Shooting Gear Skills

LaserLyte Introduces the Laser Trainer Pro

laserlyte_trainer3LaserLyte introduced a new training laser: the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro.  In a nutshell, this device adjusts to fit the barrels of most handguns.  Once inserted into the barrel, the device will flash a laser each time it “hears” the hammer fall.

The idea is you would use this device while dry firing to make sure that you are properly exercising the fundamentals of accurate shooting (especially trigger control) and the bullets would have gone where you thought they would have.  If the laser shines someplace different than where you were aiming, then you know something is off, and you can set about correcting your shooting.

In a time when ammo is both scarce and expensive, this little device could be valuable for anyone who practices with dry firing.  See the video below for a demonstration of how the Laser Trainer Pro works.

Optics and Sighting Systems

Crimson Trace LG-375 Lasergrips for the Taurus Judge and Tracker

Crimson Trace LaserGripsCrimson Trace announces the latest addition to the Taurus revolver line-up is now available. The new Model LG-375 fits both the Taurus Judge and Tracker models and offers an ergonomic and comfortable grip designed with the advantage of an ergonomically located laser with the proven performance you’ve come to expect from Crimson Trace.

The LG-375 offers a rubber overmolded construction for comfort during extended shooting sessions and the instinctive activation that is synonymous with Crimson Trace.

The new LG-375 features an integrated two-piece design for easy installation, snap-in battery retainers, and generous relief in the side panels to facilitate speed loaders along with a master power switch. The Lasergrips are sighted in for 50 feet at the factory but can be zeroed in at different distances by using the windage and elevation adjustments.

Optics and Sighting Systems

LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser

LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock
The LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock Pistols

LaserLyte has introduced a new red laser sighting system for pistols called the Rear Sight Laser.  The LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser, or RSL, mounts in the position of the rear sight on a handgun, rather than as a grip or guide rod solution marketed by other companies such as Crimson Trace and LaserMax.

LaserLyte claims that by having the laser mounted to the rear sight, the holster can be used in all of the gun’s normal Level I and Level II holsters.  While I do not have the laser on hand to test this claim with my own holsters, I can see how it should work with most holsters.  However, there are no standards on what a Level I or II holster is, so the claim is a bit nebulous.

The laser is activated by a switch on the rear of the sight system.  One press of the switch turns the laser on in a “constant” mode.  A second press pulses the laser.  A third press turns the unit off.  Run time is marketed as one hour in continuous mode, two hours in pulse mode.