock 19.
Duty Holsters

Uncle Mike’s has been a player in the police duty gear business for a while, though its selection seems to have waned somewhat in recent years. The company offers three duty holsters for the Glock 19.

The standard retention holster has a thumb break and tension screw that offer the only means of providing weapon retention. The holster quality is good, but it simply doesn’t offer enough snatch resistance for uniformed carry.

A step up in weapon retention is the Pro-2 Dual Retention. I’m not a fan of this rig, but it is an improvement over the standard model. There is an internal detent that works with the thumb strap to offer some resistance to a weapon grab. You have to draw the gun in a particular way for everything to release properly.

The Pro-3 Slim Line is the only duty holster that Uncle Mike’s offers that I would consider carrying. Frankly, its still not in my top five list of duty holsters, but you could do a lot worse. If you like this rig, you want a size 21 rig. I strongly suggest, however, you look at some of the options offered by Safariland above.

Vedder Holsters

Another boutique holster company, Vedder Holsters offers a line of carry rigs for the Glock 19. These holsters all use Kydex – some as hybrid designs, while others are all Kydex.

Vedder Holster Comparison

  • ComfortTuck – The ComfortTuck is a classic hybrid design: leather backer, Kydex shell and belt clips positioned in front of and behind the pistol. It is an open top design. The Kydex can be had in a variety of colors. A Combat Cut version is also available. That model reduces some of the leather backer for an easier draw. In the above photo, the Combat Cut version is on the right.
  • LightTuck – This model is an all Kydex rig that has a single belt clip. It is relatively thin and can be adjusted for a neutral, forward or rearward cant.
  • RapidTuck – The RapidTuck is a hybrid design that reduces the overall size of the ComfortTuck by replacing the outboard clips with a single belt clip that is on top of the Kydex shell. This increases bulk slightly, but makes it easier to get on and off.
  • Quick Draw – This is an OWB rig with an open top Kydex shell and a leather backer. It has two belt slots, so there is no adjusting the cant.
  • LightDraw – Another OWB rig, this one is made of all Kydex – no leather. It is an open top design with no active retention devices.

Yeti-Tac Custom Holsters

Yeti-Tac Holsters

I like Yeti-Tac Custom Holsters. I had a chance to one of their IWB rigs with a Glock 43 and Streamlight TLR-6 recently, and I was impressed with the design and quality of the holster. Based on that experience, I recommend you check them out.

Yeti-Tac offers several different styles of concealed carry holsters including IWB and OWB rigs. The company uses Kydex for the holster bodies.

Last Update: October 19, 2022


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It’s all very good, but at the same time very confusing and unsettling. Which are positively the best 2-3 holsters out of all these? There is nothing good in having so many holsters listed, if there are no best holsters singled-out out of this list.

I think that people who created the list needed to select and post top 3-5 holsters in each of three popular categories: IWB, AIWB and OWB. Readers just drown in this huge amount of useless information.

Hey Richard,
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It sounds like you want someone to tell you what the best holster is? This list is very informative and has a lot of info. The best holster for him may not be the best for you. I think the list accomplished exactly what it was made for. Info about the different holsters made by different companies. He never said it was a review of different holsters.

Ross Leather out of Florida has an excellent holster that should have been in this list. (M9W)
Much better than the Tagua piece of junk (yes I own both)

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