Caracal Hacked – Loss of Data?

Caracal Hacked

It appears that Caracal – the firearms manufacturer in the UAE – has been hacked. A visit to their website shows a page that Google roughly translates to “we don’t like you because of a political agenda.” In and of itself, this is not something that we would normally cover at

However, if you have done business with Caracal in the past, your information may have been compromised. For example, if you had purchased one of the ill-fated model C pistols, your details may be on file with Caracal when you returned the gun for a refund.


All Caracal C Pistols Recalled: No Fix Available

Caracal Recall

Caracal announced today a recall of every C model pistol the company has ever made.  The recall is not limited to any specific serial numbers or market.

The safety issue(s) with the Caracal C cannot be fixed according to information released by the company.  No guns will be repaired and/or returned to the purchaser.  Caracal is offering a full refund of the original purchase price or vouchers for other Caracal products.


Caracal’s New Product Line


Caracal appears to have shaken up the entire product line.  Some guns are out, while other new guns are now being shown.  Here is a quick break down of all of the changes, along with links to detailed information on each of the new guns.

In the handgun category, the old “F” and “C” pistols appear to have changed names, and the addition of a sub-compact pistol to the line has appeared.  They are the CP660 (full size), CP661 (compact) and CP662 (subcompact) pistols.  All three of these guns are chambered in the 9mm.


Caracal CS50 – Bolt Action 50 BMG

Caracal CS50

Add another big bore rifle to the market:  the Caracal CS50.  The new CS50 is part of the company’s Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR) line and is chambered in the famous .50 BMG cartridge.

There is not a lot of information yet on the Caracal CS50, but we do know that it is a bolt-action rifle fed from a detachable magazine.  The gun uses a 7075 aluminum receiver and stock, with a stainless steel bolt and barrel.  The stock is designed to be lightweight and is supposed to fold for easy transport.


Caracal CH300 Rifle

Caracal CH300

The new Caracal CH300 precision hunting rifle was announced at the 2013 Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition.  The CH300 was one of several new rifles Caracal displayed at the exhibition.

The CH300 is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle that, like a growing number of high-end rifles, features the ability to rapidly change calibers.  Caracal claims that swapping calibers in the CH300 is easy, requiring only a barrel and bolt change to move between three different calibers.

Regarding calibers, there is a discrepancy in the Caracal literature.  In the description of the gun, calibers are listed as .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua.  However, in the technical specifications, the .308 is not mentioned, and is replaced by the .408 CheyTac.  I doubt I need to say it, but there is a huge difference between the .308 and .408 cartridges.