Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX

Browning BuckMark Camper UFX review

Browning announced the release of the new Buck Mark Camper UFX at SHOT Show this year.  Sharing many of the qualities of the previous Buck Mark line of pistols, this addition will have an allow frame, with a matte blued finish.  The biggest addition to this pistol is the Ultragrip FX (UFX) pistol grips.

The Barrel

The Camper UFX has a 5.5” tapered bull barrel that also comes with the matte blued finish.  The chambers are hand-reamed and the muzzle crowns are recessed for protection against damage.  The Camper UFX has a simple blowback operation design.   The slide has built in recesses with raised side panels for better grip.  There is also a manual slide release that can be operated by the shooting or support hand.

The Buck Mark Camper UFX also comes in a stainless steel version.


Browning X-Bolt .375 H&H Magnum

Browning X-Bolt Medallion

The Browning X-Bolt rifle is now available in the .375 H&H Magnum big game cartridge.  Browning in chambering the X-Bolt Hunter and X-Bolt Medallion in the powerful cartridge, offering shooters a choice in the quality of finishing details.

The Hunter has a “low-luster” blued finish.  The checkered walnut stock has a satin finish.  The Medallion series X-Bolt rifle has an engraved receiver with a blued finish and a free floated barrel.  The checkered walnut stock has a glossy finish and a rosewood fore-end cap.


Zombie Knife – We’re saved!

Zombie Knife

Good news grandma!  With the new Zombie Knife from Browning, we can silently hack and slash our way through the horde of undead corpses shambling our way.

Put that away!  That old hunting knife is only good on warm-flesh game animals and has no place in this apocalyptic nightmare.  Why would you even think such a plain knife would be useful here?


Black Label Arbitrator Knife

While walking the aisles at the 2012 SHOT Show, I came across the Browning area and noticed a little area reserved for the Black Label knives by Browning. These knives are specifically labelled as “Tactical Blades”, but in reviewing them I think there are broader applications for many of the knives.

In this article I’ll discuss my findings of the new Black Label products I learned through my interview with Black Label sales representative Jared Wihongi. Jared pointed out three new knives in the Black Label line, and in this article I’ll be detailing the Arbitrator. In other articles I’ll be reviewing the Shadow Fax, and Perfect Storm.

Black Label Arbitrator


This knife is a fixed blade, full-tang knife that takes on the appearance of a traditional dagger. In talking to Jared, he told me that this was one of his favorite “fighting” knives. Personally I was looking at the Shadow Fax or Perfect Storm to fulfill that role, but Jared’s experience in knife fighting should put any knife enthusiast at attention.