Walther PK380 Pistol

The Walther PK380 pistol is a newest .380 ACP handgun for sale and is based on the very popular P22.  It is a compact handgun with a polymer frame.  The gun is hammer fired, not striker fired as many modern polymer guns are.

Walther PK380

These Walther pistols are not the tiny, subcompact pistols like the Ruger LCP.  Instead, the PK380 handguns are a little larger, which makes them easier to shoot.  By having a marginally larger size, the guns tend to be more reliable and can have features typically found on large handguns like a larger capacity and better sights.

The PK380 magazine will hold eight rounds, giving the shooter nine on tap before a reload.  Nine rounds is not a sure thing when it comes to stopping an attacker, but it is a darn sight better than the five rounds I carry in my J-frame revolver.

As I suggested earlier, the sights on the Walther P380 are much more visible than you might expect on a compact handgun.  They are configured in a three-dot sight system.  The sight radius is a very useable 5.4″.  A nice bonus is that the sights are made of steel instead of plastic.

The magazine release is a paddle style instead of a push-button type.  The new Walther pistol does have a slide-mounted, manual safety.  The mag release, safety and slide release on the Walther PK380 are all ambidextrous, making it left-handed friendly.  An interesting feature on the slide stop is that it is internal, which prevents it from snagging on clothing, and makes for the unusual appearing slide release (refer to the photos on this page.)

The pistols have an accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers.

Walther PK380 review

There are currently three different models of the PK380 available.  One model is the basic version:  black frame with a black slide.  The second model has a nickel finish, giving the gun a two-tone look.  The third model is the basic P380 pistol with an externally mounted laser.  Other than these differences, the pistols are identical.

The slide and barrel are both Tenifer coated, which give them superior corrosion resistance. This is the same process used by Glock on their pistols, which have shown to be extremely resistent to corrosion.

When the handgun was first introduced, there was a limited-run “First Edition” that was available for a short time.  Limited to only 2000 units, the “First Edition” shipped with a nylon holster and is marked as “First Edition” on the slide.

The Walther PK380 features:

  • Lightweight Polymer Grip
  • External Hammer
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Manual Safety
  • Picatinny-Style Accessory Rail

Additional specification on the new Walther pistols:

  • caliber:  .380 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  eight rounds
  • action:  double-action/single-action
  • trigger pull, DA: 11 pounds
  • trigger pull, SA:  4 pounds
  • barrel length:  3.66″
  • overall length:  6.5″
  • height:  5.2″
  • width:  1.2″
  • sights:  three-dot, windage adjustable, tritium optional
  • sight radius:  5.4″
  • weight with empty magazine:  1.2 pounds

Walther PK380 for sale

The handgun only ships with one magazine, a significant drawback in my opinion.  The “First Edition” model ships with a second magazine, but sets you back an additional $63.  MSRP is $362 for the black PK380.

Update:  May 2013 – MSRP on the Walther PK380 models have changed somewhat since this gun was introduced about four years ago.  The base model carries a new price of $389.99.  The nickel slide version now carries a suggested retail price of $459.99.  The kit with the laser and black finished Walther P380 now goes for $489.99.

[Ed. note: A number of people have e-mailed asking about holsters.  Check the article here for holsters for the Walther PK380.]

walther p380 review

By Richard Johnson

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I just picked up a PK380 last Thursday. The quality of the gun is outstanding, but having bought it sight unseen I now regret doing so. I read reviews that said it was slightly bigger than a P22, but in reality it is about as large as a compact P99. The exposed hammer spur and the pinky finger groove on the magazine make it entirely too big for concealed carry using a pocket holster. Unless you plan on using a belt slide holster for concealed carry look for something else.

