Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

taurus_raging_mag_01aTaurus has moved the Judge line solidly into the “big boom” category with the introduction of the Raging Judge Magnum chambered in .454 Casull.

This six-shot, big bore revolver can fire .454 Casull, .45 Colt and 2.5” and 3” .410 shotshells. Due to the power generated by the Casull cartridge, the cylinder has a double lock.

The Raging Judge Magnum is available with either a three-inch or six-inch barrel. The six-inch barrel has a vented rib and can accommodate a scope mount.

Both versions of the Raging Judge Magnum have a fiber optic front sight and a fixed rear.

This Judge is big and heavy. The three-inch model weighs almost 61 ounces, while the six-inch version weighs more than 72 ounces. Holding a floor sample at the SHOT Show, I was impressed by the revolver’s very solid construction.

This is a big jump in the power of the Judge line, and it may prove to be very popular with people living in bear country.





2013 Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Raging Judge and what Taurus is doing with the line.  Unlike a lot of new guns introduced at the annual trade shows, these guns are still selling strong.  Currently, Taurus offers the Raging Judge in a 3″ and 6.5″ model.  The 3″ model has a matte stainless steel finish and carries a retail price of $1,061.  The 6.5″ model has a glossy black finish and has a MSRP of $1,012.  The longer revolver weighs a whopping 73 ounces, which sounds heavy, but probably feels a little light when shooting the .454 Casull rounds.

There was some previous concern about the locking mechanisms on the Taurus Raging Judge.  The gun has lock points in front and at the back of the cylinder.  I have talked with a lot of people since these guns were introduced, and I have not heard of any failures in these guns.


By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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Hey, I own a 3″ Judge for carry along with a Sprinfield Arms XD 3″ 9mm. I just bought the Raging Judge Magnum 6 1/2″ and it is absolutely amazing. A bit heavy but then your not going to plink with it are you. I work in some remote areas of the country and I like the idea that it will take down large game or large predators if the occasion arises. It shoots like a dream and the weight keeps the recoil very managable. 2″ groups at 25 yards is a cinch from standing or prone. The double cylinder lock is not a big issue either. As far as a paperweight, I’ll just say it will hold down War and Peace in a tornado so whats your point? Taurus has some awfully good weapons and I will trust them anytime anywhere. By the way, I am a retired Police Officer who carried a 1911, .357 Python and S&W 6906 over a 20 year career and none of them are any better than the Taurus 24/7 9mm in my truck or either of my Judges. JMHO

I just got one and like it but dont see why no night sights are offered because self defence, or at least home defence may happen in low light. I am trying to find out if someone makes a laser for it besides crimson trace. Dont want to change the grip. cyl.1 = 3 ” pdx1 cyl.2,3,4,5 = 45 colt plus p dpx 225 grain at 1200 fps cyl.6 = 3″ pdx1 I dont worry about over penetration i live alone. This 45colt round gives 720 lbs of energy and very little recoil or muzzle rise out of my 6″ barrel [ very mild ] and opens up to .94 inches through denim thin steel or both. PDX1 is to almost assure first round hit even if nervous or terrified. 5 or 6 of those bbs cant feel good and that would be a very bad shot. So hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Because it dont matter how much liberals want to take our guns, thugs or gang members dont turn theres in. So us having guns is helping protect them and they dont even get it. WOW! Oh yeah back to the gun. The jury is still out on it being my first choice for home defence but I think if it were the only gun i owned i would still feel pretty safe in my home but will also continue to have fun testing different loads at different distances. Yesterday i found out it will make a 3.5 gallon jug full of water vanish with a 300 grain xtp at 1650 fps. Later

As far as the 2 locks go. I think it takes the exactly same ammount of time to push the 2 locks as it would if it only had 1. Push left with right thumb, for the lock above the grip. Down with left thumb for the lock under the barrel while your other fingers on your left hand push the cyl. open from the back. If both are pressed at once how would that take any longer. Right hand is like any other revolver so after a few reps. of adding the left hand it feels verry natural almost as easy as any other revolver because getting the bullets in will take more time than getting cyl. open in my opinion even with a reloader because i can get the cyl. ope instantly. I also agree with the people who said needing a reload is very unlikely. 4 pdx1s( 3 inch) and a couple 45 colt is a total of 2 230 grain bullets. 16 plated .41 inch disks. And 64 bbs. All at 830 to 850 fps from 6.5 inch barrel. If you miss with all of that what makes you think you have the talent to do any kind of high stress reload. Dont let 2 locks keep you from having one.

Went back to the range with my 6 1/2″ Raging Judge. Fired the 454 Casull from Buffalo Bore. 360 grain flat noses. They were superior and deadly accurate at 25 and 50′. I then loaded some Buffalo Bore 45 Long Colt +P 300 grains and wow are they hot… I love the feel and look of this revolver and shooting it is a rush. Everyone wants to look at it when they hear the muzzle blast. Recoil is very minimal due to the weight and perfect balance of this weapon. I had to make my own holster since there isn’t one on the market yet. Nothing fancy but very functional. The 9-10 oz double shoulder tooling leather I bought will make more than a few scabbards, knife sheaths and a left hand holster for the Judge too! That way I can carry both the Magnum and my 1911 at the same time, just in case…

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