Magpul Folding Pocket Gun

magpul_fcp_01aThe Magpul Folding Pocket Gun is here.  Well, an Airsoft version is anyway.

Magpul made a big splash a few years ago when they introduced the Folding Pocket Gun (aka FMG9) concept machine pistol.  The idea was they took a Glock and built it into a folding machine pistol, complete with a removable carry handle and white light.  The whole thing would fold up and fit into your pack pocket.  I thought building a retractable leash into the unit was the way to go, but that was probably destined for a version 2 model.

The video of the product demo made the rounds on the Internet and everybody wanted one.  Unfortunately, the real thing is still just a prototype.  What – you haven’t seen the famous FMG9 video from MilSpec Monkey?  Well, I am glad I decided to post it here for your review:

Now Magpul is selling the same gun as an Airsoft gun.  The Magpul PTS Folding Pocket Gun is actually a conversion kit made of polymer that fits airsoft KSC/KWA G18C slide assemblies, and can use G17/G18C magazines.  It is available in black.

Sure, the airsoft version isn’t as good for repelling zombie hordes when walking the dog as the real Magpul FMG-9 would be, but at least you can buy the airsoft gun.  The FMG-9 was a prototype only that the company designed more for publicity than as an actual going-to-market product.  If the United States didn’t have laws that turned a pistol into a short barrel rifle simply by adding a stock to it, something like this would be a viable consumer product.  As it is, it would require a federal tax stamp.  Heaven help you if you wanted an auto-sear on that thing.

The expected ship date is February 2010.  MSRP is $225. You may not be able to have the real thing, but this is the next closest thing.

By Richard Johnson

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