Buffalo Bore’s .45 Auto Rim

Buffalo Bore is now manufacturing the .45 Auto Rim in four loadings: two standard pressure and two “+P”.

buffalo_bore_autorimIn standard pressure, you can get a 200 gr JHP at a little over 1000 fps (444+ ft-lb) out of a 4″ S&W revolver.  The 255 gr hard cast FP is clocking almost 870 fps (410+ ft-lb) out of the same 4″ Smith.

With the “+P” designation, the 200 JHP is sizzling at almost 1200 fps (635 ft-lb) out of the 4″ S&W.  The hard cast 255 gr FP is moving at more than 1030 fps (570+ ft-lb).  These are amazing numbers.  It should be noted that there is not a SAAMI specification for “+P” in the .45 Auto Rim.  Consequently, use only a modern firearm with the +P ammunition.  Buffalo Bore does state that the +P loads are safe to use in all post-WWII revolvers chambered for the .45 ACP.