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Store a Glock Magazine in Your AR-15 Grip

AR grip that stores glock magazine

If you are running a pistol caliber AR carbine, or carry a Glock handgun to back up your rifle, TriTech Tactical has a pair of new grips that may interest you. These grips store a Glock magazine in them.

Designed as a replacement for the standard A2-type grip found on most AR pattern rifles, the TriTech Tactical design mimics the interior dimensions of a Glock pistol so that it can carry a spare magazine. Taken at face value, that seems like a good use of space – especially if you are running a pistol caliber carbine that feeds from Glock magazines.

The size and shape of the grips may be off-putting to some. However, since many people seem to like the grip size of a Glock pistol, I imagine that a lot of shooters might like the feel of these in the hand.

TriTech Tactical

One grip, the TPG-ARGL910, is the shorter of the two options. It is designed to hold a subcompact magazine such as those used in the G26 and G27 pistols. The larger of the two products, the TPG-ARGL915, is designed for both the compact and full size Glock models. This should include sizes like the G17, G19, G22 and G23.

Right now, the company is showing these products as being available in mid-January. That is the same time frame as the SHOT Show where the company will be displaying its products. I will try to get by the company’s booth and get a look at these. Be sure to follow my 2017 SHOT Show news page that I will update each day of the event for you guys.

While the full size grip looks disproportionately large on an AR, I’m keeping an open mind on this. These could wind up being more practical than a first glance might suggest. The MSRP is set at $39.95. These are made in the United States.

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Let’s jump right in.