All New ArmaLite M-15 Line

ArmaLite is introducing an all new M-15 line of rifles and pistols for 2015 according to the representatives I met at the recent NASGW Show. The new guns cover everything from tactical to competition with plenty of fun stuff in between.

While the guns are in the AR-style, these are a significant departure from the company’s traditional line up. Frankly, it looks like a major pivot on the part of ArmaLite. Let’s go over seven of the new guns right now…

Shooting Gear

SIG SB15 Brace

The recently announced SIG SB15 brace is now a standard option on several of the company’s pistols.  The new pistols include the P516 with the 7.5″ and 10″ barrels, the SIG P556 SWAT with a 10″ barrel and the P556 Classic.

SIG SB15 review

The SB15 brace is a forearm brace that looks like a very short buttstock with adjustable straps that affix the unit to the shooter’s forearm.  The idea is to provide greater control and stability when shooting one of these large pistols.

The unit passed ATF scrutiny (see the ATF letter here) so no worries about violating any NFA rules on having a SBR (short barrel rifle) without a tax stamp.

SIG SB15 for sale

SIG Sauer announced the SB15 earlier this year, and these are the first pistols on which SIG is offering the device as a standard option.  The pistols are similar to the rifle versions of the gun, but without a buttstock and with shorter barrels.  Magazines and other accessories will interchange between the guns.


Smith and Wesson M&P Pistols Adopted by 276 Police Departments

Smith and Wesson has encountered a great deal of success with their M&P line of pistols. These polymer pistols have taken the shooting world by storm, and 2008 looks like another good year for M&P sales.

Polymer duty pistols were once the exclusive domain of Glock, but no more. “To date, 276 domestic law enforcement agencies have purchased, approved for purchase, or approved for on-duty carry,” the Smith and Wesson M&P line of pistols said Leland Nichols, president of Smith and Wesson Corporation.

Smith & Wesson M&P

The latest agency to place an order for M&P40 pistols is the Colorado Springs Police Department. The CSPD order of 500 M&P40 pistols is separate from the order of 850 M&P pistols made by the Colorado State Police earlier in the week.