Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

taurus_raging_mag_01aTaurus has moved the Judge line solidly into the “big boom” category with the introduction of the Raging Judge Magnum chambered in .454 Casull.

This six-shot, big bore revolver can fire .454 Casull, .45 Colt and 2.5” and 3” .410 shotshells. Due to the power generated by the Casull cartridge, the cylinder has a double lock.

The Raging Judge Magnum is available with either a three-inch or six-inch barrel. The six-inch barrel has a vented rib and can accommodate a scope mount.

Both versions of the Raging Judge Magnum have a fiber optic front sight and a fixed rear.

This Judge is big and heavy. The three-inch model weighs almost 61 ounces, while the six-inch version weighs more than 72 ounces. Holding a floor sample at the SHOT Show, I was impressed by the revolver’s very solid construction.

This is a big jump in the power of the Judge line, and it may prove to be very popular with people living in bear country.





2013 Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Raging Judge and what Taurus is doing with the line.  Unlike a lot of new guns introduced at the annual trade shows, these guns are still selling strong.  Currently, Taurus offers the Raging Judge in a 3″ and 6.5″ model.  The 3″ model has a matte stainless steel finish and carries a retail price of $1,061.  The 6.5″ model has a glossy black finish and has a MSRP of $1,012.  The longer revolver weighs a whopping 73 ounces, which sounds heavy, but probably feels a little light when shooting the .454 Casull rounds.

There was some previous concern about the locking mechanisms on the Taurus Raging Judge.  The gun has lock points in front and at the back of the cylinder.  I have talked with a lot of people since these guns were introduced, and I have not heard of any failures in these guns.


Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

leupold mk ar rifle scopeWithout a doubt, Leupold is the premier name in rifle scopes.  If you want the best glass for your AR-style rifle, this is the scope you must have.  This tactical scope is extremely durable and the optics are amazing.  The bonus is the incredible pricing and that it is made in the USA.
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