FN 15 Pistols – New AR-Style Handguns from FN America

FN 15 Pistol

FN America will introduce a new line of AR-style pistols at the SHOT Show next month. The new FN 15 Pistol will be offered in two models. One is chambered in 5.56 NATO while the other will be in 300 BLK. These guns are based on the company’s FN 15 rifles.

FN 15 Pistol 5.56

The new 5.56 pistol will feature a cold hammer forged barrel that is 10.5″ long and capped with an A2-style muzzle device. It has a 1:7″ twist rate, and the bore is chrome lined. The direct impingement gun uses a carbine length gas system with a low profile gas block.

Surrounding the barrel and block is an aluminum handguard with M-LOK attachment points. M-LOK is a Picatinny replacement system developed by Magpul. The handguard has multiple QD sockets for attaching a sling.

Although the above photo does not show it, the company will include an SB Tactical SBX-K pistol stabilizing brace with the handgun. A 30-round Magpul magazine is included with the gun. The company also uses a Magpul pistol grip on this handgun.

FN 15 Pistol 300 BLK

As one might expect, the pistol chambered for the 300 BLK is similar to the 5.56 NATO version. However, the two pistols are not identical.

For example, the 300 BLK pistol uses a 12″ barrel instead of the 10.5″ one used on the 5.56 pistol. This allows the company to use a 1″ longer handguard, which does have M-LOK attachment points on it.

The barrel is cold hammer forged and chrome lined. However, FN America opted to use a pistol length gas system on this gun. It has been my experience that getting 300 BLK to run both supersonic and subsonic reliably from a short barrel gun requires a pistol length system. I would assume FN America selected a pistol length tube for this reason.

Like the 5.56 NATO model, the 300 BLK pistol is equipped with the company’s combat trigger. Also, FN America uses Magpul for the pistol grip and magazine. It also will come with an SBX-K pistol brace.


New Rifle: Skeli X11

new skeli x11 rifle

New rifles like the Skeli X11 are fun. Any time a gun manufacturer deviates from the mainstream, it causes the geek in me to take notice and try to get into the minds of the design team behind the weapon. At first blush, the new X11 promises a number of interesting things to examine and ponder.


MPAR 556 Pistol

MPA 556 pistol

Update: I would caution everyone to watch the video review of the MPAR-556 Gen II from Full30. The gun looks like it has some problems, and I would be uneasy spending my money on one of these.

MasterPiece Arms announced the addition of a AR-type pistol to the company line up.  The new MPAR 556 pistol is not-surprisingly based on the company’s MPAR 556 rifle.  It is chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge and will also fire the .223 Remington.

The pistol retains many of the same features found on the rifle version of the gun.  For example, the MPAR 556 pistol uses a self-regulating, short stroke piston system.  This means that the pistol version of this gun does not have a buffer tube sticking out of the back of the gun, which is typical with many AR-type pistols.  It also means, in theory, that the gun will run cooler and cleaner than a direct gas impingement system.


SIG M400 Varminter

SIG M400 Varminter SHOT Show

The SIG M400 Varminter is a new hunting rifle using the AR15/modern sporting rifle platform.  Designed for precision, long range taking of varmints, this M400 is chambered in 5.56 and has a variety of options and features that will be appreciated by many hunters.

First off, the M400 Varminter uses a 22″ match grade, heavy barrel.  The fluted barrel is stainless steel and has a 1:9″ twist, which is fine for stabilizing lighter weight bullets frequently used for varmints.  While a 1:8″ twist is better for heavier bullets, it is literally fast enough to spin apart some lightweight, compressed metal bullets.