All Caracal C Pistols Recalled: No Fix Available

Caracal Recall

Caracal announced today a recall of every C model pistol the company has ever made.  The recall is not limited to any specific serial numbers or market. The safety issue(s) with the Caracal C cannot be fixed according to information released by the company.  No guns will be repaired and/or returned to the purchaser.  Caracal […]

Springfield Armory XDS Recall

Springfield XDS 9mm review

Springfield Armory issued a recall on XDS 9mm and XDS .45 ACP pistols.  The recall was issued due to a problem that: …under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the […]

Thompson/Center Rifle Recall

TC logo

Thompson/Center, a company owned by Smith & Wesson, announced a recall of the Icon, Venture and Dimension rifles made before June 13, 2013.  Included in the recall: Icon Icon Classic Icon Weather Shield Icon Precision Hunter Icon Warlord Icon Field Venture Venture Predator Venture Infinity Venture Dream Season Venture Weather Shield Venture Compact Dimension According […]

Winchester 5.56 Ammo Recall

Winchester Recall 556 Ammo

Winchester Ammunition announced a warning and issued a recall of certain kinds of 5.56 NATO ammo last week.  The ammunition in question possibly contains the wrong propellant, which might cause damage to the firearm and injury to the shooter. The recalled ammo is the Winchester M855 62 grain penetrator with a symbol number of ZGQ3308 […]

Kel-Tec Fail

Kel-Tec PF9

Over at Gun Nuts Media, Caleb talks about quality control at various companies: specifically Kel-Tec and Smith & Wesson. It seems that a shooter over at Reddit had a bit of a problem with a PF-9.  In this case the barrel lug sheared off after about 300 rounds of factory ammo.  Well, that’s not good…

Remington .38 Special Ammo Recall

Remington .38 Special ammo recall

If you have any Remington UMC “Green Box” ammo, you might want to pull it out and check it.  Remington has issued a recall on .38 Special +P 125 grain SJHP with the lot number of P24UA18R. The problem?  It seems some .357 Magnum ammunition made its way into these boxes.

Remington Ammunition Recall

Remington announced the recall of certain lots of .270 Win ammunition using a 150 grain soft point.  The ammo may have been “improperly loaded” which could lead to a non-desirable ka-boom. Here is the information straight from Remington: Product Safety Recall Notice Warning DO NOT USE REMINGTON 270 WIN. 150 GRAIN SOFT POINT (SP) AMMUNITION […]

Glock Gen4 Recoil Spring Recall

Gen 4 Glock Recall

Glock issued an announcement about a voluntary recall or exchange program for the recoil spring assembly on all of Gen4 pistols sold before July 22, 2011.  In the announcement sent out to Glock armorers, the company stated their product development team modified “various elements” of the recoil spring assemblies to “…ensure each pistol’s performance meets the […]

Remington 597 Rifles and .17 HMR Ammunition Recall


Remington Arms Co. has announced a major rifle recall, and a serious warning on .17 HMR ammunition.  Remington is immediately recalling all of the Model 597 rifles chambered for the .17 HMR.  Remington is not offering any repairs, rather they are issuing coupons of $200-250 for a replacement Remington rifle and refunding the shipping costs […]