Heizer Defense vs DoubleTap Defense

Heizer Defense logo It looks like there is a storm brewing in one corner of the firearms industry. Let me explain…

I was sitting outside the main hall at the 2012 NASGW Expo working on an article when I was approached by a man asking if I was in the media. When I said “yes,” the man introduced himself as Jim Bruchas, the director of sales for Heizer Defense. The next few minutes reminded me that even in such a friendly industry as the gun business, feelings can get hurt and egos bruised.

For those not already familiar, Heizer Defense was, until recently, associated with DoubleTap Firearms, the developers of the DoubleTap two-shot pistol. DoubleTap Firearms issued a press release in October announcing a parting of ways between the two companies, stating that Heizer’s “…inability to manufacture the DoubleTap pistol…” prompted the split. After the split, DoubleTap Firearms changed names to DoubleTap Defense and partnered with Azimuth Technology to make the DoubleTap pistol.


Walther PPX Information

Walther PPX

The new Walther PPX was on display at the NASGW Expo, and regular readers of this site have probably already seen some of the photos of the pistol.  Here are some more details on the gun and some of my observations.

The new PPX will be available in 9mm and .40 S&W.  The 9mm version will hold 16 rounds in the magazine.  Alternatively, the .40 S&W will pack 14 rounds into the mag.  Either way, you should have an adequate amount of felon repellant should it be needed.


Hornady .410 Triple Defense Ammo for the Taurus Judge

Hornady Triple Defense ammo is a new load specifically designed for the Taurus Judge and other similar .410/.45 Colt revolvers. This new load is part of the company’s Critical Defense line of ammunition.

This specific round stacks a non-jacketed (bare lead only) FTX slug on top of two .35 caliber round balls. Standard 00-buckshot is .33 caliber and 000-buck is .36 caliber. So, the two balls are slightly larger than 00, but not quite 000-buckshot.