New Gear: Jericho JGear Pistol Kits

IWI US Jericho JGear Kit

IWI US announced the company is now offering Jericho JGear Pistol Kits featuring the 941 pistols. These kits include both a gun and the shooting accessories.

Guns available are the F9, FS9, PL9 and PSL9 versions of the model 941 handgun. All of the guns are equipped with Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights. These sights use tritium vials that glow without an outside power source so you have a better sight picture when aiming in low light conditions.

Jericho 941 pistol

In addition to the pistol, each kit contains a variety of products. These include:

  • polymer paddle holster: This is an open top, OWB carry rig that allows for adjusting the carry angle (aka cant) for best comfort.
  • polymer magazine holder: Similar in design to the holster, this is an open top double magazine pouch that also allows for an adjustment of the carry angle.
  • Maglula UpLula: This is a tool that can be used to help load ammunition into the pistol magazine. I’ve never found a lot of use for one of these, but I am someone who has been shooting for many years. A new shooter or someone with weak hands may find this tool very helpful. I know there are a lot of Maglula products sold every year.
  • cleaning rod and brush: This is pretty straightforward.
  • lockable plastic case: This may not seem like a big deal, but a lot of guns are shipping in cardboard boxes. If you would like a hard case to store or transport your gun in, IWI US is saving you from making a separate purchase.

The MSRP on these kits is $699 for the polymer framed pistol and $779 for the steel framed gun.

Right now, the kits appear to be only available for guns in 9mm. IWI US offers Jericho pistols in other calibers, but it remains to be seen if it will offer kits for other guns.



IWI Tavor 300 BLK

IWI US announced the company will show its brand new TAVOR SAR chambered in 300 BLK at the 2016 SHOT Show. According to Michael Kassnar, the VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US, the company has received “a ton of requests” for a TAVOR chambered in 300 BLK.

The new TAVOR rifles will be available with either a 16.5″ or 18″ barrel. The barrels are cold hammer forged from chrome-moly steel. The barrels are chrome lined. Like the original TAVOR in 5.56 NATO, these bullpup rifles use a long stroke piston system.

One of the issues I have run into with some 300 BLK guns is making them run reliably with both super- and subsonic ammunition. The new rifle has a built in gas regulator to allow the shooter to tune the gun for normal or subsonic ammunition.

Since the 300 BLK fits into the same deisgn envelope as the original TAVOR and uses the same magazines as the 5.56 NATO, virtually all existing accessories should work with the new guns. Anything dependent on bullet diameter – such as a muzzle device – are not interchangeable. So, don’t throw a .223 caliber sound suppressor on this gun and expect it to work more than once.

The suggested retail price on the complete rifle is $2,049.

Conversion Kits

In addition to selling a rifle chambered for the .30 caliber cartridge, the company also announced it would sell conversion kits for existing TAVOR rifles. So, if you already own a 5.56 or 9mm TAVOR, you only need buy the conversion kit to run the 300 BLK.

The conversion kits will come with your choice of a 16.5″ or 18″ barrel made of chrome-moly steel, a headspaced bolt and barrel wrench. The barrels are cold hammer forged with a 1:7″ twist and are topped with an A2-style flash hider. The suggested retail price on the conversion kit is $499.

We will try to get more information for you on the TAVOR from the SHOT Show. I’m also looking forward to seeing another bullpup at the show: the Desert Tech MDR.


Personally, I like the company’s newer X95 rifle better than the SAR line. You can read my IWI Tavor X95 review here.