Stark SE-5 Express Grip – New AR15 Foregrip

Stark SE5 Foregrip review

Stark Equipment’s pistol grips have been praised by many, including the military and law enforcement, for their scientific approach to designing grips that fulfill the needs of the end-user.  This year Stark has introduced a new product, and some additions to already produced products.


Stark announced the new SE-5 Express Grip at SHOT Show, and I had the chance to speak with DJ Webber at their booth.

The SE-5 will be a fore grip for AR-platform rifles that is designed for shooters who grip the rail or hand guard at the same time as the grip when shooting.  The SE-5 is unlike other grips that hang straight down that predominately require the shooter to place their hand completely on the grip, or perhaps wrap their thumb onto the hand guard.  There have been several tactical trainers that have advocated this grip stance as a better way to control recoil and maintain accuracy even in rapid fire situations.


Stark Equipment SE-2 AR-15 Grips with Sling Mount

stark_se2_02Stark Equipment is now shipping their latest product, the SE-2 Sling Grip for AR-15 style rifles. The SE-2 is the first AR-15 pistol grip to be integrated with an ambidextrous sling mount.

The SE-2 is available in two versions. The Hook Mount provides a loop compatible with most common sling hooks.  The Swivel Mount allows the attachment of push-button sling swivels.

The SE-2’s sling mount is located above the hand and below the buffer tube, with a low profile design that stays out of the way of even fully collapsed M4-style stocks. When added to AR pistols, the SE-2 provides excellent one-handed control while providing sling attachment that doesn’t clutter up the receiver extension.

Extensive strength testing has been performed on the SE-2 to ensure a reliable attachment point that you can depend on.

Just like the original SE-1 Pistol Grip, the design of the SE-2 enhances weapon ergonomics and functionality, bringing M16, M4 and AR-15 style weapons to a higher level of control and comfort. The grip has been designed for a wide range of hand sizes and shooting demands. Features include a smooth integral trigger guard to increase comfort, textured surface for added grip and storage for batteries or other equipment.

The SE-2 Sling Grip is available in Black, Dark Earth and OD Green.


These grips are considered to be very good AR-15 grips by a number of people.  Mossberg is now using the Stark Equipment SE-1 grips on a number of their AR-15 (modern sporting rifles).  The grips feel good in the hand and these offer the benefit of having a quick-attach, quick-detach point for adding a sling.  These SE-2 grips are available in black, but other colors such as foliage green, olive drab, flat dark earth and more will likely be available in the near future.

General Information

May Preview

Welcome to May.  This month I have some exciting evaluations planned for you.  Included in this month’s evaluations: custom hearing protection, zombie killing flashlights, and AR accessories.

Hearing protection may not be a sexy topic, but it is a serious one.  For you to keep your hearing and to enjoy a lifetime of shooting, some type of protection is a must.  There was a time that custom-molded earplugs and electronic ear muffs were out of reach for most shooters due to their high prices.  Well, this month, I take a look at some custom-molded earplugs that sell for less than $15 and electronic ear muffs that go for less than $50.

I also have an evaluation of a new tactical flashlight that runs on AA batteries, but throws more than 600 lumens! To describe this light as bright is a major understatement.


Stark Equipment SE-1 Grip for the AR-15

Stark SE-2 AR15 Grip

The Stark Equipment SE-1 is a polymer grip that replaces the standard AR-15 grip and trigger guard with a single polymer unit.  At the 2009 SHOT Show, I had a chance to preview the Stark SE-1, and I was impressed by the look and feel of the floor samples.

Stark Equipment is now shipping the SE-1, and I was able to get one of the early production grips.  I am just as impressed by the production model as I was by the samples.

The SE-1 feels good in my hand, with just the right amount of palm swell and what appears to be a good grip angle.  The Stark grip features three texture rings around the center of the grip, providing good adhesion to the hand.  There are also grooves around the textured rings.  These grooves are designed to allow fluids, such as sweat and rain, to flow away from the hand and not disrupt the mating of the hand to the grip.

There is a removable rubber plug on the bottom of the grip that allows you to store two CR-123 or AA batteries for any light or optics accessories you may have.