Brand New Ruger SR-762 Rifle

Ruger SR-762

Two short months before the annual SHOT Show, Ruger announced the release of the new SR-762 rifle.  Maintaining the overall look and feel of the AR platform, the new Ruger SR-762 rifle is chambered in 7.62×51 (aka .308 Win) and uses a piston system similar to the company’s original SR-556 rifle.  The rifle appears to have a number of desirable features, plus ships with a number of accessories.

The two-stage piston is chrome plated and uses a four-position regulator to tune the gun to the ammunition selection.  Like the SR-556 rifle, the regulator can be turned “off,” requiring the manual operation of the bolt.  This would allow shooters to achieve maximum noise reduction when using a sound suppressor.

SR-762 barrel

close up of the flash suppressor and gas regulator

Ruger uses a fluted, 16.12″ barrel on the SR-762.  The barrel has a 1:10 RH twist, and is threaded for any accessory using a 5/8″-24 thread.  The rifle comes with a SR-556/Mini-14 style flash suppressor, which can quickly be replaced with a flash or sound suppressor of your choice.  The barrel is chrome lined, and uses 41V45 steel.

The gun comes standard with folding iron sights that can be used as-is or as a backup to an optic.  A Picatinny rail runs the length of the upper receiver and down the handguard, which allows the use of nearly any optic without having to remove the folding sights.

Ruger SR-762 rifle

Speaking of the handguard, the vented unit allows for the attachment of additional rails at the 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock positions.  Two rail sections ship with the rifle, as do three rail covers that have finger grooves in them.

Ruger ships the rifle with three, 20-round Magpul magazines.  In an era of magazine shortages, it is pleasantly surprising to see the company ship three mags with the gun.

Ruger SR-762 kit

The SR-762 rifle, magazines, case and accessories.

The SR-762 has a Houge Monogrip pistol grip and a six-position, M-4 type adjustable stock.  The gun also ships with a soft-sided case.

Ruger SR-762 Rifle Specifications

model number5601
caliber7.62x51/.308 Win
standard magazine capacity20 rounds, Magpul
number of included magazinesthree
barrel length16.12"
twist1:10" RH
length of pull11.5" to 14.75"
over all length34.75" to 38"
weight (unloaded)8.6 pounds
stocksix position adjustable
sightsfolding iron sights
pistol gripHogue Monogrip
finishmanganese phosphate/hardcoat anodized

The $2195 price tag isn’t anything to complain about.  I would expect these rifles to sell for less than $2k, which isn’t bad for an AR-10 like rifle with a proven piston system.

Ruger SR 762

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  • Mike

    Do want.

  • Greg Tag

    Makes me sit up and take notice. has everything I want.

  • Glenn

    Shut up and take my money!!!

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  • David

    I will purchase this rifle then change the stock, and grip, this will be my new truck gun…;)

    • Richard Johnson

      What stock are you thinking about? Something fixed or a different adjustable like the CTR?

  • Stephanie

    I think I will be buying one of these for myself as soon as they start shipping.

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  • Herb W.

    These are really nice rifles. I put one on order at my local shop, and should have it by Christmas.


    really sad that I have to register my MP15 because of the safe act.! I have asked Smith and Wesson to make the gun with a complaint option of a fixed magazine like the Ruger has on its MK77 bolt action. They refuse to do anything for us coyote hunters! Maybe Ruger can make a complaint model of the SR-762. I’ll switch so I don’t have to register. Once registered the goes to the police if I pass away. Cant even hand it down to a relative! Don’t vote Cuomo for president all our hunting platforms will disappear!