Actually, this gun fills my hand slightly more than my Walther P-22. I’m very pleased with mine, and I didn’t buy it for maximum ability to conceal it. It’s substantially bigger than, say, a Ruger LCP. I haven’t set mine down next to the new Sig-Sauer 238 (a .380 caliber 1911 style mini-pistol) to compare them, but it seems shorter than the older Sig 232. While it isn’t the smallest possible concealable package, it is a nice medium-size gun. It’s extremely accurate in my hands, even better than my P-22 (I have small hands). It isn’t the kind of gun you slip into a pocket holster and then slip both into your pocket, no. But in my hands, it’s vastly more accurate than something smaller. I love my PK380, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

I own this bad boy and love it. First, this isn’t a pocket pistol. Many people say that it is – it isn’t. The PK380 is small enough to be considered concealable. The 380 ACP round is large enough for defensive purposes, which is what I’m assuming it was originally designed for. I’m only 5’7, 165 lbs, and can conceal it well enough for my tastes. I’m not a big dude by any means. Overall this is a great concealable package for someone that knows how to cope with larger sized defensive options (i.e. the not-so-compact USP Compact series). Again, this IS NOT a pocket pistol. James Bond would approve.

Everything I expected. I can practice with my P-22 and same ammo expense and get almost the same feel when I switch to the new PK-380. Just exactly what I had hoped it would be. Now, if I could only find plenty of ammo. 380 still hard to get around mid-Tennessee.

Just got my pk380 today. Had to go to a seperate shop to get ammo and more mags. In middle TN, the outpost armory outside of murfreesboro usually has tons of every kind of ammo. They had lots of 380 ammo, defensive and target, where walmart and all of the other shops in town didnt. I have huge hands and the pk 380 fit in my hand perfect. I chose it because I have 2 walther p22s, and wanted a bigger caliber. If it shoots anywhere near as well as my p22, then I’ll be more than happy with it.

Hello.I just bought mine and would like another magazine and surely more ammo.
Went online.No luck with the ones brought up.Do you know if they ship?

How is the recoil? I’ve only shot .22 handgun in the past and the sales rep said that this is very comparable, so I bought it. Haven’t shot it yet but liked that the grip was small enough for my hands, as well as the slide was easier to operate than my husbands 9mm Beretta.

Hi Barbara. I tested every .380 acp out there (prior to the Glock .380). The Walther PK .380 was my absolute favorite! Next down was the Bersa Thunder. I was looking for comfort in shooting – slick locks were the easiest on these 2 – recoil is fine & the gun is fun to shoot as well.

Correction – SLIDE LOCK – slide was very easy to rack on either the Walther or the Bersa. When I cannot conceal under a big shirt, I would consider carrying a concealed carry bag that fits up tight under the arm with a handle with metal inside to prevent it from being cut.

I just bought mine and love it! I was a little wary of the recoil on others I tried but this one is smooth.

I got my PK380 a few days ago. I didn’t even get to shoot it, my wife took it and loved it. She shot about 50 rounds,while I shot my glock 22. She would have shot more but ammo is hard to find. Field stripping it for cleaning is a little difficult you have to use this key that comes with the pistol to brake it down and you can use this same key to lock it, were it will not shoot, if you have kids in the house for safty. All in all it was a good buy

I got this for my wife. She likes how easy the slide pulls back. It fits both of us very well. She likes how it handles when she fires it. The break down key and fixed sights are the only draw back that I have found sofar. we are well pleased with it. Ammo is a little hard to get. We plan on reloading.

just got mine and really enjoy shooting it. question: how do you insert the spring during reassembly? have difficulty with that aspect.

John: i have the same problem sometimes with my pk380. the best way i have found to get the spring and rod to compress together is, put both pieces together and put the spring in first while holding the cap of the rod with 2 fingers. hold the spring and rod at a slight angle, with your other hand, use 2 fingers to hold the spring as straight as you can and push the rod through the hole, still at an angle and just lower it onto the barrel. i hope this helps but by now im sure you have accomplished this feat.

I just bought my PK380 for home defense and recently applied for my CCW. I hadn’t shot a gun in 20 years (teen time) and for a first purchase and as a female I can say I am impressed. It is light weight and is very accurate and dependable. The only issuse was the 2part spring and rod during reassembling the gun. That would be the only down fall that I could find. Love it!

Picked up the PK380 this weekend. It does look and feel a little large for what is supposed to be a small gun, but a side-by-side comparison with my P22 reminded me that it’s mostly in my head. It’s only slightly larger than my P22 so it’s suitable for concealed carry using an inside-the-pants holster (my preference). Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, but from what I can tell, it’s better made than the P22. Mine came with two mags and the dual P22/PK380 storage case for $385.

