Walther PK380 Pistol

The Walther PK380 pistol is a newest .380 ACP handgun for sale and is based on the very popular P22.  It is a compact handgun with a polymer frame.  The gun is hammer fired, not striker fired as many modern polymer guns are.

Walther PK380

These Walther pistols are not the tiny, subcompact pistols like the Ruger LCP.  Instead, the PK380 handguns are a little larger, which makes them easier to shoot.  By having a marginally larger size, the guns tend to be more reliable and can have features typically found on large handguns like a larger capacity and better sights.

The PK380 magazine will hold eight rounds, giving the shooter nine on tap before a reload.  Nine rounds is not a sure thing when it comes to stopping an attacker, but it is a darn sight better than the five rounds I carry in my J-frame revolver.

As I suggested earlier, the sights on the Walther P380 are much more visible than you might expect on a compact handgun.  They are configured in a three-dot sight system.  The sight radius is a very useable 5.4″.  A nice bonus is that the sights are made of steel instead of plastic.

The magazine release is a paddle style instead of a push-button type.  The new Walther pistol does have a slide-mounted, manual safety.  The mag release, safety and slide release on the Walther PK380 are all ambidextrous, making it left-handed friendly.  An interesting feature on the slide stop is that it is internal, which prevents it from snagging on clothing, and makes for the unusual appearing slide release (refer to the photos on this page.)

The pistols have an accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers.

Walther PK380 review

There are currently three different models of the PK380 available.  One model is the basic version:  black frame with a black slide.  The second model has a nickel finish, giving the gun a two-tone look.  The third model is the basic P380 pistol with an externally mounted laser.  Other than these differences, the pistols are identical.

The slide and barrel are both Tenifer coated, which give them superior corrosion resistance. This is the same process used by Glock on their pistols, which have shown to be extremely resistent to corrosion.

When the handgun was first introduced, there was a limited-run “First Edition” that was available for a short time.  Limited to only 2000 units, the “First Edition” shipped with a nylon holster and is marked as “First Edition” on the slide.

The Walther PK380 features:

  • Lightweight Polymer Grip
  • External Hammer
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Manual Safety
  • Picatinny-Style Accessory Rail

Additional specification on the new Walther pistols:

  • caliber:  .380 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  eight rounds
  • action:  double-action/single-action
  • trigger pull, DA: 11 pounds
  • trigger pull, SA:  4 pounds
  • barrel length:  3.66″
  • overall length:  6.5″
  • height:  5.2″
  • width:  1.2″
  • sights:  three-dot, windage adjustable, tritium optional
  • sight radius:  5.4″
  • weight with empty magazine:  1.2 pounds

Walther PK380 for sale

The handgun only ships with one magazine, a significant drawback in my opinion.  The “First Edition” model ships with a second magazine, but sets you back an additional $63.  MSRP is $362 for the black PK380.

Update:  May 2013 – MSRP on the Walther PK380 models have changed somewhat since this gun was introduced about four years ago.  The base model carries a new price of $389.99.  The nickel slide version now carries a suggested retail price of $459.99.  The kit with the laser and black finished Walther P380 now goes for $489.99.

[Ed. note: A number of people have e-mailed asking about holsters.  Check the article here for holsters for the Walther PK380.]

walther p380 review

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Way too big for a 380. The old PPK and PPKS has well outdated this new PK many years ago. Walther has taken 0 steps forward and 5 steps back. Walther was well known for their PPKs. What a shame.

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