Brand New Ruger SR-762 Rifle

Two short months before the 2014 SHOT Show, Ruger announced the release of the SR-762 rifle.

The new rifle was chambered for the 7.62×51 and .308 Win cartridges, and it used the same type of piston system the company perfected in the SR-556 rifle.

While initial reaction seemed both positive and strong, the gun ultimately fell out of the company’s catalog. While I have no official statement from Ruger, I believe I know why.

Ruger SR-762 rifle review

This article is a look at the Ruger SR-762, it’s features, perceived problems and more.

General SR-762 Information

Maintaining the overall look and feel of the AR platform, the Ruger SR-762 rifle was chambered for the 7.62×51 cartridge and was fully compatible with the .308 Win commercial version.

SR-762 Piston System

The rifle used a two-stage piston system similar to the company’s original SR-556 rifle. Piston systems are said to be more reliable than direct impingement systems as they keep the bolt cooler and cleaner. Of course, there is no free lunch with guns.

The drawbacks to a piston system include increased weight and cost. Both of those things can be deal killers to a lot of shooters. Here’s a video that Ruger produced on why you might want to select a piston operated rifle like the SR-762:

The two-stage piston is chrome plated and uses a four-position regulator to tune the gun to the ammunition selection.

Like the SR-556 rifle, the regulator can be turned “off,” requiring the manual operation of the bolt. This would allow shooters to achieve maximum noise reduction when using a sound suppressor.

SR-762 Features

The rifle appears to have a number of desirable features, plus ships with a number of accessories.

detail of SR 762 gas block barrel and flash hider

Ruger uses a fluted, 16.12″ barrel on the SR-762. The barrel has a 1:10 RH twist, and is threaded for any accessory using a 5/8″-24 thread.

The barrel is chrome lined, and it is made of 41V45 steel.

The rifle comes with a SR-556/Mini-14 style flash suppressor, which can quickly be replaced with a flash or sound suppressor of your choice.

The gun comes standard with folding iron sights that can be used as-is or as a backup to an optic. A Picatinny rail runs the length of the upper receiver and down the handguard, which allows the use of nearly any optic without having to remove the folding sights.

Ruger SR-762 rifle

Speaking of the handguard, the vented unit allows for the attachment of additional rails at the 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock positions. Two rail sections ship with the rifle, as do three rail covers that have finger grooves in them.

Ruger ships the rifle with three, 20-round Magpul magazines. In an era of magazine shortages, it is pleasantly surprising to see the company ship three mags with the gun.

Ruger SR-762 kit included accessories

The SR-762 has a Houge Monogrip pistol grip and a six-position, M-4 type adjustable stock. The gun also ships with a soft-sided case.

Ruger SR-762 Specifications

model number5601
caliber7.62×51/.308 Win
standard capacity magazine20 rounds
# of included magazines3 – Magpul brand
barrel length16.12″
barrel twist rate1:10″ RH
length of pull11.50-14.75″
overall length34.75″-38.00″
weight (unloaded)8.60 lbs
stock6-position adjustable
sightsfolding iron sights
pistol gripHogue Monogrip
finishmanganese phosphate/hardcoat anodized
MSRP at launch$2,195

The $2195 price tag isn’t anything to complain about. I would expect these rifles to sell for less than $2k, which isn’t bad for an AR-10 like rifle with a proven piston system.

What Happened to the Ruger SR-762?

So, what happened to the SR-762? Why did Ruger cancel it?

Sales, or lack thereof.

SR-762 Grip

As with the vast majority of products that vanish from the marketplace, sales on the Ruger SR-762 did not allow the company to continue its production in light of the company’s margin on this and other guns it could be making on the same assembly lines.

The Ruger SR-762 was a great rifle. However, with a price tag well above $2,000 – Ruger customers weren’t buying in numbers great enough to justify the continuation of the line.

Last Update: June 5, 2022

By Richard Johnson

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These are really nice rifles. I put one on order at my local shop, and should have it by Christmas.

really sad that I have to register my MP15 because of the safe act.! I have asked Smith and Wesson to make the gun with a complaint option of a fixed magazine like the Ruger has on its MK77 bolt action. They refuse to do anything for us coyote hunters! Maybe Ruger can make a complaint model of the SR-762. I’ll switch so I don’t have to register. Once registered the goes to the police if I pass away. Cant even hand it down to a relative! Don’t vote Cuomo for president all our hunting platforms will disappear!

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