New Winchester Rimfire Caliber

[Editor's note:  The original teaser video was pulled by Winchester Ammunition.  However, since then, we have found another video of the new Winchester rimfire caliber.  Click here to watch the new video.]

Coming in January is a new ammunition caliber that will start a “rimfire revolution,” according to the manufacturer Winchester Ammunition.  According to a video produced by Winchester Ammunition, this new cartridge will be “the fastest rimfire on the planet.”

I expect that Winchester Ammunition will highlight this new rimfire cartridge at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  The company is a supporting sponsor at Media Day at the Range, so I hope to get a hands-on evaluation of this “revolutionary” cartridge.

Ed. note:  About an hour after posting the video, Winchester Ammunition apparently pulled it from YouTube.  I have not idea why, but when/if it is reposted, I will add the link to the new video.

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  1. Really? Another new caliber? It better clean the bore while it is heading down range if you want to get my attention.

  2. WarBird-87 says:

    I read somewhere that this new cartridge was supposed to be running about 500 fps faster than any other rimfire. That is smokin’ fast!


  1. [...] Ammunition first teased to this new rimfire round in December 2012 when they put a video on YouTube mentioning this cartridge.  However, that video was quickly taken [...]

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