Savage B.MAG Rifle – .17 Winchester Super Magnum

The new Savage B.MAG rifle is a completely new compact rimfire bolt-action gun designed specifically for the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum cartridge. The .17 WSM is a rimfire round that is capable of speeds to an amazing 3,000 fps. Click here for more on this new cartridge.

The B.MAG is an entirely new rifle, not merely a warmed-over existing rimfire gun. According to Bill Dermody of Savage, there are “exactly zero” parts on the B.Mag that interchange with the company’s other rimfire rifles. In fact, Dermody suggested that the features of this new rifle more closely resemble their centerfire cartridge rifle line than the rimfire line.

This rifle uses a short action bolt with rear locking lugs for additional strength to handle the higher pressure .17 WSM. The rifle also has a “cock on close” action and hidden action screws.

Savage B.Mag Specifications

Caliber17 WSM
Capacity8 rounds
Barrel Length22″
Overall Length40.5″
Rate of Twist1:9 RH
MSRP at Launch$349
MSRP (current)$429

The B.MAG uses a thread-in headspacing system that is very similar to the more expensive centerfire rifles in the Savage catalog. According to Savage reps at the SHOT Show, this headspacing system significantly enhances accuracy.

The B.MAG comes with the extremely popular AccuTrigger, which is a user-adjustable trigger that Savage uses on most of their rifles above the entry-level, budget guns. It does not require special tools for adjustment by the owner.

Savage B.MAG review walmart

An eight-round, rotary magazine is standard on this rifle. The magazine is detachable and feeds from the center of the mag. It should be a relatively simple thing to make a larger capacity magazine, but there are no announced plans to do so. An extended magazine might be of some benefit to varmint hunters who are eliminating large numbers of pests at long range. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like the Hot Lips magazines for the 10/22 from Butler Creek.

A black synthetic stock is standard with a matte blued finish on the metal parts. A soft rubber butt pad caps the end of the stock. The B.MAG doesn’t have a lot of recoil, but the rubber butt pad is still a nice addition.

The B.MAG has a 22″ barrel. According to one Savage rep I spoke to, the total weight of the guns should be less than 4.5 pounds when the guns ship. Specific information on the barrel (twist rate, etc.) has not yet been announced. At the time of this writing, the gun is not yet listed on the Savage website.

Considering the speeds, and therefore pressures, the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum is generating, I am not surprised that this rifle might more resemble a centerfire gun than a rimfire. The Savage B.MAG certainly appears to be built with safety and durability in mind.

According to Dermody, the Savage B.MAG is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2013. Talking to Winchester Ammunition reps, they were certain the guns and ammunition would be hitting Walmart shelves by the first week of April. The suggested retail price of the rifle is $349. While a bit more than many rimfire rifles, the price is certainly more affordable than most centerfire cartridge rifles.

Updated: April 3, 2022

By Richard Johnson

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I was wondering who would chamber a rifle in this new caliber. I figured the options were limited since Remington, Marlin, etc. are all part of the same group now and Remington is a competitor to Winchester ammo.

I am excited about this new 17 wsm. And my son and I want to buy one. We are from a small town in Idaho. We have talked to both retailers up here, and they didn’t know about the 17 wsm. but now they do. And said that all guns, and ammunition were hard to get. And more or less said good luck. I have looked on the Internet, searched and searched. Nothing. We are very interested in purchasing two of these rifles. My son has spent the last six years in the army, a year straight in Afghanistan, and is getting out of the service at the end of april. I thought that this would be a great gift for him as well as us continuing this great tradition that we both have for our guns. We have both enjoyed guns and just plinking, all of our lives. So can you help me out on how and where to purchase two of the .B MAG’s, we would love you forever!!!

I wish I could give you a name of a dealer with two in stock. These rifles should be released around this time, so I would expect that a few might be trickling out soon. Maybe check with your local dealers and see if they can put in an order with their distributor? I wish I had a better answer.

Thank you to your son for his service, and to you for being his parent during his deployment. I cannot imagine the stress that must be on you.


This web site has it listed and it also shows the dealers by area code maybe this will help you find 2 of the Savage B-Mag’s. I’m looking forward to picking one up for my self!!!

God Bless your Son for everything he has done for use all!!!


This web site has it listed and it also shows the dealers by area code maybe this will help you find 2 of the Savage B-Mag’s.

God Bless your Son for everything he has done for use all!!!

I had my hands on a 17 hornet savage’ could have bought it 6 months ago and havent seen 1 round i could get, it will be the same for the b mag a honest sales person told me the employes at the shop get the guns and all the ammo

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