Bought the gun for off-duty carry, but one problem, no holsters. I can get ammo galore, but not one Holser? Does anyone know where I can get a good tactical paddle holster for the PK380?

This is a great little firearm!! I am minus 1 leg and get around in a wheelchair and use a walker and this gun is easily concealable. I also have it mounted to the side of my chair for those ” just in case” times. Always ready to deliver a .380 CAL ENEMA to all those miscreants, thugs, and just plain ASSHOLES

I just bought mine this weekend. Couldn’t be happier with it! I had been used to a Bersa Thunder 380 and loved that, but this is even better. I have tiny hands and this fits better than anything I’ve ever tried.

I had a tough time trying to decide between a conceal gun tht fits in my pocket or one a little bigger. Ill have to admit it was nice to be able to put a rueger lcp in my pocket and not even know its there. I decided to get the k380 for a few reasons. First it feels like a real gun not a toy. Second the looks of the gun are outstanding. Last with the right holster i put it inside my waistband at 3 o clock and it felt great, nobody in the store could tell where it was either. Walthers are one of the most acurate guns made and as reliable as it gets. All in all the pk380 is a great gun to carry, it feels solid in your hand, and it will go pow everytime you need it to wich is the most important thing in a gun period.

I just purchased a PK380 and had problems compressing the rod spring as well. I ended up using a (.164) hard wood dowel coming in from outside the rod housing hole and through the spring butting up against the rod. The dowel keeps the spring straight while compressing it against the rod. Keep pressure against the dowel while moveing the rod into position untill both the spring and rod are seated. Worked well.

Hi, my husband and I bought guns for anniversary presents this year and I got the pk380 because I’m a horrible shot with a 9mm and 22 I was leaning toward because ammo galore. Wanted to know what the best practice ammo for the pk380 would be. So scarce. Bought Remmington 380JHP (the last box at Bass Pro), just so I’d have it just in case, but I don’t want to spend $28-30something on bullets just for practice. Any help please?

I have 2 PK380, one black and one two-tone. They are both very accurate,and fit my hand nice. I shot 8 clips at 50 feet and could put my palm over the pattern. The assembly tool does not bother me, it only takes a minute to use it, and I like the idea of being able to lock the gun with it. The spring and rod takes a little getting use to, but i Finally mastered it and it presents no problem now. One of the nicest feeling gun in the hand that I have ever owned, and alot lighter than my PPK/S. Love it

purchased my pk380 about amonth ago on friday night went to range saturday shot perfect score very happy with it i have large hands fits very well

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the range report on the PK380! Are you carrying it, or is it just a house gun? If you are carrying it, what kind of holster have you gone with?


Picking one up in a week as a carry weapon. Since the one I purchased has a laser, a friend with a Kydex press is building me a custom holster. Can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty!

Got mine in March. Haven’t had any problems other people have mentioned in here it else where!! I even got the bright idea of cutting that slide key down enough to fit inside the back strap on the grip! Now it is there when I need it and it won’t get lost! I can also for an extra bullet insidethere! In working on a small cleaning rod and patches to fit inside it instead of the bullet!

Got mine in March. Haven’t had any problems other people have mentioned in here or else where!! I even got the bright idea of cutting that slide key down enough to fit inside the back strap on the grip! Now it is there when I need it and it won’t get lost! It can also for an extra bullet insidethere! I’m working on a small cleaning rod and patches to fit inside it instead of the bullet!

I’m also working out the kinks to a 10 round magazine for this bad boy! Spring is giving me hang ups right now! But, I will get 10 + 1 in this sucker!

Well… I filed down the plastic insert that pushes the bullet up. That allowed one extra bullet in the magazine, but not cycling properly into the chamber. Then, I made a new plastic bottom that allows another extra bullet. There is still a lot of pressure on the spring, so I am in the middle of designing a new bottom to avoid cutting the spring.

Its ammunition specific. The gun only likes hollow points or round nose bullets. Flat nose bulled don’t cycle all the time. I found this out after messing with different ammunition.

Way too big for a 380. The old PPK and PPKS has well outdated this new PK many years ago. Walther has taken 0 steps forward and 5 steps back. Walther was well known for their PPKs. What a shame.

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